What’s inside the bag?

Yesterday I had big plans to blog, drink coffee and go for a nice run.  Then the new med kicked in and the only thing I was running to was the bat room.  You are welcome.


The best part is I got to make up for the 20 pounds {I am exaggerating but it sure felt like it} I lost by eating everything.  Every time Mike called, he was like “you’re eating again!?” 

Yup!  Smile

If I can’t run, I figured at least I can dress & eat like it, right?


So let’s talk about fun stuff, like what’s inside the MAC bag pic I posted last week.


The boy randomly told me to go buy red lipstick.  Who am I to argue with full permission to buy new makeup?

I knew I would find exactly what I was looking for at MAC.

Out of 3 different shades I tried on & sent pics to the boy, he approved the Viva Glam I.


Now, no sensible girl can leave MAC with only exactly what she came for.  {If you can, please teach me your ways!}  I picked out a couple shades of purple and told the makeup pro to play.

Here is what she came up with:


Sold!  Here is the cool new loot to play with:


And my recreation of her masterpiece. 


Well, at least I tried, right?

It’s nice to change things up from my go to Urban Decay Smog shadow.


My other lip gloss favorites are Victoria’s Secret:


Bonus tip from SCB: apply chapstick before gloss to lessen the stickiness factor. 

What is your go to everyday makeup?

Cover Girl foundation, Maybelline mascara, Smog shadow & CG bronzer.

What is your favorite makeup brand?

MAC, Maybelline & Cover Girl. 

Red lipstick: yay or nay?

Currently I am undecided.  I’ll let you know when I wear it.


11 Comments on “What’s inside the bag?

  1. Not on any meds right now, but I feel ya on the bathroom issues. 🙁 I hope I can actually eat something solid without my stomach crying mutiny soon.

    I don’t usually buy or wear makeup. I was given a box of eye shadow, I think Naked 2, and that’s all I have in my drawer other than some shiny lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner that gets poorly applied. My older sister generally does my makeup for any big events.

    I love the color of red lipstick. Doesn’t work on my face though. I have too many pink undertones that conflict with anything red on my face.

  2. Hope your stomach calms down soon!

    My go to makeup is anything from a drug store! My foundation is Ulta right now though I am looking for something different. I LOVE MAC – it just doesn’t fit in the budget right now! 🙂

    Never tried red lipstick – maybe it’s too daring for me?! Will love to see what it looks like on you!

  3. I found this post incredibly helpful. I now know to never send Michelle to the MAC counter unattended 🙂
    That was me yesterday too…super hungry like minutes after a meal. Not right when you’re stuck on a road trip.

  4. I love red lipstick and how it is in style right now. I would wear it every day, but it doesn’t really match hospital scrubs or running clothes, which are basically all I ever wear.

  5. My go-to makeup is actually the e.l.f. (eyes. lips. face.) brand. I love their mineral powder makeup and it’s so cheap I feel like I’m stealing it. I have a crap ton of freckles, so I don’t usually bother with foundation because it looks weird when I don’t have freckles on my face but do everywhere else and their mineral powder is light enough it just evens out the skin tone. I usually throw on some purple eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara before work. Maybe some blush if I’m feeling spunky. On the weekends my husband is lucky if I shower, but I never leave the house without mascara on. The curse of redheaded eyelashes…can’t seem them for crap.

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