Today is a very special day!

Happy Birfday Mike!!

2013-03-03 12.24.01

Today is going to be epic and I can not wait to celebrate it with you!!

Since my card is highly offensive & inappropriate much like me, I’ll show you Bam’s.  As you can see, he’s pretty excited about it.


He even learned how to sign his name.


I usually dread shopping for gifts.  I love giving, I’m just not good a finding the perfect one. 

This time was really easy and fun for once.  One of my co-workers had an incredible cologne on which piqued my interest.  I have a very sensitive nose and can smell everything and I knew Mike would love it as much as I do.  It really is one of the best scents I have ever smelled.  #ispeakdatroff

That made this gift very easy for me.  So I spent the afternoon shopping for Versace Man.  I felt so good about finding something I’m pretty sure he will love. 


On a side note, does anyone else pronounce Versace Ver-cace like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?  I do it all the time.

I’ll be back to reveal the big secret I’ve been teasing you guys about.

It would be fun to share your gift ideas for guys!

The Art Of Shaving was and still is a big hit.  Especially the lemon scent.  It’s very light & smells so good.  Tip: always Google for a deal and coupon code.

What was the last epic thing that has happened to you?


19 Comments on “Today is a very special day!

  1. Happy Birthday Mike!

    I tend to get Eric scotch, brandy anything SF Giants or 49er related. Oh and Star Wars. Barnes and Noble gift card or Home depot.

    Bam has good penmanship.

    • Thank you!
      Ooh Mike loves scotch- Glenlivet 12 year old. What’s Eric’s fav?
      PS Bam has good penmanship had me laughing so hard!!

  2. Happy B-Day to Mike!

    My go too gift is always something from Cabela’s. It doesn’t even matter what it is really as long as it’s from there. My guy’s a hunter, so Cabela’s is like Disneyland for him.

    The last epic thing was running my 4th half and becoming a Half Fanatic! For a girl that didn’t even run 3 yrs ago to now be a HF is pretty epic!

    • Thank you! Totally agree with Cabela’s. You can never go wrong there.
      Congrats on running your 4th half!! What an incredible accomplishment.

  3. Happy Birthday Mike!

    I always have the hardest time picking out things for my husband for his birthday, anniversary, christmas etc. He usually ends up hinting and telling me what he wants and I just get it. I get really excited when I can think of something without him knowing!

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  4. Happy Birthday to Mike!!!
    Guy gifts? For my guy….and new healthy eating gadget,, juicer, etc); book store and sporting goods store gift certificates; and of course beer!

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