Fitness magazine, part 2

All of this fun & exciting stuff is finally catching up to me.  I could not wake up this morning.  So not like me.  Oh well I’m up and at it with coffee in hand of course.  Let’s talk more about the fantastic Fitness mag event shall we!


I am excited to share with you the second half of the day.  Celeb trainer Harley Pasternak who has trained stars like the Kardashians, Hillary Duff & Megan Fox spoke about breakthrough strategies for diet success. 


At least one of us has guns.  Winking smile

Here are some of his tips:

  • Graze, not gorge.
  • Do 12,000 steps a day.
  • Injuries are a result of imbalance or chronic exercise with poor form.
  • Do 5-10 minutes of resistance training a day.
  • A blender’s blades cuts up fruit & releases nutrients, which makes for better absorption.
  • There’s a big difference between giving someone a good workout and giving someone a smart workout.
  • Move more, not just exercise.
  • He adds cold avocado to his smoothies for nutrients & texture.
  • Juice fasts & cleanses are calorie bombs, full of sugar and missing fiber, proteins & healthy fat.

The last gab session was a panel of 4 highly influential bloggers-Cassey Ho, Sarah Moore, Monica Olivas & Whitney Lauritsen.  They shared their insights on how to turn your passion into profit, what they’ve learned along the way. 


Here are some of their tips:

    • Stay true to your brand, don’t accept products or pitches that don’t mesh well with your readership & brand.
    • Plan ahead; that being said they don’t typically do this,  but it would be ideal & very helpful.
    • Always read the fine print on contracts.  Make absolute sure you know what is expected.  Renegotiate if you don’t feel comfortable. 
    • If you pitch a brand and you don’t feel scared and/or uncomfortable then your not asking for enough. 
    • Brands aren’t always exactly sure of what they’re doing with social media-make it your job to tell them what you can provide and how things worked in the past.  You know your audience better than anyone else, so you can help direct them to marketing strategies that would be of best value for both their business and yours.
    • Don’t feed the internet trolls. 
    • Blogging is a community, be supportive of each other, collaborate! together. 
    • Check out this site for a rate sheet guideline on what to charge brands.
    • They use a variety of income sources like GLAM media, sponsored content, selling services and other products & affiliate links.

The rest of the afternoon was spent goofing around, trying new gear and chatting it up with brands.


The day concluded with a 3 mile beach run that I missed out on.  But how can you not love an event that has a beach run for closing ceremonies!?


In other news: Today is the last day to enter the giveaway for a super cute bracelet set.  Get on it!


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  1. Wow this sounds like a great opportunity! So glad you got to be a part of it!

    I try to plan ahead (like right now I am trying to plan for this weekend when I will be traveling) it is hard sometimes to get it all done!

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