Myth Busters, SCB style

Welcome to a brand new week!  It is going to be a great one.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday around here.  It was cold & windy-perfect to watch football and do a whole lotta nothing.


The 3 of us lounged on the couch for most of the day.  I caught up on some blog work and social media feeds.  I have come to terms with my obsession with all things social media.  #iamtotallyokaywiththis


When we finally decided to move around a bit, I started packing.  Which just means I moved boxes we didn’t open from the last move from spare bedrooms to the living room.  Making progress yo. 

Mike made a big pot of chicken & rice soup from scratch.  It was really good and bonus points for leftovers so we don’t starve this week.  It’s going to be another busy one.



Mike & I have had this ongoing debate over what else?  Coffee.  Yup he loves it just as much as I do.  This debate has been going on for years.  Years, people!

His theory is if you use hot tap water, it will brew faster.  I’m not sure where I heard it, but I always thought water temp doesn’t matter-it takes the same amount of time to brew. 

So I went all Myth Busters, SCB style and put both theories to the test.  Yesterday I used hot tap water and started the timer when I pressed start. on the coffee machine.  I stopped the timer when the coffee pot beeped when it was done brewing. 

The time:


This morning I did the same but used cold tap water.

The time:


Dang, why does that boy always have to be right?!  I guess it really is logical.  It takes more time for the coffee machine to warm the water up.

<><><End of SCB Myth Busters session><><>


I had a few requests about the swag I received from the Fitness Magazine event last week and unfortunately I didn’t snap pics of it all together.  It was schweet swag fo sho and I am incredibly thankful for the sponsors generosity! 

I have been snapping some of my favorite’s as I wear them like this ROXY outfit.


I’m rocking the ROXY Day Break Tee which is super cute & comfy!  And the Get Faster Capri tights and love them!!  Like more than Lulu.  #boldstatementmonday  

I’ve also been testing out the new Saucony Guide 7 running shoes which come out next month.  They are a stability shoe that still has some flexibility.  So far I am digging these kicks-I’m looking forward to running in them soon, but until then I’ve been rocking them for cross training and making Bam jealous. 


I will be posting more pics of my favorites as I wear them, but feel free check out these other recaps Fitness Magazine rounded up and linked to here.  

Fit Links   FitBlogLA Edition    The Fit Stop

Major thanks to Fitness Mag for including SCB!  What an incredible honor.

Last weekend was a big race weekend, did you race?  Please give me race envy {in the best way possible!} and tell me all about it!

Have you ever done a Myth Busters theory test of your own?  Tell me about it.

Anyone want to join me and set 3 mini goals for the week?

Stay hydrated, focus on one thing at a time & make time for eating well.


21 Comments on “Myth Busters, SCB style

  1. I need some mini goals this week. Mine will be:

    1. Prepare dinner instead of eating on the go.
    2. Give myself extra time in the morning.
    3. Do some extra work on the blog.

    I needed that – thanks!!

  2. Love the mini goals idea!

    Mine are:
    1) foam roll regularly this week
    2) set time aside for reading
    3) eat gluten free (week 1 of starting this)

    Good luck with yours!

  3. I did race this weekend. The Dallas Allstate 13.1 marathon. Pop on over to my blog to check out the recap.
    Mini goals……….Hmm I like this.
    1. Don’t eat too much Candy since it is Halloween
    2. Catch up on Ironing (YUCK!!!)
    3. Buy some cute ROXY fitness wear……thank you very much!

  4. Love the new swag!

    1. Stay away from donuts
    2. Don’t sweat the small stuff
    3. Don’t let me house get out of control messy

    (I think this list is very telling of how things have been going around here lately)

  5. I’ll add my 2 cents on the water temp debate…cold water is the way to go. Machines are designed to use cold water and the brew cycle is based off of cold water. Therefore if the brew cycle is cut short the coffee extraction process is also cut short, resulting in weaker coffee (who wants that?). Just ask next time you’re at SB’s, they’ll give you the straight goods. Also, cold tap water is actually “fresher” than hot tap water…hot water is sitting in your water heater and collecting minerals…yuck!

    I ran a 5K yesterday in costume…and I PR’d! 18:44!!

  6. I was cheering on my husband at the Marine Corps Marathon! Still no racing for me but I am OK with that for now……Kind of.

    1. Get organized
    2. Get caught up on blog work
    3. Enjoy the little things in life each day

  7. 1. Stay positive (had a bad day today, but I need to shake away the bad news and stay optimistic!)
    2. Eat a healthy diet!!!
    3. Take at least one Epsom salt bath 🙂 relaxation at the max… and good for your muscles!

  8. Hot water makes it brew faster, but it is harder on your coffee maker. Your coffee maker will last longer when brewed with cold water and there is less sediment in cold water, so it’s better for tou

  9. I have heard ^^^^ before too. My goals this week:
    1. Organize my desk (yes, there was an explosion and it only affected the desk, totally not my fault)
    2. No candy! Damn you Halloween!
    3. No eating out.

  10. Ah ha! I suspected the same thing about hot water!

    1. Work yoga into my running (Since I’m bad about stretching)
    2. Run outside instead of on the treadmill (even tho I’m a baby and it’s cold.
    3. Run without looking at my pace (So i can just enjoy the trot)

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