Cheap last minute Halloween costumes

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Opportunity for guest post on SCB!! 

We are moving this weekend and I think it would be fun to open the blog for the first time to guest post(s).  If you’re interested, send your post idea & blog info to skinnychickblog @ gmail dot com for consideration.  I will need the completed post by Friday.  Thanks so much!


Since we’re in the middle of said moving, which has proved to be the most stressful one yet, we won’t be participating in Halloween this year.  I found myself browsing Pinterest & the web for costumes.  I hope you don’t mind me interrupting the normal blog post style.  I’ll be back to normal posting tomorrow, just wanted to mentally check out today.

There are a couple last minute costume ideas if you’re in need, just click on the picture for source & more ideas.

Rosie the Riveter seems to always be in style and it’s pretty easy to put together last minute.


If I was going to dress up, I’d probably rock the Where’s Waldo costume.  I have always loved WW, plus it’s warm for the cool weather we’re having.


This Instagram app costume looks a little more complicated to put together, but I kinda love the IG so I think this one rocks!


You can always go with a dramatic makeup look.  This one doesn’t look too complicated, but it’s still really cool.  You could just pair it with a black dress and call it good.


This looks pretty complicated {at least for me} but it’s really cool!  I’d assume you could use eyeliner?  Anyway click on the pic for directions on how to rock this look.


Of course you can’t go wrong with this 50 Shades Of Gray costume.  I can’t remember where I saw this to link to, but it’s hilarious! 


I also dig the roller coaster.  It totally cracked me up!  I’m sure it would require some time to put together and a couple people, but it would be awesome.


Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Did you dress up for a race?  What were you?

Do you have a Halloween tradition? 


9 Comments on “Cheap last minute Halloween costumes

  1. Moving is hard, especially when you have two moves so close together. Hang in there. Just think once your in your house that’s it for a long time! 🙂

    The party we usually go to was cancelled, so the hubby and I were kind of looking forward to being off the hook costume wise. But, now I’m realizing I don’t have anything for the costume run with my run group tonight, or for the costume run with my stroller group tomorrow. Oh well.

    We don’t have a set tradition yet. This is our last year “slacking” on all the Holiday’s since next year our daughter will be 3 and much more aware of all the activity. We are kind of waiting until she is old enough to help pick our traditions. The hubby and I have always just done whatever we feel like that year.

  2. I’m with you on WW…I think that’s what I will be next year! As you saw the other day – it’s Minnie Mouse for me this year…this is the 1st year in like 3 years that we’ll actually be home for Halloween…our tradition is – we spend it at Disney

  3. Our Halloween tradition is to make a “spooky dinner” for my son. This will be the 7th Halloween I have done it (he is 11). He LOVES IT. He isn’t even going out to trick or treat this year but is super excited about the “surprise meal”.
    Good Luck with your move!

  4. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I try to dress up every year. I went to a large party Saturday night and recycled a costume I had worn previously because I didn’t know anyone there. I went as a Greek goddess.

  5. Good luck with moving! I would have to say that moving is the my top 5 things I hate doing. It’s right on up there with doing the dishes and brushing my hair.

    I am super lame and never dress up for Halloween. What can I say, I am a major MawMaw and am not into this holiday at all. But I do love to social media stalk other people’s costumes!

  6. ahaha love the roller coaster costume. If only I could get my friends to dress up as something other than slutty cops/cats/pirates/whatever.

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