Guest post: Keeping your workout mojo when you’d rather hibernate

Welcome to the weekend!  I’m posting this tonight because the internet will be down for the switcharoo in the morning.  I know you would all be sad if SCB wasn’t updated.  <-Wow, someone’s all self important and stuff. 

I am stoked that a couple of my virtual friends were happy to fill in for me this weekend.  I mean, who really want’s to see pictures of a gazillion boxes, and ramblings about a moving truck? 

That’s what I thought. 

Today’s post is from the beautiful Carson from Running Southern.  She chose fantastic topics- how her family inspired her to take up running & staying motivated when baby, it’s cold outside.  I hope you enjoy it! 


I am so excited to be guest blogging for Jacqueline today.  Like a lot of you, I love to run.  But let’s be honest, all of us need a little motivation every now and then to get us off our bottoms and out the door to pound the pavement.  And can I be honest here?  I especially need that kind of motivation in the winter when hibernation seems like a much more appealing option.  So with the colder months quickly approaching us, it is time to dig deep into what motivates you to stay on point with your fitness goals.


My motivation stems from my family, who were the reason I started running in the first place.  I was a competitive dancer growing up, so I was always physically fit.  However, after graduating college, I found myself sinking into a lazy routine, with the desire to get fit but no motivation to get me off the couch and out the door.  I went with my family to watch my brother run a local marathon in Birmingham, Alabama: the Mercedes Marathon.  At this point I had no clue how many miles a marathon actually was, but watching him was a blast.  My parents had so much fun, in fact, that they were inspired to start running at the age of 50.  They started slow, upped their mileage, and soon started competing in local races. 

This was all the motivation that I needed to join in and start living a healthier lifestyle.  Fast forward to 3 years later, where my life is completely different, most of which I attribute to this crazy hobby.  But with all of the changes that running has brought on, one thing never changes- I still, at times, struggle with slipping back into my old habits of poor food choices, little to no physical activity, and the lack of motivation to turn it all around. 


My love affair with running has had its up and downs.  Injuries, illnesses, and lack of running drive plague us all.  During the downs that I experience, I reflect back on my motivation: my parents.  Three years after starting their fitness journey, they are running marathons and half marathons together.   They remind me that running is a privilege.  And every day that I can get outside (or on the dreaded treadmill) and log some miles is a great day!


So what motivates you?  Everyone has something.  Maybe it is the desire to live a healthier lifestyle; To set an example for your children; To have a little bit of “you” time; To feel the freedom and power of challenging yourself; To be able to eat that extra piece of cake, guilt-free.  Maybe you are like me and you do it because you continue to be inspired by those around you.  This is what drives you to get up and go when it is freezing outside and you really just want to stay bundled up in front of the fire with a cozy blanket and your dog, watching your favorite reality TV show on the DVR.  This is what you repeatedly remind yourself of when you are in the middle of that Saturday morning long run that isn’t exactly going as planned.  And this is what you hold on to, as tight as you can, when that awful feeling of self-doubt and negativity creeps in.  Find your motivation, remind yourself of it daily, and use it to propel yourself beyond your highest expectations.

Great post, Carson!  I couldn’t agree more with your statement “running is a privilege.” 

How do you stay motivated to run when all you want to do is hibernate?

Who inspired you to start running and/or working out?

Now take my awesome advice & go harass Carson.

6 Comments on “Guest post: Keeping your workout mojo when you’d rather hibernate

  1. My husband inspired me to start running. I watched him for years thinking there was no way I could ever be a runner or do what he does! But as I kept watching I kept feeling more motivated – once I started I couldn’t stop. I may not be as fast as I want but nothing feels better than getting out there and running!

  2. I started running Jan 1st of this year, after my teenage daughter (XC runner) said she wished I ran so we could go on runs together. Um – she’s 15 (now 16) and WANTS to hang with me? Ok, I’m in. Set a goal of running one 5k. Did that in March and have now run at least one race a month ever since (3rd 10k next Sunday). Once I’ve signed up, I have to keep running because I’m too cheap to waste the registration fees! I’m addicted, and we are running the Rivalry Clash 5k in Portland (Go Beavers) on Sunday and the Hot Chocolate 15k in Seattle in March! Pretty sure we are going to shoot for a half marathon next year, too. Love running with her, or getting that “Proud of you, Mom” text after a race on my own. She’s my inspiration – I’m so glad she’s a runner.

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  4. I’m reading this on Saturday morning before my long run…it is cold and wet outside, and nice and cozy here in my comfy chair (plus there’s coffee). I was half thinking about skipping my run today since it’s raining, cold, I’m sore, etc….but not now! Thanks Carson, for reminding us that running is a privilege that we shouldn’t take for granted.

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