Your energy is contagious

I can’t even handle your excitement over the Runvember challenge!!  Wow, thank you all so much for getting the word out, coming together and inspiring so many like myself.  Your energy is contagious in the best way possible!

30 miles

It’s not too late to join us, head over to Challenge Loop and sign up.  CL is a cool site that allows you to log your miles, encourage & inspire others.  It’s free plus there’s a app for that.  Winking smile

Since I am a nerd that couldn’t wait another day, I went for a run yesterday.  You may have noticed I took some time off running per my doc’s orders, but I’m happy to report I’m baaaack!  Well, running shorter distances for now which is A-okay with me. 


Jack tail not included.

I don’t have the words to describe how running felt yesterday.  It was like being reunited with a Starbucks red cup after months apart.  Okay that might be an exaggeration.  Maybe.

I also got a chance to try out these new JayBird wireless headphones.


I will be doing a full review on them soon, but lets just say these babies rock!  Wireless is sooo 2013.

I also took the new Saucony Guide 7 & ROXY capri’s out for a spin.

The kicks are a stability shoe-my first time running in this type.  I always stick with my trusty nutural fit Mizuno Wave Rider’s.  The stability shoes seem to be a bit more firm which was pretty cool to actually feel the difference.

The Guide’s come out today if you’re interested.


Would you laugh at me if I told you I’ve washed & worn the ROXY capri’s 4 times since I got them…a week & a half ago? 

Okay we won’t go there.

What type of shoe do you run in?  Stability, nutural, etc…

Let’s be real, how many pieces of Halloween candy did you chow down on yesterday?

3 fun sized caramel Milkyway’s.  I didn’t even know they made such evil things.


16 Comments on “Your energy is contagious

  1. I have a neutral shoe on. Or so they tell me 🙂 Yay, welcome back to running! Those capris are very cute indeed.

    I inhaled maybe 10 pcs of candy yesterday. And one this morning. Damn Crunch mini bars are my love.

  2. are those ear phones water proof?? i’m looking for water proof ones since here in Seattle rains quite often. I am using my old iphone ones because they are the only ones i find i like while i’m running but definitely not water proof .

  3. I use a stability shoe-love how they don’t leave me crippled, hate how clunky they can get! And I actually managed to eat NO halloween candy. Scratch that, one half of a candy corn pumpkin. I choose when I want to treat myself, I try not to do it simply because the treats are there.

  4. I at all of the Butterfingers in Little’s loot bag.

    I’m currently running in Mizuno Wave Enigma 2, it’s a neutral shoe with a little extra cushion (knee surgery in 2004, running with minimal cartilage in the left knee). I love, love, love these shoes and will be snapping up some more this weekend at Running Room where they are on sale. Happy Runvember!

  5. I just made the switch from Saucony to Mizuno, and my Mizuno Wave Inpire 9s are a stability shoe. Noticed a definite difference!

  6. I too normally wear Mizuno Wave Riders! I just took the Saucony shoes (and Roxy leggings) out for a run yesterday. They felt more cushiony (probably because they’re new) but were nice for a recovery run.

  7. I’m a stability girl cause I overpronate. And I only ate 1 of those tiny packs of sweettarts (with 3 in them)…but I ate 4 cookies… #ashamedbutnotreally

  8. I use brooks neutral now but I’m thinking about testing out Mizuno’s…partially cause they’re colors are rad.

  9. I love my Asics 2100-Series! I’ve been wearing them since high school and love them! We weren’t expected any trick or treaters last night so we didn’t have any candy in the house 🙁 but I didn’t have a slice of my homemade chocolate chip banana bread! (almost as good as candy, almost…)

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  11. I run in stability Brook’s because I’m great at overpronating, everyone needs the shoe best for him or her! As for Halloween candy, I didn’t have any!! Shocker to me too but there wasn’t any in the house and we don’t have kids!
    I’m so glad you’re back out there! Whoo hoo!!

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