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Good morning.  All of our worldly belongings are moved into our new home.  Mike & I are working hard at watching tv while ignoring the current war zone surrounding us.  We’ll get to it after our morning coffee.  More on that tomorrow as normal blogging {whatever the heck that is} will resume.  Let’s get to today’s guest post from my uber cool Canadian friend. 


Hello all of you SCB readers!

My name is Michelle, and I blog over at 3cheaprunners I’m so happy to be over here guest posting today!

I hate coffee, but luckily love red velvet cupcakes, so fortunately Jacqueline has decided that we can be friends

As you probably have seen on SCB over the last week or so – this is Runvember!

30 miles

For anyone who missed it and need the deets check out SCB post about it here.

So how exactly does one start running…let alone run marathons?!? It all starts with one foot in front of the other. 

There are a lot of different programs out there, and the one I started out with was 5K Runner. It was a free (at the time…read – I am cheap) app. It is an 8 week program, where it gets you out moving 3 times a week.

“It gets you in shape with an awesome walk – run – walk – run routine that gradually builds your stamina & strength. Doing this 3 times a week will steadily improve your fitness level and on the 8th week you will run your first full 5K. You will be healthier & stronger than ever before, and you will be a 5K Runner.” (source 5Krunner)

Some of the key things that I really enjoyed about it:

– There was no guess work…it would chime and the little man in my ear would tell when to walk and when to run

– I Could still listen to my regular play list…and it automatically “dims” the music, to make sure you hear their instructions

– It works inside (if you are stuck training on the dreadmill or just aren’t comfortable running outside yet)

– It is not a huge time commitment…only 30min, 3 times a week

I really enjoyed “learning” to run with this program, since it gradually increases your running, it helps you stay motivated, and excited every time a new milestone is met! They have since added at 10K and 21K app as well – although I haven’t personally tried these ones, from looking at them they seem to follow the same philosophy  – and would be great tools to help you achieve whatever distance goal you are trying to reach! There are lots of programs out there like this so find something that is going to work for you, something that will keep you motivated and up and moving!


There are lots of great resources online as well (if you don’t have a smart phone to use) – here’s one that has lots of links to get you started.

Need another way to stay motivated, and stick with your training – pick out an upcoming race, and sign up for it! This will help you keep at it – knowing that you have an end goal in mind. Participating in your first race, will also give you a sense of just how awesome the running community really is. There is nothing better than having complete strangers out on the course encouraging you and helping you along.


Lastly – you can get started by joining a running club. You can research online, or visit your local running store for information on different programs, and weekly scheduled runs they conduct. **Also for any of you Lulu lovers out there – check with your local store as not only do they host free yoga sessions – they also have free meet-up runs every week.

It all starts with lacing those shoes up and deciding to put one foot in front of the other! So who’s with us…what are you waiting for – we promise you’ll fall in love.

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How did you start running? Did you use a program – which one?

What’s your goal this month – how many miles?

Head on over to 3 Cheap Runners & show ‘em some blog love!

7 Comments on “Guest post: Tips for new runners

  1. I started running after watching my husband run for years. I just started. I didn’t have a plan or have any idea what I was doing, but as I learned more I used training plans and my husband as my main advice!

  2. When I started running it was decades ago. I don’t think there were any training plans. I don’t think, looking back on our workouts, that my cross country coach really had one either! Still, it was at the beginning of a “running boom” and there was a small runners community that was really passionate about it. We just ran, but it was fun figuring it out.

  3. I started running as a freshman in high school….so about 18 years ago! It was something almost no one did. I don’t even know of any programs at that time. Luckily I had a good foundation because I started on the track team and had 2 great coaches.
    No running for me this month but yay for everyone participating in Runvember!

  4. I started running way back in middle school and ever since have just run whatever my coaches have told me! Easy!! haha, but I have heard great things about the Couch-to-5K program from friends!

  5. I used to C25K program once in college and it was great 5k training (I only wish I would’ve stuck with running at the time). This go round, I just kind of started doing it one day without structure, knowing nothing about how to do it right and taking it as it went. No I loosely follow various training programs, with my own bits thrown in here or there.

  6. I had the best success with run/walk programs. 5 min running 1 walking then closing the gap. The Runkeeper app for iPhone now has preloaded training programs which look pretty rad.

  7. I started running in May when we had a work supported 5k race to support a local youth group. I signed up and had 5 weeks to prep thinking that after the race that would be it for running but I was hooked. Since that race I have completed two more 5k, my first 10k this past weekend and have three races in my 2014 calendar so far … one is my first half marathon exactly 1 year after my first day of 5k training. I can’t imagine my life without running now and can’t believe it took me 42 years to start doing it!

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