Transitioning into the beach bum lifestyle

Welcome to a brand new week!  And an extra 7 hours. 

The big move is over.  Our worldly belongings are all here, finding them a home is a different story, but I love organizing, good thing that’s the fun part.

So far I am loving our cozy little beach house.   Smile


I did my best to ignore the war zone by sipping coffee with Mike by the fire and going for a my first run.  Unpacking < run to the beach.  Duh.


Turns out the beach is a little farther than I thought…


I guess it’ll do.  <-I hope you are sensing my sarcasm!


Don’t worry City of Monterey, I updated your sign while I was out & about.  You are welcome.


Runvember is off to a good start.  I can not wait to get settled and into my routine.  The Type A in me is really looking forward to it.   


Because moving isn’t stressful enough, we decided the flat paint in the living & dining room have to go, so the painters come tomorrow.  Our dreams of a Starbucks home are coming true little by little. 


How will you spend those extra 7 hours this week?

#thirtyin30 friends, how’s the challenge going?

What are 4 mini goals for this week?

Take my time unpacking & enjoy our new home, run, actually cook meals and strength train.


14 Comments on “Transitioning into the beach bum lifestyle

  1. oh man, I wish I could run to the beach from my house. I run into the hills and get in a deer fight. haha. but congrats again on the move to the new home. very happy for you 🙂

    the challenge is going well. 1 mile away from 30 o.O (very strange to say).

    Goals: catch up on writing, get at least 3-4 blog posts out this week, begin a commissioned pet portrait, aaaaaand foam roll like it is my freaking job.

  2. Such a lovely route! Jealous girl right here. I used to go there on biz a lot, and there are so many amazing paths to take along the water. Plus all the beauty and whatnot. Enjoy your new home!

  3. Glad you guys are getting settled in, and jealous that you get to run to the beach

    1) get to the gym with Michelle for body pump
    2) 3 runches of at least 10K
    3) actually get in two longish weekend runs
    4) maybe, just maybe, get packing for Disney before the day we leave (for once)

  4. My main mini goal this week is a solid rest day. I skipped that last week and I am definitely feeling the fatigue this week.

  5. We are traveling for the next week and a half so my goals are REAL simple this week:

    1. Stay on top of blogging
    2. Eat healthy even on the road
    3. Get a workout in when I can AND make sure to take it easy on my leg

    Looks like an amazing house! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  6. I just knew you’d have a coffee in front of the fire right away….LOVE IT! We really are BFF’s in real (blog world) life!!!!

  7. Wait…you get an extra 7 hours?! Oh man I am REALLY living on the wrong coast-oh, and um, byThe by?!? We are dark here in mass at the ripe old hour of…
    This is me—–> officially jealous. And also, admitting that I know squat about daylight swing time!!!:)

    Hope your new place is amazing!!

  8. Your new home looks so cozy with the fire, love it.

    Mini goals for the week include tackling the laundry and actually putting it away instead of leaving in the basket to become a crumpled mess that I have to iron, putting together my November run calendar and NOT looking for a December race.

  9. Those extra 7 hours are probably going all into eating, and marathon training!

    Glad you are settling in, jealous of your short beach commute!!! 🙂 You and bam are going to have some awesome quality walks I imagine!

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