Another chapter begins

It feels so good to officially be done with moving.  One of the things I really don’t like dealing with is going back to the old place to clean up, so you can bet I was stoked to have it all wrapped up yesterday. 

Now that I I have no fear of creepers, here’s a pic of our old house. 


On my way home I stopped into Trader Joe’s because mother Hubbard’s cupboards were bare.  Read: Mike was on the verge of starving.  Winking smile

It felt so nice to be shopping at my favorite grocery store again.  The old house was 30 minutes away and I couldn’t justify the hike most of the time. I took my time checking out all of the fall treats.  This flower bouquet caught my eye.  It’s perfect.


If you like cranberry, get these!  They are a little tart & not too sweet-my new favorite.


As you probably guessed, my afternoon/evening was spent unpacking.  I must be weird because I find playing cabinet Tetris a lot of fun. 

In keeping this weeks mini goal, I made our first meal in our new house.  I picked up a peppercorn & garlic pork roast at TJ’s, carrots & a bag of mini potatoes.  4 hours later, dinnah was served.  Boom!


I even found a heart potato.  I’m thinking about selling it on Ebay.  Winking smile


The painters are on their way and I’m still in my PJ’s, plus this girl wants to get her run on.  Better hop to it. 

I’ll show you guys before & after pics tomorrow.

I have a feeling the crockpot is my new bff, so please share your favorite recopies so Mike doesn’t starve.  Mmmkay.

Trader Joe’s fans, what do I need to try?


19 Comments on “Another chapter begins

  1. Your dinner looks soo delish! I could eat it right now, right through my computer. I have only been to Trader Joes once and what I would recommend you try, I am sure they aren’t selling it anymore (Pumpkin Spice Coffee). Now the fun begins as you get all settled again! Have fun 🙂

  2. I have only used my crock pot maybe 3 times since we got it back in 2010. Each time was shredded pork. I made Mexican shredded pork, Hawaiian pulled pork and some other variation. Lando and Eric go nuts when it cooks overnight and the aroma envelops the house. I need to learn more crock pot recipes. I’m a one trick pony. haha.

    I only recently started going back to TJ’s but just get my usual staple of house necessities. Nothing has allured me except some pumpkin bread and big stalks of brussel sprouts.

  3. My crockpot is always my BFF!! I love it so much and always love finding new recipes for it!! Glad you are done with the unfun part of moving – now time to decorate the new place!! Enjoy!

  4. Totally bought those cranberry bars on Sunday! Try the Cranberry apple butter on toast it’s amazingggg and the maple leaf cookies are delicious as a treat. Also everything ever because TJs is my fave.

  5. I think that the crock pot is the best thing ever!! I use mine 3-5 times most weeks!!!
    French dip is super easy – roast (any cut and I always put mine in frozen), 2 c water, 1/2 c soy sauce, 1 bay leaf, garlic powder, rosemary, thyme (I just sprinkle some in) – cook on low all day!! Shred and serve on hoogies with swiss cheese!

  6. I’d be willing to bet if you had put that potato on Ebay that someone would have bought it. Lol!

    I hate having to clean the old place, but I love organizing all of my stuff in the new place!

  7. Cabinet Tetris! I love it too. So satisfying when it looks like too much stuff to fit, but you work magic and it all comes together.

    TJ’s, how do I love thee. Last week one opened closer by. SO happy. I live by their frozen onions & peppers. Easy way to veggie bulk meals. The almond butter there is a great deal. Unsulfered/unsweetened mangos are amazing. And the toasted coconut strips (near the nuts). Yum!

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