Random stuff & our Starbucks house

A couple random things before I get to the living room before & after. 

Isn’t this mug the cutest!!  Target went all crazy and did it again. 


Wouldn’t it be cute if Bam had a matching sweater? 

Mike, you can stop rolling your eyes and threatening bodily harm now. Don’t worry you’re in luck, I just put away our dishes and realized I’m a coffee mug hoarder.  Winking smile

This egg, Canadian bacon & cheese sammich Mike made yesterday morning.  His secret for a fluffy egg is to add a splash of milk, beat it and pop it in the microwave at 80% power for a minute and a half.  Boom! 


I am already thinking of ways to convince him that I need at least one of these babies every day for the rest of my life. 

For new readers, {hi!} we had a Jack Russell before Bam.  His name was Bo.  Bo was a…bad a$$.  He walked around with a chip on his shoulder, was all about people & hated other dogs.  Dude was 10 feet tall and bulletproof in his head and loved nothing more than to protect Lu & I.  Mike couldn’t even tickle us, Bo would jump in between and bark/growl at him.

So basically the complete opposite of Bam.

We lost our little buddy to cancer in the summer of 2010 and Mike surprised me by taking a casting of his paws.  I found it as I was unpacking and it’s something I will always treasure. 


I mentioned the other day that Mike & I were not fans of the paint in our home.  AKA the part where we go all YHL and stuff. 

While living in the Bay Area, I fell in love with the redesigns of Starbucks locations.  They have lots of deep colors, reclaimed wood & modern lighting.  I snapped pictures of different locations since I’m a coffee addict it was easy.  Here are a few I love;



That sparked the idea of bringing the Starbucks style home.  {Surprise, surprise, right} it’s a good thing Mike loves the look too, so we decided to go for it.  Here is our inspiration for the living room.


Ironically I snapped it at a Starbucks in Saratoga, CA a couple months ago when we stopped in on our way to look for a house in the Monterey area. 

The living room before.   With bonus photo bomb a la Bam.


It looks like a giant Band-Aid <-totally Mike’s words.  It’s a “safe” color, not horrible by any means, but we wanted a little more character.  Plus the couch didn’t jive at all. 

So we headed to Home De-pot as we call it because we are 4.  After a few minutes of comparing a few colors, I knew this was the one. 

We are loving the way it turned out.  It makes the bright white blinds & trim look sharp and the couch fits in much better.   


Also the fire place no longer blends in-it pops now.


It’s still a work in progress.  We are kicking around a lot of ideas on what to do next which is actually fun for this non crafty chick.  We are leaning towards using reclaimed wood and I’d love to add something beachy.  I’m thinking I need to create a Starbucks board on Pinterest just to keep track of all these ideas.

If you could redesign your home, what theme/style would you go for?

What are your cooking tips or tricks?

What do you find yourself hoarding?

Besides cups, I won’t even tell you how many tubes of Nuun I found while moving.    

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18 Comments on “Random stuff & our Starbucks house

  1. Love your Starbucks inspiration! I’ll have to snap a picture of the one in Del Mar. They just underwent a remodel and have this new bar that looks almost drifty-woody.

  2. I insist you get Bam a matching sweater! That would hilarious/adorable!
    You are so right about the paint color…your fireplace looks amazing against it.

  3. Love the color!! It is really pretty!! 🙂 Great job getting your inspiration for Target. I am never good at thinking of things myself, but if I look at things like Pinterest or other inspiration places I can copy it no problem 🙂 HA

  4. Love the color! I was inspired by my local Restoration Hardware store. Love the color they used and bought it for my house and love it!! Looks beautiful, but does it smell as good as Starbucks does? lol

  5. I hoard everything but I especially love newspaper articles because Im an elderly person. I love the paint color!

  6. LOVE the new color! If I could design my future house, I’d want it to be east coast-Hampton’s-beachy-Restoration Hardware style. Classy, but homey so people feel comfortable enough to chill on my couch or poo in my bathroom. Gotta make your guests feel at home!

  7. LOVE this color!!! Been looking for it for my kitchen. What is the name/maker??

  8. Oh I love that colour and the way it makes the fireplace pop. I stalk YHL and would love to grab up an old house here an the Island to re-do keeping the charm of the old features. I have a soft spot for old houses and really miss our 100 year old farm house.

  9. Loving the color! Congrats on the new place!! Everything really pops in comparison to the ‘band-aid’ color before.

  10. Love the color.
    I don’t really want to redesign my house – I like it OK – I just want to live on a beach!!! One day!

  11. Love love love that mug/sweater!

    I really like the new color in living room around fire place, really brings out things more!

    I hoard running shoes…and water bottles!

  12. Love the paint color! I saw this mug at Target the other day and almost bought one, I loved it so much.

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