There’s something wrong with me

I broke away from unpacking yesterday to get a much needed {and appreciated} pedi & brow wax.  Pretty sure I was starting to look part werewolf, part I don’t even know. 

There’s a nail salon right across the street which is very convenient.  Bonus points for a nice experience so I’m crossing my fingers I’ve found my new salon.  #totalfirstworldproblems


It was nice to relax a bit before a follow up with my GI doc.  We’ve made some major progress, so I was happy to see him.


I am feeling much better.  Living {mostly} without gut pain is a completely different world.  I didn’t realize how much pain I lived in for years.  It’s been a very humbling experience and as much as it sucked, I’m thankful for the perspective I’ve gained from it.

One drawback is the new RX is on the stronger side, which is why the only running I’ve been doing is to the bat room.  Now we’re working on tailoring the meds as needed on a daily basis.  The challenge with treating IBS, is that symptoms are intermitted and often change from day to day.  Heck even minute to minute.  But now I have a couple tools up my sleeve to combat that punk.  Boom!   

Now let’s just hope I don’t have to call 1-800-BADDRUG in like 5 years.


Guys, I think there is something wrong with me.  I cooked dinner again this week. 

I know.  


Baked chicken, fresh steamed green beans & crescent rolls all from TJ’s of course.

Who loves a good pedi?  What’s your favorite polish color?

Neon pink.  I wear it all year.

When do start decorating for Christmas?

The day after Thanksgiving, but I’m really wanting to decorate now!  Send help.

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11 Comments on “There’s something wrong with me

  1. I always paint my toe nails a nude color. I can go longer without painting them because it’s hard to tell when they chip. <–Read- I'm lazy

    We start decorating after Thanksgiving too! But really I want to start before Halloween when stores start selling all that jazz.

  2. I lean towards coral for my toes and clear, or nude for fingers. That’s awesome there is a place so close!

    As for Christmas decorating, everything but the tree is up already. Once Halloween stuff comes down, Christmas goes up, mostly because I’m too lazy to put the normal stuff back out only to take it down again in a few weeks to put the Christmas stuff up.

  3. You are soo lucky to have a nail salon across the street! I hope it was everything you thought it would be! Wow, look at you go with the cooking! Looks like a nother delish meal! Glad you are getting your IBS under control.

  4. Right now I am loving the dark purplish grey shades. I just picked up two new ones yesterday! There is nothing better than a great pedicure 🙂 Glad you found your salon!

  5. Can’t go wrong with a good pedi and brow wax. I wear hot pink on my toe nails year round too! As for decorating, I definitely can’t decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving 🙂

  6. Starbucks and CVS completely threw the “day after thanksgiving” rule out the window. I’m seeing Christmas crap everywhere!

  7. I love those crescent rolls from trader joe’s! They might even be better than the Pillsbury ones! I don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving but the Christmas music will probably be making an appearance soon! Its too hard to wait until Thanksgiving for that!

  8. I love a good pedi and get them year round, but love to change up the colors (my favorite right now is OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques).

    I am fighting the urge to decorate for Christmas too early. Maybe we should form a support group.

  9. I love a pedi and miss them in the winter. I usually go for polish on my toes that I would never wear on my hands. My current favorite is a deep, dark red. I feel a little naughty wearing it 😉
    We decorate on December 1st, that’s when Henry the Elf comes to our house from the North Pole to keep an eye on the family and report back to Santa. Sometimes he get’s into a little trouble when visiting 🙂 He’s from Elf Magic and I’m not sure who enjoys it more, me or Little.

  10. Definitely love a good pedi, I don’t get them much because I never want to torture someone with my marathon feet! So I usually just give myself one (totally not the same!)

    I usually start decorating for Christmas right after thanksgiving too, I dont like starting too soon!

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