25 Things


1. Best feeling ever? After a run, watching Bam run wild on the beach & clean sheets.

2. Things that ring or chime make me loose my mind.  This is probably why I miss nearly 100% of my calls.

3.  I watch Christmas movies all year, with the exception of Ralphy {A Christmas Story}.  When I bust that one out, it’s Christmastime in this house.

4. I used to hate lace up shoes, now I live in them.

5. I’m all about ambiance.  Lighting, candles & a cozy fireplace is everything.

6. Most of my friends are older than me.

7. Ab envy: Marissa Miller.  Let’s be real, everything envy:


8. Current obsession: TJ’s cilantro-jalapeno hummus & dried mango.

9. I don’t own a jacket.

10. I have to do lists everywhere, in the house, my purse, my phone.

11. Obsession: washing my hands.

12. Breakfast always involves a banana.

13. Italian food is from heaven.

14. Rosemary, ginger & mayo are gross.

15. I have 1 sister & 1 brother.  I’m the oldest.

16. The perfect night is climbing in our big fluffy bed early & watching a movie. 

17. I take of 2 showers a day.  I literally can not go to bed without one.  Yes, literally.

18. The kitchen must be clean after dinner.

19. Coffee is what dreams are made of.  Duh.

20. Looking forward to the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

21. Snack plate > real meal.

22. Mike & I have been together for 10 years, married for 7.5.  It get’s better every year.

23. I love.love.love photography.

24. I am very independent & need my alone time.

25. CHRISTMAS!!!!  CHRISTMAS is coming!!

Your turn.  Tell me something funny/weird/quirky about yourself.

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12 Comments on “25 Things

  1. I am so down with Christmas movies all year long. I could watch Elf over and over and never get sick of it.

    Weird fact: I have a fish phobia, so I never swim in open water. I prefer a very chlorinated pool free of critters.

  2. 1. My favorite smells are laundry detergent/clean clothes and citrus. I’ll peel oranges for you!

    2. Messes stress me out so I clean the kitchen as I’m cooking. I used to clean up right after cooking a meal, BEFORE I ate the meal that I just cooked, but my boyfriend is trying to get me to quit that habit. Cause you know, the whole food getting cold thing.

    3. I can’t throw out receipts until like a year after the purchase. Not so weird for expensive items with warranties. Kind of weird for that pound of apples and a container of yogurt…

  3. I have to have the bathroom towels folded a certain way…I’m very OCD about it!!

    You and I are exact matches on #’s 5, 10, and 24!! Every time you post a pic of your fireplace I secretly cry and am jealous. LOL

    When you run on the beach….please think of me running in my fabulous trail with snowflakes hitting my nose!!!

    And girl…you have nothing to be envious of with that gal….you ROCK!!!!!

  4. I wish I had no need for a jacket.
    And, I’m with you – the kitchen has to be clean or I won’t go to bed.
    But really – rosemary? One of my favorite spices!!

  5. I wish I didn’t have to wear a jacket but with the weather and me being cold constantly I have to have a jacket with me at almost all times!

    I too have to clean the kitchen before I can go to bed!

  6. I’m totally with you on the year-round Christmas movies (with the exception of A Christmas Story), a clean kitchen after dinner, and absolutely LOVING photography! If I could quit my big time corporate job and just do photography (not even to sell), I would in a heartbeat! 🙂

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