What powers your passion for running?

After a stressful week, yesterdays run was so refreshing.  This might sound weird, but running is comforting to me, I’m totally in my element.  As soon as I stepped out the front door into the sunshine and cool coastal air, I felt right at home. Ta-da!


While running, I started thinking {scary I know} about the several life changes I’ve gone through over the last 2.5 years.  I wouldn’t want it any other way, no doubt but moving 4 times within that short time period got a little stressful.  Hey, our marriage lasted through that so I consider that #winning in the book of Jacqueline!

But one consistent thing I had every single day was the ability to get in a good run.  Of course I didn’t run every day, but having that option was definitely comforting.

All I need is a pair of kicks, some gear and you’d find me running on the trail, around Google or my ‘hood.  On a side note, Bam & I are missing Googleland so hard right now.


I am so thankful to have found a sport I am passionate about.  Of course I run for the health & fitness aspect of it, but nothing beats the mental clarity each and every time.  In fact, some of my favorite content for the blog comes mid-run.  I’m sorry.

Not gonna lie, I dig the ability to “check out” of whatever I have going on too…

Like my inability to follow rules.  That whole no white after Labor Day thing clearly does not apply to me.  Then coming home to have my favorite post run drink out of a beer glass after I ran with my hair down {the horror}, can’t figure out how to pose thing.  Yeah, I’m special…


Oh and the fact that I stopped a gazillion times to stare at the Pacific.  I can already tell endurance training is going to take a little longer here.  #imokaywiththis


Not every run is full of rainbows, sunshine & lollipops, but those tough ones make the great one’s that much sweeter.  Especially crossing the finish line of a race you trained your tail off for.  Even if you took a couple wrong turns.  Winking smile

2013-10-06 11.34.11

I’ve mentioned before I don’t believe you need a ton of gear to run.  Just a pair of kicks fitted for you at a local running store, some basic workout clothing and your set.

Buuuuut who doesn’t love the latest & greatest gadgets, am I right!?

I’ve talked about my favorite gear before and my new found love of JayBird wireless headphones.  {Full review on my current love affair coming soon!}  In the meantime, I wanted to let you guys in on a schweet promotion; you have a chance to win a pair of JayBird wireless headphones every day!!


In case you are wondering, I’m rocking the Freedom Sprint in Storm White set here & LOVE these babies!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JayBird . Per usual, the opinions and text are all mine babe! 

What powers your passion for running?

Are you into the latest & greatest running gadgets?  Or do you keep it simple with a solid pair of kicks and basic gear?

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31 Comments on “What powers your passion for running?

  1. I completely understand when you say you are in your element running. That is how I feel 100%. I feel free and I can completely shut out the world. I can’t wait to get back and start it again! It is a feeling that I just can’t replicate with other things.

  2. I am definitely into trying to new running gadgets/gear/etc. (sometimes I think that helps motivate me during training too), but you’re right, the great thing about running is you don’t need those things to enjoy and succeed in the sport!

  3. I literally JUST wrote a rant about why running is the best ever because you feel good and it’s fun and you meet cool peeps.

  4. Hmm what powers me to run? My mood, I am not happy if I don’t run, I’m a staying at home mom I NEED that run even if it’s only 3 or 5 miles, it helps my sanity I feel like I can deal with kids, cook, clean, do homework with kids and not freak out on anybody :D. I feel like it’s the only time I can just be me hehe. I am all for using new gadgets, I love your earphones and I think they’ll be in my Christmas wish list.

  5. Currently it’s seeing how happy my dogs get when I ask them if they want to go for a run. And then getting back and having that awesome since of accomplishment.

  6. I usually keep it simple. I run with my iPod nano that is a first generation (if that tells you how old it is). It still works like a charm!

    • Ha up until these fancy schmancy headphones I ran with the dinosaur first gen iPod too. The one that looks like a small pack of gum. I’m surprised they still work.

  7. You are so cute!! Thanks for telling us about this giveaway 🙂
    I just think constant improvement powers my passion for running! I like getting stronger (physically and mentally).
    I like gadgets, but not TOO many. Usually just a Garmin and a nice set of headphones. I have a great pair now (by Bowers and Wilkins) but they aren’t wireless soooo yeah. Jay Bird buds would be awesome! On my way to enter now 🙂

  8. New gear is a good motivator for me too! Using a new gadget can help me get out the doors when I’m struggling for motivation. For example when I got my garmin watch in the winter it really helped me run when it was freezing!

  9. New running clothes & an updated playlist definitely help motivate me to get out the door!

  10. YOU keep me motivated. I love reading about you and the Bam’s adventures!!! Makes me feel like I can keep going plus I’m just in South Lake Tahoe… I’m gonna come run with you!!

  11. I power my passion by striving to do my best, and then do just a little bit better. I am highly competitive and running is a great sort because it lets me compete with myself on a daily basis.
    I need stuff when I run…my GPS watch for sure. I like tunes but often find that I’m fighting with the cord the whole run and thinking about it more than anything else (and I just want to think about…NOTHING!).

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  13. I love how excited my dog gets when we head out for a run. All I have to say now is ” do you….” And he knows! It makes me smile every time 🙂

  14. I think my passion is fueled by the desire to be stronger. A stronger runner, and consequently a stronger person. Running has made me a better person- and any chance I can take to try and strengthen and better myself- you bet your butt I’ll take it!

    I like running gadgets, just as much as the next running nerd. But I am also okay going a little less high-tech sometimes and just playing old-school rules.

  15. My passion is powered by how amazing I feel after a run and how I have encouraged my 6 year old to run. Several of our local races have Kid Runs at their events (1-3km) and he loves the fact that he gets a ribbon or medal just like his mum and dad.

    New kicks and an updated playlist make me happy and the fact that running doesn’t take a ton of special equipment make it a relatively inexpensive sport but you forgot to mention the benefits of a good running bra for us gals … gotta keep the ladies in check while out for a run 🙂

    I’m a gadget geek and never leave the house without my Garmin and my Sony Walkman.

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