Check in & coffee addicts unite

Runvember #thirtyin30 challenge friends, you guys are rocking it!!  I love getting an alert on my phone every time you post your workout on the Challenge Loop.  Your enthusiasm is keeping me motivated to get out there.

30 miles

I woke up to another very important mid-November check in from the lovely Skinny Runner.

SkinnyRunner  skinnyrunnerSR  on Twitter

Don’t you worry, I am all over it. 

Red Starbucks cup

I fill you up, let’s have a party…


Would y’all think I’m weird if I reused my red cup for coffee at home?  Our favorite coffee stash was just replenished.  Handwritten labels, yes please!


We order 5 pounds of whole bean French Vanilla every couple weeks and have it shipped.  Fabiano’s Coffee is a family owned coffee roasting company out of my hometown, Fresno that we just adore.  We’re on a first name basis with these folks. 

We met them at the local farmers market and quickly became friends.  I mean when you have a trailer full of coffee, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be our friends.  Y’all know how much we love supporting local, US businesses so this joint has been our at home coffee dealer for years.

Yes, we are fully aware we have issues.

Speaking of issues, I just deleted over 5,000 pictures off my computer the other day.  I am refusing an intervention, so I won’t be telling you how long it took me to take those said images.


In other news, Bam wants to be a kool kid like him and enter to win a pair of JayBird wireless headphones.  They are giving away a pair every day and you can enter every 24 hours.  Boom!


Runvember friends, how many miles have you logged?  Any overachievers?

Fellow coffee addicts, where do you usually score your fix?

What “issues” do you have?  Go ahead, make my day!

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7 Comments on “Check in & coffee addicts unite

  1. I’m at 20.88 miles so far. Long run tomorrow morning, although it may be a short long run since I have a sick kiddo and hubby at home. I love the accountability of being part of a challenge!

    I’m usually a Starbucks girl, but when I travel I search for and find the local guy’s. Have found some amazing coffee that way!

    My biggest issue is my food CAN NOT touch on the plate. Ever. I build little fences around each dish so they don’t touch. It saves me at baby showers and parties though. The smaller the plate the less food I can take, and I don’t do seconds. Keep’s the sweet treat intake under control.

  2. I will drink almost any coffee every (except coffee bean) but I usually just hit up trader joes for a tin twice a week (yikes thats a lot)

  3. Love the Toby Keith reference. Everytime I get starbucks I’m going to start singing that now!

  4. I am not an over achiever ever but for some reason I am with this challenge. 63 miles in so far…

    You make me so jealous with your delish coffee over there! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I usually stop at Biggby because although I love SBux, they are snotty here. I never feel comfortable when I walk in their store. Biggby is fun, fresh and modern. I feel this super creative and silly vibe when I walk in and that fits me! My issues…I just got the iphone 5s so I have been trying to email pictures to myself and delete pics like you are! Bloggers have so many pictures, we should be locked up!

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