Saturday favorites & giveaway winner

Did you know that scoring a meeting with the Genius Bar is like getting a meeting with the President?


True story.  The good news is I have a brand new battery that shouldn’t have to be put on life support 6 times a day.  Maybe if I stayed off the IG I wouldn’t have this problem.  #notgonnahappen

I am a sucker for Christmas scented hand soaps from Bath & Body Works.  I may have squealed when I saw these.  On the other hand, I will not confirm nor deny if that ever happened.


This Camelbak water bottle has been permanently glued to my hand.


I picked it up at the Fitness Magazine event last month and it was love at first sight.  I especially love the built in filter.  Plus it’s really cute.  #cantstopwontstop

I love lemons.  I want to marry them.  This Lemon Hummus from Whole Foods is my second favorite.  TJ’s Cilantro Jalapeno is my #1 love in case you were wondering.


Did you hear that?  Angels are singing.


I’m looking forward to:

Watching my little seester graduate next week.  I am so proud of her I can’t even stand it.


Plus I get to see ma and pa and grandma…

I’m also looking forward to grandma’s Birthday and going home for Thanksgiving.  Oh and watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving of course!  #iam4



The winner of the box-o-goodies giveaway is Casey!!

Possibly the best 32 minutes of my life   a giveaway   Skinny Chick Blog

Congrats Casey!  Send your shipping address to skinnychickblog @ gmail dot com

Thank you to everyone who entered.  If you didn’t win, don’t you worry – I am working on a huge giveaway.  The biggest in SCB history.  Deets coming soon!  XO

Your turn, what are your current favorites?

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4 Comments on “Saturday favorites & giveaway winner

  1. I got that AMAZE-BALLS camelback bottle too! There was a learning curve on how to use it, but now I am ALL OVER IT like White on RICE! I just gotta make the Fitness Magazines cucumber water and life will be complete! 😉

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