Simple things Sunday::


I have about 18.2 minutes to write this post, but we all know I could sit here all day and talk about things we are thankful for.

Like these views…




Just another day at the office.  It was pretty rough driving around with a cart full of beer, making friends all day.

Then coming home to Mike smoking ribs all afternoon.  Wow, that man can cook.  After dinner I wanted dessert-I never want dessert so the boy happily went to the store for ice cream – REAL ice cream (!) while Bam & I lounged on the couch watching hockey.  Any other hockey fans out there?


Knowing that grandma is back to feeling 100% again.  She is living proof you can actually live off bacon & ice cream for 85 years.  You think I’m joking, but I am not.


Getting an email alert with this…

Mizuno Running   MizunoRunning  is now following you on Twitter    skinnychickblog   Gmail

Yah, my day = made.  The end.

Your turn, what simple things are you digging?

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4 Comments on “Simple things Sunday::

  1. I am so happy that your grandma is doing well! Yay!!! She is the cutest woman ever and I love the photo of her with the flowers.

    And awesome news about the Mizuno twitter update! I am so happy for you! 🙂

    Also, that ice cream looks amazing. Mike is a sweet man (as is Bam!).

  2. So happy to hear your grandma is doing better!

    Simply things? Being able to wear a pink tutu in today’s race and not feel out of place.

    Enjoying a cup of tea and a muffin while blogging after said race! Doesn’t get much better!

    Hope you have a fantastic Monday J!

  3. We just got back tonight after traveling for 2 weeks. I am really loving trying to get normality back into my life and enjoying time with my fur children who I have missed SO MUCH!!

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