My coffee pot needs a remote

I woke up yesterday feeling great & ready to take on the world.  I had a to do list a mile long and it felt great to tackle it head on.  But first lunch in downtown Monterey with the boy. 


I was wondering if fall even makes an appearance considering the temp swing isn’t much at all here.

Average Weather for Monterey  CA   Temperature and Precipitation

Turns out it does!  Gosh everything is so beautiful here.


I really enjoy it when others talk about the weather.  Told ya I was old.

Okay nerdy J is over now. 

Back to my to do list…I hit up Target, the grocery store & PetSmart for Bam food & a toy because he loves his toys.

Then I broke my no coffee after 3:00pm rule when I looked up and saw Starbucks.  Thumb holes & iced coffee ahhhhhhhhhh


I always get decaf & it was a stupid rule anyway.

I did a little meal prep, then Mike came home to Bam & I buzzing around cleaning the house, doing laundry, cleaning floors, etc.  Yes, Bam follows me everywhere-he thinks he’s sooo helpful. 

I convinced Mike to put the vertical blinds up.  We’ve had them for a couple weeks now and I was tired of looking at the box.  He was a trooper and I helped since I knew wasn’t feeling up to it.  Then after we got them up, we kept going & tackled other little projects laying around the house.


His bathroom is tiny, like it’s made for an elf or something, so we put up a cabinet & more towel racks to create more space. 


Then put up a towel rack in my bathroom and cleaned out the in wall heater too.  Yes, I have an old skool wall heater in my bathroom!!

Once we start, we can’t stop.  Finally around 10:30pm which is really late for this grandma, we cried uncle.  After a bubble bath I finally hopped into bed at 11:30.  Wahoo par-ta animal.

I woke up this morning thinking my coffee pot needs a remote.  Hah!  Someone hurry & get on this brilliant idea.  I’ll be your first customer.

I have a feeling our house will always be a work in progress, which is a really good thing because we really love it here.  Like absolutely love it!

What’s on your to do list?

What’s the weather like where you’re at?

On a scale from 1-10 do you love your home?

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26 Comments on “My coffee pot needs a remote

  1. Do you have a coffee pot that you can set to go on at a certain time? I do that in the winter sometimes so I don’t have to walk all the way downstairs all cold to turn it on! Brrrr

    Looks like you all had a productive day!!

  2. the husband preps his coffee maker the night before and sets it for a certain time to start brewing. the wonders of modern technology 🙂

    I have a whole list of things to do. main big goal is to tackle the pile/mountain of my stuff in the office. and on the papa san. and on my dresser. and in the guest room…. you see where this is going.

    I give my home a 7. needs some improvements, the location is alright, but I love looking out my window and seeing turkey’s and deer in the neighbors yard. lol.

    • Super cool blog!
      To Do List: Too long and boring.
      Weather: Not bad for Minnesota in November: no snow and high of 50 today. Snow on its way, tomorrow, though. I feel like if we didn’t have the weather to talk about at work, we would have nothing to say. THAT is sad. My Home: A solid 7.

  3. My to-do list entails catching up on housework and starting some knitting projects for Christmas presents…..

    The weather is in the 40’s and cooold! Brrr! We had a warm, beautiful weekend, but alas winter is starting to take over….

    My home is definitely an 8! There are few projects that would be done if the funding would be there, but that’s not happening right now.

    BTW, please thank Mike profusely for the eggs in the microwave trick! I always want to make eggs, but don’t want to make a mess with a pan and such, so his trick is awesome!

  4. I love days where the productivity seems to flow!! I could do with a few around here!!
    I love my house -we have lived in it for 9+ years which is my record anywhere. The only problem with it is it is in KS and not on a beach – at least it’s on a lake.

  5. The weather here in Texas has been crazy as usual. We had temps in the mid-eighties last Sunday, and now the weather guy says that we will have temps in the 40’s with rain or possibly even some light snow (!) this coming weekend. Crazy!

  6. Owning your own home = always having a to-do list a mile long. I just laid laminate flooring in my bedroom…just have to put the finishing touches on that. Next is to paint the living room.

    It has cooled off here in NS…around freezing most days.

  7. I’d give my house a 9! It’s pretty great.
    The to do lists never end. We just stripped, sanded and stained our front door. It’s a huge wooden door and it’s gorgeous! Oh, and by we I mean my husband….I took care of the kids so he could do it though so I get some credit 😉
    It’s already snowed here in Utah. Today it’s about 50 degrees and raining. I love it!

    • Your front door sounds beautiful. I was just telling Mike I’d like a new fancy schmancy one. Guess my wish list just got a little longer. Hah.

  8. Totally agree that coffee pots should come with remotes – I also think Starbucks should just start delivering!

  9. My to do list has ironing on it. That’s a big fat YUCK in my book.
    Weather is TX is gorgeous today. Sunny and 72. As far as our house I would give it a 6. But it is “home” and that is what matters the most to me 🙂

  10. The weather here yesterday was in the 60’s but it got much colder today and is now in the 30s. I think winter might be coming 🙁

  11. I don’t drink coffee. {cringe} Can I still read this blog? I’ve just never liked it. Tea, either. Here it was in the 40s today but it has generally been in the 30s.
    One project I am going to do this winter is put glow in the dark stars on my bedroom ceiling. Yes, I am 5.

  12. Just thought of something brilliant…or stupid. We’ll go with brilliant. You should hook up your coffee maker to a clap-on system (like those clap-on lights). So you could potentially clap super loud from your bedroom and activate your coffee maker. K, now that I said it out loud, we’ll go with insane.

  13. To do list? Long and growing longer every day. Ugh.

    Our weather has been cool, no snow yet so that’s a bonus.

    We’re currently renting so I’m going to give it a 6 because I can’t do what I would want to do to it if I owned it but living on the Island makes up for that.

  14. Coffee pot with remote AND a delivery boy, I’ll take 2 please (one for home and 1 for work).

    I like my home but I am still working on LOVING it. My fiance owned the house before I moved in, so it was hard moving into a place that was already a home. It doesn’t necessarily feel like OUR home yet. Still working bit by bit to make it less him and more us without compromising too much on either of our parts 🙂

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