My sister needs a cape

It’s a slow, lazy start today.  I stayed in bed wayyyy too long with Bam butt in ma face. 


I learned one thing about yesterday’s post; y’all are a bunch of stalkers.  And I like it!  I can’t wait to kick 12 days of giveaways off in about 7.919 days.  Not that I’m counting or anything. 

Feel free to share the giveaway logo & info on your blogs/social media platforms/write it in the sky.  I’m sure you can guess who designed it.  Winking smile

Yesterday I took a day trip home to see my baby seester graduate, but we’ll get to that in a minute. 

Folks, this right here is the good stuff in life.


I got in extra early to hang out with grandma & my nieces.  Grandma knows how much I love her baked pork chops & fried potatoes so she called to say she was making lunch.  Perfect timing, I had just stopped into Starbucks and grabbed a coffee & doughnut.  Dang, I sound like a cop there.  Anyway that doughnut could wait, nothing comes even close to grandmas cooking.


After lunch I played with these two divas.



Well, at least Blair bear had the ability to sit still and take pictures with auntie.  Alexa is on the go which is just like me so I’ll let her get away with it.  Winking smileFunny story, Blair has kind of always been afraid of Mike for really no reason at all- he adores her so much.  So I asked her why she’s afraid of uncle Mike.  She replied ”because he has a mustache.”

I die!!

Then I said well good news, he doesn’t have it anymore. 

After a couple seconds of silence she said “auntie Jacqueline, did he cry when he got rid of it?”

My ma & pa came home from work, then we made our way to my sisters graduation.

As you can tell, she has quite the imagination.

We scored awesome seats at the graduation.

She’s waving at the babies as she makes her way to the stage.


I’d say this baby was so proud of her ma!


This is what determination looks like. She became an LVN. I know she is going to be a wonderful nurse one day.  All of this plus raising 2 babies! Girlfriend needs a cape! I couldn’t be more proud of her!!


We celebrated her big accomplishment over dinner at the Olive Garden and cake.  It was the perfect evening with family and her BFF since grade school.  I felt so happy to be apart of a huge stepping stone in her life.


Then we went all grandma style and had cake before dinner.  Rebels, I tell ya.


I got home late last night, but it was more than worth it.  Now I’m really excited to go home for Thanksgiving for a little longer next week. 

What was the last graduation you went to?

Favorite kind of cake?

Red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  The one above was white cake with strawberry filling. 

What are your plans for today?

My list is a mile long, anyone wanna help me?  I pay in coffee.

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7 Comments on “My sister needs a cape

  1. I just got back from the gym. Now time for household chores, shower, and maybe eventually my husband and I will have a small date night. The snow just began here…and that makes me want to hibernate.

  2. We took a quick trip to Cabellas today so my son could buy a new bow – fun stuff here!!!
    Congrats to your sister – so awesome!!!

  3. Red velvet is my favorite cake for sure! But let’s be honest, I never turn down cake, no matter what kind it is.

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