Schweet running gear: SportRX Review

Only 143.3 hours until the biggest giveaway in SCB history starts!! 

<<<end nerd alert>>>


Y’all better pack your running shoes when you come visit me.  I’m going to take you to my new playground.


We’ve had some pretty incredible weather – sunny & 60’s so the trail was bumpin’ with runners, walkers, cyclist and…bums.  I was pretty stoked to have it all to myself for a bit after running through all the craziness around the Wharf.


I ended up with 5.25 plus another quarter mile for a nice cool down.  I always feel so much better post run when I make time for a solid cool down.


Now let’s talk about something I am stoked about….

I wear prescription sunglasses so I get my eyeballs checked every 2 years.  Then I browse for frames in their office that are functional and cute.  I’m using the word functional very loosely here.


While I love rocking my beloved Dior spec’s, they are most definitely not functional running glasses.  They constantly slide down my nose, fog up & bulky. 

I needed a sexy, sleek pair – kinda like me.  Not.


My awesome friends at SMACK! Media contacted me about taking a custom pair of sunglasses from SportRX for a test spin.  Um, heck to the yes!

I chose the bolle ouray sunglasses.  I was also wishing we lived closer to the snow so I could justify these.  But lets face it I’m a wimpy sunny California girl.  I almost went with these, but they bolle’s are made for smaller mugs like mine.


I’ve been going all nerdy runner 4 eyes.  #cantstopwontstop


SportRX tricked these specs out by adding custom teal blue tips & frame then upgrading to a mirror rose copper lens that increases contrast but still have solid protection.  Girlfren has swag.


I am LOVING these so hard right now.  I actually find myself pushing the sunglasses up on my face while running out of pure habit even though they don’t budge and or fog up at all.  Yes, it’s all about the simple things people!

Uber cool facts about SportRX:

  • Easy site to navigate.  You can search by brand, sport, category & more. 
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • Super cool peeps.  They are very knowledgeable and more than happy to answer all of my tricky questions.
  • They are happy to send a detailed invoice for insurance reimbursement. 
  • They do accept Flex/HSA accounts.

There may be a giveaway in the future.  Maybe.  Winking smile

What brand/style of sunglasses do you rock while working out?

What upgrades/features would you love to have on them?

Anti-slip & anti-fog lenses.  My life is now complete.

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11 Comments on “Schweet running gear: SportRX Review

  1. Hey now!! I’m a Cali girl… All you have to do is drive 4 hours to Tahoe! Then you could rock those and hang with me ❤️

  2. I have a pair of cheapo (maybe $18) running glasses I got at a race expo earlier this year and love them. They are light, and do the job. Also durable. I went through 3 pairs of $25 pairs from target (Ironman brand) that I loved and looked a little cuter but they broke really easy (I’m a clutz).

  3. I actually need a pair of running sunglasses. So I hope you are not teasing with that hint! 🙂 I currently don’t have any and sometimes in the winter when it is sunny and snow in the ground it makes it EXTRA bright!

  4. those are some pretty sweet shades. I’m not sure on the sunglasses i have for running. i picked some up at a Big Sur Expo and they do alright. I tend to just wearing my visor, but bring the shades just in case.

    I agree on the anti slip and anti fog. i hate when my glasses fog up.

  5. You’re lookin’ goooood! I’m sporting a rockin’ Walmart special right now because I’m too cheap to spend $$$ on prescription sunglasses when all of my sunglasses have met an unfortunate fate … dog’s chew toy, squashed by my rump, lost in the depths of the lake.

  6. I had to laugh at your ‘runner, cyclists, walkers and….bums’ statement. When we were in Monterey I always ran the rec path and saw my same buddies at the hobo lot (across from NPS) and the beach across from McDonalds 🙂

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