A bunch of random thoughts, pretty much what you would expect from me

I can’t decide what to blog about this morning so I figured I’d just throw all of my random thoughts out there.  You are welcome.

  • I’m at 22.5 miles for the Runvember challenge!!  How’s it going for ya?

30 miles

  • Run to Whole Paycheck Foods and get this Spiced Pear juice now.  Feel free to send me love notes later.


  • We celebrated making our first house payment with a Starbucks.  Yes, we do in fact celebrate everything over coffee.  Not even gonna lie, it did hurt a little but we are so very thankful we have the means for it.


  • You know, sometimes I get annoyed with myself.

Oh yes I do.

If I randomly think of something that needs to get done soon, not right away by ay means, I have to do it right then.  I’m sure this is a good trait sometimes, but most of the time I’m left feeling stressed, overwhelmed and behind.  Like it I should have thought of doing it sooner, I’ll forget about it, or loose steam.  Gurrrrr

  • I always start my day with a banana.  These ones are perfectly ripe.  I gag is they have spots, so I buy exactly what I need depending on what stage of ripeness they are at the store.  Only 2 more left until we go home for Thanksgiving.  Yah, I am a picky 4 year old.


  • This sunset was a perfect end to a sunny & 72 degree beach day.  No filter, no words.



  • While at my sisters graduation, Blair whispered in my ear “I want to marry Justin Bieber.”  The kid is like 4.  I die!!
  • When I asker her if she likes music, she said oh yes, I don’t know the name of the song but it goes like “roar oooh oooh ooohrrrr”…
  • Bam got to hit up 2 dog parks over the weekend.  He was pretty excited about it. Well, until we got home and he stuck his head out the window as Mike was rolling it up.  We heard him cry I looked back and he was flailing around trying to get out. After making sure our buddy was okay we had a good laugh at his expense. Little knuckle head.


  • I made up for it by giving him a fashion show of my new Hollister finds.  I went shopping for boots.  I came home with clothes.  That sounds about right.

Your turn.  Tell me a bunch of random things.

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7 Comments on “A bunch of random thoughts, pretty much what you would expect from me

  1. Omg that Bam story could be on Americas funniest videos…but only because he’s ok!
    Random: I did a top knot on my hair today. And on my 2 year olds hair. We are cool <–lots of sarcasm!

  2. I’m done the challenge as are a lot of people in our running group. In fact…I’ve put out the December challenge to the group…we’re going to see how far across Canada we can collectively run (virtually of course) over the month of December.

    I’m the same as you with bananas….hate spots. My BF on the other hand, perfers them that way…as he only uses them in smoothies and will wait for the 50% off sale to buy them. I just shake my head.

    Poor Bam…I bet he wanted lots of the love the rest of the day!!!

    And I LOVE the necklace!!!!

  3. Don’t you love when you sit down to write a post and you can’t think of anything? I always end up writing the most random posts!

    Today I was supposed to go to the gym but I didn’t feel like it. So I walked outside in the snow with my pup.

    I’m currently drinking hot tea and watching the snow fall. Pretty awesome.

    I really want coffee though not tea… ugh! I need a keurig so I can fix one cup instead of a lot.

    Random enough? Now it’s time to go do laundry 🙂

  4. My Tuesday posts are random thoughts I call an Itemized List, I like to think it makes it less random by giving it a fancy title 🙂

    Poor Bam, our Stella has done the same thing and I felt horrible after but laughed anyway because I’m a horrible dog parent.

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