How Cali does sunsets

If the weather is always this incredible here, I will never be a productive human.  I just don’t have it in me to stay inside when it’s close to 70 degrees & sunny.  


I did 3 miles with lot’s of stops because I can.  Yep, there goes my endurance training too.  I am okay with this.  Oh and that run put me to 26 miles for the month.  Woot woot!


I came home to Mike cooking lunch.  He said it’s Christmas in a pot.  He’s classy like that.


He made chicken gumbo soup in the pressure cooker.  It may not look appetizing, but it’s a family favorite around here.  And a well balanced meal post run meal.  Plus a beer glass of Nuun since I’m classy too.

I did a little shopping at Target and on my way home I saw an incredible sunset.  I had to stop, walk along the beach and snap like 53 pictures. 

To my right.


To my left.


The trail earlier in the day.


And at sunset.


In a season of being thankful for things, watching the sunset over the ocean is definitely on my long list.  I have no words.

On my way home, I stopped by the local produce stand I always go by, but haven’t had the chance to stop into yet. 

I was happy to be able to swing in and get exactly what I needed.  39 cent organic cilantro FTW.


Since Mike cooked lunch, I deemed it taco Tuesday and made dinner.  Well, not exactly a taco, but hey it worked.


I had plans to try this avocado vinaigrette dressing on the side, but it was not good.  If you want my not so humble opinion it tasted like butt cheese.  Not that I even know what that tastes like but you know. 


Where are you spending Thanksgiving?

We’re driving home to my grandma’s house.  I seriously can not wait!!

What was the last food you tried and did not like?

Do you exercise while traveling for the holidays or say nah, stretchy pants rule?


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11 Comments on “How Cali does sunsets

  1. The gumbo & taco both look good to me! The butt cheese..not so much!
    I’ll just live through you and enjoy those amazing views.
    Have a good thanksgiving!

  2. I am so looking forward to temps in the 50’s the next several days! (We have been in the 20’s the past few days. No fun.) That means trail runs to alleviate the Thanksgiving food baby.

    We will spend Thanksgiving with anywhere from 50-80 relatives at my uncle’s ranch. So excited!

  3. Happy early Thanksgiving to you and your fam! I want that taco, minus the butt cheese. So jealous of your view while running and on the way home! Monterey/Carmel is one of my favorite places. I can’t wait to go in 2014! P.S. I have 3 Thanksgiving celebrations planned this year = need to exercise or those stretchy pants will have to morph into maternity pants.

  4. We are spending it here – having a small intimate Thanksgiving just me and my husband.

    I want to live where you are! All we have is views of lots and lots and lots and lots of snow!

  5. Holy moly! That first ocean photo is amazing! Happy Thanksgiving! I am working out tonight {a stretch/strength yoga type class} and again tomorrow {a cardio/strength class}. CRAZY!!

  6. I love that you still call your Grandma’s house ‘home’.

    Yesterday I had an organic turkey & cranberry protein bar in my lunch (it was in my November Stride Box) and it was DISGUSTING!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, lady!

    That dressing looks disgusting. You are brave for trying it. I try mushrooms all the time because I want to like them so bad. But I still think they are disgusting. The texture gets me every time.

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