Life comes first

It’s been an awesome, yet busy morning.  I had every intention on getting this post up around the usual time, but I sat down at grandma’s kitchen table with these cuties, I shut my laptop to hang with these two monkeys.  Life comes first, I have no regrets.  <3



Now I totally get why people have kids and dogs, they chase each other until they’re tired and take a snuggle break.  Tires them both out.  You people are onto something here.


Grandma made her famous fried potatoes and bacon for lunch.  I think her secret is to fry them in bacon grease in a cast iron skillet.   I made a BLT minus the L.IMG_9334

A couple reminders:

It’s the last day of the Runvember #thirtyin30 challenge.  How did it go? 

30 miles

I ran around my old stomping grounds where I fell in love with running.  It was gorgeous out.  I kind of miss the small town life as I saw the same people driving the same cars, going the same way.  Not much has changed.


It put me at 30.25 miles for the month.  Overachiever, that’s me.  Not the fact that I don’t agree with math back to the hotel.  Not at all. 

Bonus points for Bam chewing his butt photo bomb.  Classy.


One last reminder: the 12 days of giveaways kicks off tomorrow morning at 8:00am.  It starts with one of my favorite things in the world.  Winking smile

12 Days Of Christmas

I’m going to get back to the family now, so tell me about your day. 

Black Friday shoppers, what did you score?

If you participated in the Runvember challenge, tell me how it went!  How many miles did you rack up?

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14 Comments on “Life comes first

  1. Those little cuties would be impossible to resist. I did the s30 in 30 challenge and just barely made it with 2.8 miles today. Congratulations on finishing.

  2. Think I was able to get about 60 in 30!! Good month for me and I loved the challenge, made you want to run more!

  3. I didn’t go shopping in stores on Black friday but did score a few great deals online yesterday (a lot of toys for my nephew). We did go shopping a little tonight, and I was able to get some great deals on warm clothes and sweaters for me since it’s been super cold here lately.

    You are 100% life comes first, Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to enjoy life 🙂

  4. Got some good deals at American Eagle online (pants/underwear), big plush blankets at kohls for $9, books were 30% off on Amazon, and Dick’s Sporting Goods had free shipping (no minimum) and 50% off Reebok gear. I bought a quarter zip pullover that looks kind of “galactic” haha. It was nice to shop from my couch! I’m excited to see what will be in your giveaways!!!

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