Philz Coffee giveaway-CLOSED

Are you ready??  The first  of 12 days of giveaways is here!!  I’m kicking it off with one of my all time favorite loves, coffee.  Cheers!!

While we were living in the Bay Area, several people told us we had to try Philz Coffee.

I’m kinda sad we didn’t take their great life advise sooner.  You may check out my first post about this joint-it’s quite the place and we officially blame Maika for getting us hooked.  Girlfren can make a mean cup-o-Joe.


It was on our Bay Area bucket list so we stopped into the Middlefield location a couple times before we moved.  Round two, Anthony made me a delicious Mint Mojito iced coffee.  I think this is one of their most popular drinks or maybe I said that because I really liked it a lot.


Since we are the leaders of CAA, you know, coffee addicts anonymous, we walked out with 5 pounds of Jacobs Wonderbar.


When I started putting the 12 days of giveaways together, Philz was one of the first companies I thought of.  Local, US based coffee company with uber cool staff + kick butt coffee + our love of coffee = duh!

I was stoked when they offered one lucky reader a pound of their famous Tesora blend personally autographed by owner & creator Phil Jaber himself.  Um, how cool is that!?

photo (20)

A little from the folks at Philz:

Phil Jaber took seven years to perfect the Tesora blend. The blend contains anywhere between 2 and 7 different beans to make a wonderful “buttery, nutty with hints of caramel” medium roast blend.  Tesora, meaning “treasure” is the most popular medium roast blend and the perfect introduction to Philz Coffee.

Giveaway – one pound of whole bean Tesora coffee; Philz bumper sticker and the bag of coffee is signed by Philz Coffee founder, Phil Jaber.

If you’re ever in the Bay Area, please do yourself a huge favor and stop in for one of the best cups of coffee.  It is lyfe changing!  Bonus points if you swing by my favorite location on Middlefield in Palo Alto & harass them.  In the best way possible of course.  Smile

To enter, check out their site and tell me which blend(s) you would love to try.  You have until 8:00am PST tomorrow to enter.  One winner will be chosen at random and announced in tomorrow’s post.

This giveaway is open to the US only.

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81 Comments on “Philz Coffee giveaway-CLOSED

  1. I visited Philz Coffee’s website! I would love to try the Anesthesia to the Upside blend or the Philtered Soul blend! Thanks!!! 🙂

  2. Mocha Tesora! Mocha Tesora! Mocha Tesora! Btw, your warm-sunny-day photos of visiting Philz makes me want to leave my town of Colderthanawelldigger’sbutt, MT and move next door to the coffee shop. …sigh.

  3. I think my husband is the only other person who might like coffee me then you… the darker the Better! Would love to win him the tantalizing Turkush brew. ..

  4. Anesthesia to the Upside. I love a medium blend, and this one states that it is super caffeinated. It’s a win-win.

  5. I’ve heard great things about all of them. So many to try! I don’t usually buy beans, but when I go back I definitely will. I think next on my list is Dancing Waters. Sounds so good!

  6. Silken splendor sounds amazing but omg they all do really….hmm I’m really craving a good cup of coffee after browsing their site!!!!!

  7. I would love to try that mojito you have there. But if we are going to go with beans, I’d like to try the hazelnut.

  8. Tough call, they all sound good. Philtered soul or Silken Splendor. Mmm coffee…

  9. Definitely the Tesora blend-I love a good winter coffee flavor like the xmas blend from the store you decorated your house after!

  10. I love all things coffee, but the Tesoro and hazelnut both sound wonderful!

  11. It’z the best sounds sooooo yummy. I would love someone to bring me a cup (huge size) right now. This Alabama gal would love some west coast coffee:)

  12. As a fellow member of the CAA, all of the coffee sounds delish! I’m a sucker for a good medium blend so Ambrosia coffee of God sounds devine. And of course Philtered soul because I have a killer sweet tooth. Coffee and sweet= two birds with one stone!

  13. for the Medium roast, the Philharmonic, light roast the Greater Alarm! YUMMY

  14. Ooh they all sound so good. Maybe Tesora? I think I need to go make some coffee now.

  15. It all sounds amazing! For the name alone, Anesthesia. But because you recommend it, Jacobs Wonderbar 🙂

  16. The Jamaican Blue Mountain! Who wouldn’t want to try the “world’s most desired coffee?!”

  17. I love myself a good dark roast and I love chocolate. The mocha Tesora blend sounds delicious. I will have to try a Philz the next time I visit my best friend in Google Land.

  18. Mocha Tesora sounds delish along with several other varieties!! Thanks for sharing, I want to try them when I go down there next!

  19. New Manhatten sounds interesting…a wine-like taste in coffee? I’d try it! Though the Tesora sounds like something I’d like too!

  20. Mocha Tesora…sounds fab!! I do love chocolate and coffee. I really need to go to one of their stores….I usually pick it up at the Whole Paycheck.

  21. That website hady mouth watering!! I’m also a CAA member and usually choose whatever dark roast is available – the Phillips wonderbar is definitely on my wish list!!

  22. I love trying any coffee, and Philz is on my list thanks to your constant prodding 🙂

    Congrats in advance to the lucky winner of today’s great giveaway…can’t wait to see what the next 11 days have in store!

  23. Silken Splendor sounds amazing… but then again, coffee is my addiction so I want to try it all. Thanks for telling us about Philz!

  24. Too many to choose from! I love hazelnut coffee, but the caramel and nut tones to the tesora sound sooo good!

  25. The Tesora blend sounds amazing! Next time I visit the Bay Area this will be a must do!

  26. I would love to try code 33! I think it would help me stay awake in class 🙂

  27. All of them!! I love coffee so much! Jamaican Blue Mountain looks great!

  28. Damn, wish I got to the page sooner. Catching up on blog reading (sorry!) but now I know what to get Eric for Christmas. He should join the CAA as well. I’ll got hit up Phillz soon and get he Tesora for us. Er him. With the way it’s described, I will have to at least TRY it 🙂

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