How long does it take to pick out a Christmas tree?

I’ll be popping in every now and then between giveaways posts with my usual dumb, fruitless posts.  I mean, what’s SCB without showcasing my boring little life, right.

Yesterday we bummed around the house all morning.  By the time we were ready to go out to lunch, I was hangry.  {hungry + angry}  Not a good situation for Mike.  Or the world.  So the boy did what any smart guy would do-quickly picked a restaurant.  A great one at that.  La Ficcola Casa in Pacific Grove did not disappoint.  We both had the pasta bolognese special and it was delicious. 


99.67987766% of the time I am not apart of the clean your plate club, but I went all Templeton style here.  I think I mentioned it before, Italian cuisine is definitely my favorite. 


I am also huge fan of textures and thought the ceiling was really cool.  Please excuse me while I retract the nerd inside of me.


Okay I’m back.

After lunch we wandered around Cannery Row.  We scored 24 minute parking and with our stealthy ninja skillz, we scored coffee and did a little Christmas shopping.  All with about 10 minutes to spare.  Yah, we’re cool like that.


Then off to the main event-picking out a Christmas tree.

Dear Monterey, I adore your 70 & sunny weather-I really do!  But it’s making it a little tough for me to get into the Christmas spirit when I feel like busting out my bikini and heading to the beach. 

Any guesses on how long it took me to find this beauty?  IG friends, keep yo trap shut.  Winking smile


And someone really needs to figure out what happened to me, I’m wearing jeans.  Like real people jeans.  Send help. 

Real or fake tree?

I love the smell of a fresh tree, plus I grew up with one so maybe that’s why too.

Folks with fresh trees, how long does it take you to pick out the perfect one?

Are you apart of the CYPC {clean your plate club, gosh Napoleon}?

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18 Comments on “How long does it take to pick out a Christmas tree?

  1. TOTALLY a part of clean your plate club but only because I’m a pig not because I feel like I have to.
    We are real tree peeps here……about 5 minutes is our average time. Gotta love Sunny and 70…………doesn’t get much better than that!!

  2. Real for me! One year it took so long to pick the boys (husband and son) left the girls (the daughter and I) in charge of picking a tree. We picked the fattest one we could find and then couldn’t get it through the front door.

  3. I’m a pretty big part of the clean plate club – it’s what happens when you are starving at dinner time!!!
    We quit getting real trees years ago because I like to have trees in every room and I like them around for over a month. I sort of miss the smell.

  4. My husband can tell when I’m starting to get hangry and he makes sure to find me some food quickly! Lol!

    We had a fake tree when I was growing up, so that’s what we’ve always done, too. If I had to pick out a real one, it would probably take me a million years. I’d be looking for one that was perfect in every way. My husband would probably give up, go back to the car and tell me to text him when I finally picked one.

  5. I’m not on IG (SAY WHAT!) so I’m going to guess it took you 6 minutes to pick out the tree.

    We’re usually away for Christmas so we go with a fake tree but I really do miss the smell of a real one. Do you think if I hung one of those pine car-fresh thingy’s on the tree it might help?

    • Oh my gosh you are so close- approximately 7.6 minutes! I’m not sure about the pine car thingy’s but if you can get your paws on a fresh wreath that would do the trick. I was so close to picking one up over the weekend-they smell so good.

  6. I love me a real tree. You just can’t beat the Christmas smell that it feels your house with (and a fir-inspired candle isn’t the same).

  7. Real tree all the way. That’s eh way I grew up and refuse to go to the fake. My MIL has a fake tree and busts that baby up the day after thanksgiving. I dunno. There is somehow about going to the tree place on the corner or going to he farms in picking out the perfect tree. Granted Eric hates that I shoot down each of his options 🙂 I promised him this year he gets to pick the tree. We shall see how long I can keep my mouth shut.

  8. Random question…What is the cologne you recently purchased for your husband? Looking for a Christmas gift. Thanks!

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