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Congrats Attempted Runner!!  Please send your full name & email address and be sure to  write “Pro Compression” in the subject line to skinnychickblog @ gmail dot com  I can’t wait for you to kick it in one of my favorite pieces of running gear!!


Y’all know about my love for Pro Compression.  I kind of live in their socks & sleeves.  Now that the weather has cooled down, I’ve been rocking my Marathon socks over the sleeves because I am cold approximately 99.68697% of my life.


Someone is a rebel and prefers to go against the grain.  He said whateva, whateva I do what I want in the Cartman voice.


These babies are extremely high quality and made in the USA babe!  I have a soft spot for promoting small, American businesses that create kick butt gear and Pro is definitely one of them.

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If you already have Pro Compression socks or would like to try them, here’s your chance.  One lucky winner will to win a pair of Pro Compression socks of their choice! 

To enter: Check out their site and tell me which design you would choose if you win.

You have until 8:00am PST tomorrow to enter.  One winner will be chosen at random and announced in tomorrow’s post.  One entry per person please.

This giveaway is open to the US & Canada only.

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188 Comments on “Pro Compression giveaway

  1. LOVE PROCompression! They’re the only socks I run in! I would love to get Marathon Lime so people could see me from outerspace…or so cars could see me. Either one. I really want their Holiday SOM too, but I couldn’t get myself to buy them, so I bought a pair for my friend instead.

  2. Oh how I do LOVE Pro Compression. So exciting because you can NEVER have enough right??? I have had my eye on the pink ones with the argyle on them. So preppy and cute. Love them!!

  3. pro compression socks are the best! The royal blue marathons have been on my wish list since their debut

  4. I love their socks – but I’m poor and desperately want the Christmas socks!

  5. Love these socks…that being said – I have almost all of them (just ordered the new holiday ones yesterday)…BUT I don’t have the chevron ones – so those are my pick 🙂

  6. I love their socks! I would pick a green pair so that I can wear them for my first Marathon- Shamrock Marathon in March.

  7. I haven’t tried these yet, as I’m just getting into distance running but love the variety in designs. I’d pick the marathon neon yellow and pink swirl 🙂

  8. Black marathons for me! Would love to check out pro compression…. Gets a bit chilly running here in Nova Scotia during the winter months! Your weather makes me jealous most days! 🙂

  9. I have a few pairs and love them! I have been eying the chevron ones ever since they came out. Those would be awesome.

  10. I have always wanted to try these! I love the marathon chevron. SUPER CUTE!

  11. I have one pair of the ProCompression socks that I wash over and over because I love them so much. I’d love another pair (hot pink baby!) to add to the rotation. 🙂

  12. I have a pair of sleeves and socks, both in black. I want to venture out and get the pink or purple ones!!

  13. I’d probably choose the pink argyle print. Gotta get out of the black and black and black!

  14. The holiday ones for sure! I didn’t even need to go over to their site, I already have them on my wish list, even though I don’t own a pair of pro compression, I’ve been wanting to try them out!

  15. I love the Pro Sleeves!!!!! My favorite design is chevron and the argyle!!! Or any of them I love the pink, green, purple!!!

  16. LOVE Pro Compression Marathon Socks. I’m totally addicted to them. I have been eying the Chevron ones or the special addition MJ ones so if I won I would have to decide between the two!!

  17. I love Pro Compression! I just got my first pair a few weeks ago. Now, I want the holiday pair!

  18. I would definitely get the Marathon Retro, I’ve been checking out the website every few weeks and putting them into a cart but can never click purchase. I would love these so much. They would definitely compliment my outfit for my next half marathon come spring time! 🙂

  19. I love ProCompression! They are the only compression socks I will wear! I’m always a traditionalist, going for the solid colors. But I would love to have a cute print like the neon swirl or the retro stripe, or even the holiday stripe.

  20. I practically live in ProCompression! I would love a pair of the holiday socks!

  21. Would love to have the new December Sock of the Month! Have a 15k coming up that would be great to wear them to! 🙂 Thanks again for the giveaways!

  22. I would be open to the neon and pink, but my heart of pink would choose the pink argyle marathon socks!

  23. I’d have to choose the Christmas ones – what better way to celebrate the holidays than with crazy, fun running gear?!

  24. I have never tried Pro compression before – but i’ve heard a lot about it! I’m running my first marathon this month and my legs have been run through the wringer, i’d love to try Pro compression’s Marathon Pink with black argyle – they look adorable..and not unlike my regular socks!

  25. Pro Compression socks saved my life when I was training for my last race. I have one pair, but it would be so nice to have a second as backup. I’d choose the purple ones 🙂

  26. I love the powder blue compression socks. Boston is getting cold, and all my routes are along the harbor, because that’s where I live, ha. I am digging the socks under my running tights to keep me warmer. Now if they had a thigh sleeve, lol.

  27. Oh fun! Ever since your review of these I have been wanting to try them… I’m a physical therapist and patients often ask about the effectiveness and I would love to know first hand! Like them all but the purple marathon at my favorite!

  28. I love Pro Compression socks! I don’t have any calf sleeves so that is what I would order, in pink!

  29. I love the neon collection! I would struggle to pick between the neon green and neon pink 🙂

  30. I love Pro Compression!!! I’ve been eyeing the marathon socks, pink with black argyle. So cute!

  31. I love the procompression socks! I only have one pair right now so I’m in desperate need of another. I think I’d pick the light blue ones.

  32. Happy Tuesday! I would pick the Black and Neon Pink Argyle because they are super cute and my vascular surgeon says I need to wear compression socks every time I run. I have really bad varicose veins and these babies would help make my legs a little more comfortable on my runs! Thanks for this opportunity!

  33. I just ordered the holiday socks last night, but if I won, I’d pick up a pair of their new pink or black argyle socks.

  34. I’ve heard great things about ProCompression and would love a chance to try them out! Marathon Orange is the kind I’d choose. Bright and cheery and good for this particular season of running.

  35. I LOVE the Neon Yellow and Pink Swirl socks – so cute! Great giveaway – Pro Compression has great products!

  36. Ahhh I have always wanted a pair of these pricey but awesome socks! I love the neon pink limited MJ edition with stars!

  37. I love love love Pro Compression!! I’d get the neon pink to match my outfit for my first half marathon next month!

  38. I LIVE in my compression socks up here in Alaska. I am very similar to you and cold all the time! I love the marathon neon yellow and green!

  39. I have never tried them but I love their design and colors so for me the winner would be the Marathon Limited edition neon pink with stars, I think those are really cute 🙂

  40. I’m obsessed with orange for all of my running gear – so I would choose the Marathon Orange!

  41. I LOVE Pro Compression!! I’m just gettin over a running injury so I would love to have the hot pink or neon green socks.

  42. I’ve been eying these socks for a few months! My fried told me about them and I know that they would help my on-and-off foot and shin issues but I haven’t been able to convince myself to spend the money. If I was choosing a design to wear during everyday training I’d pick the white marathon socks – but for fun I’m kinda digging the Retro design!

  43. Great giveaway! They are on my Christmas list!
    Marathon Chevron is my pick!

  44. I have been wanting to try these for so long! I like the marathon purple ones!

  45. Marathon Holiday socks would be my jam, I am loving them since they came out!

  46. A pair of pro compression socks have been on my wish list forever! I would definitely rock the marathon purple.

  47. I would love the marathon purple. Never had a pair of Pro Compression socks. Would love to try their product out.

  48. I really want the Christmas ones… not for any other reason other than 1. they’re Christmas and that in itself rocks and 2. They are the colors of green olives. Duh.

  49. I would choose any or the argyle socks. I’ve been wanting to try them….love the yellow with pink swirls too!

  50. I would either get the marathon pink or marathon black. The low cut ones are cute too!

  51. The holiday ones-I am sad I didn’t get the chevron ones from last year! I love my procompressions!!!

  52. I love the marathon socks, especially in the purple as it’s my fav colour! However, as the holidays are coming up and fun runs/fun bikes are coming up, I am also digging the marathon holiday socks too!

  53. LOVING the new holiday marathon socks but I have also had my eye on the hot pink marathon socks as well 😉

  54. The neon pink calf sleeves have been on my wish list for a while now!! I also love the pink argyle sock!!

  55. I do not have a pair yet and have been wanting these socks! I love the Neon yellow with pink swirls or the pink marathon. Eventually I have to get a pair of holiday socks!

  56. I’d like to get a pair of the holiday marathon socks. Love Pro Compression…and any dog that speaks Cartman lingo 😉

  57. I have been eyeballing the marathon retro sock right now. I have a thing for retro items, no matter the year 🙂 though I totally want the marathon Christmas one 🙂 got to celebrate the season!! I practically live in my shamrock marathon socks. Will be sporting those babies for CIM this weekend!

  58. I have just about every pair of socks they have that a guy could get away with (and I love them all), but I guess I would go for either chevron or one of the yellows. I would also like to try out their new arm sleeves!

  59. Considering I run in the early mornings when it’s dark out, I’d probably go for the neon yellow calf sleeves. Always trying to stay safe!

  60. I’d try the marathon purple, these would be my first pair of compression socks 🙂

  61. I have only heard good things about these socks and have been wanting to get a pair! I would choose the Black with Neon Pink Argyle!

  62. Definitely the black/pink marathon argyle! They would be perfectly cute to wear during a race or under dress pants at work the day after a marathon!

  63. I would pick the marathon sock neon yellow with pink swirl. Love that they have made compression socks look cute!

  64. I am a huge fan of ProCompression socks! I have been dying to get the purple ones, but since it’s the holiday season I like the new Christmas ones too 🙂

  65. I have been wanting to try these. I wear black in everything, so black for me!

  66. I have the black pair, but love the Marathon Retro, would love to try those 🙂

  67. Pro compression has the coolest designs. I didn’t know which ones I like best!! But the marathon neon yellow and pink swirl just shouted out to me!!

  68. I recently got the plain grey socks (I know, I’m boring). They might be a little too tight across the toes for my liking. If I grab another from ProCompression it would be the Holiday sleeves. That would right two wrongs at once, nothing across my toes and definitely not boring.

  69. Hello my name is Tiffany and I am a Pro Compression addict! I love all their socks! I would get the neon pink because one of mine went missing!

  70. I have been drooling over the pink argyle and the neon yellow and pink swirl. They are both amazing and I think I would have to flip a coin to choose.

  71. I have been wanting a pair of Marathon socks for sooo long! I have the Trainer Lows and like them a lot. I would pick neon orange. And that pic of Bam is awesome. he is so cute.

  72. I have always wanted to try these! I think the marathon pink argyle pink are SUPER CUTE and VERY SASSY! I would love to find a cute running outfit to match. (Is it silly to match the outfit to the socks rather than vice versa??) 🙂

  73. I love pro compression! I love the calve sleeves the best. I would love the pink. I’m feeling a little girlie 🙂

  74. I’ve been wanting to try these, but still haven’t! Super excited about this one 🙂 It’s a toss up between the holiday marathon sock and the black with pink argyle.

  75. Love ProCompression! I would get the neon pink with stars because who wouldn’t be fast in those??

  76. I would choose the white marathon socks. I’ve never worn compression socks before, and would love to give them a try!

  77. I love ProCompression! They are the best to run and recover in. I would pick the marathon chevron for sure!

  78. I have been looking at Procompression socks for many months now and hope to get some one of these days. I would get either the black marathon socks or the retro. So many fun ones to choose from!

  79. I really want the new Christmas ones – I think I should get 4 pairs and we could wear them for our family Christmas picture (with clothes of course!!) – I’m sure my boys would be in (NOT!!).

  80. I just got my first pair of compression socks last month! I LOVE them! I would love to have the Marathon Neon Yellow and Pink Swirl. I love the bright colors.

  81. I always have tight calves and really want to see if compression socks can help me! I would get the retro socks!

  82. I would choose the Argyle pink ones! I would be curious to try these as I train for my first post baby half in March!

  83. I currently have another brand’s compression sleeves but have had my eye on the Pro Compression socks. I’d have to go for either the yellow with pink swirls or one of the argyles. The brighter the better, baby!

  84. I really, really want a pair of their chevron socks. Or the old school ones. I have one pair and I have been trying really hard to stay off of the site because I want to buy them all!

  85. I would love to sport the holiday socks!!! Spreading holiday cheer one run at a time!

  86. I would cross my fingers and hoped I died for the Holiday ones. Or the yellow with the pink swirls.

  87. Love these socks. I have a lot of them (I wear them for fitness-y things and at work), but have really been eying the baby blue ones.

  88. I love to wear my compression socks under my dress pants to work… They’re the pink ones too so it makes me giggle that I have this secret underneath my professionalism.

    I’m dying to get the new Christmas themed ones!

  89. I love the Christmas ones! But I’d probably get the retro ones so I don’t feel silly running in them in July!

  90. Marathon Black and Neon Pink Argyle! I love my Pro Compression socks for mountain runs! Best socks out there!

  91. Would love to try a pair of the Endurance Low trainers- sometimes its just too warm out for the tall socks. Dig that purple color…

  92. Pro does make some rockin’ socks, but I’m eyein’ marathon retro … Or holiday… Christmas of course!

  93. Love Pro Compression! Would love the black argyle!! Please let me be the winner

  94. The Marathon Limited Edition “MJ” Neon Pink with Stars is super cool! They look like a super hero would wear them!!!

  95. I’m a new runner and would love to try ProCompression socks. Classic black would be cool for starters.

  96. Pro compression socks are my favorites for every length of running and recovery! I would love the Black with Neon Pink Argyle pair

  97. I love their socks! Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I would love a pair for my ugly sweater party (and of course to run in)!

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