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I am seriously stoked about giving away a pair of my absolute favorite running shoes, the Mizuno Wave Rider 17!!


The kind folks at Mizuno hooked me up with a couple pairs that I am dying to take for a spin.  I just got them in last night, so I haven’t had a chance to try them out.  I did try them on and will say if you are a fan of the 15’s, I think you will love the 17’s.  They are a bit lighter to give you go go gadget legs & come with promises of PR’s and injury free running.  Okay I may have gone a little overboard there.  Maybe. 

Back in the day when I first took up running, I got fitted for the Mizuno Wave Rider at a local running store.  I’ve been rocking them since the old skool 13’s came out.  I still use those kicks to do mud short runs in now.


Wash, dry, run in the mud, drink coffee, repeat.


Here’s a closer look of the new kicks.



Here’s your chance to will a pair before you can buy them!!  Dudes can check out the new WR 17 here.

To enter: Tell me why you would like to score them.

You have until 8:00am PST tomorrow to enter.  One winner will be chosen at random and announced in tomorrow’s post.  One entry per person please.

This giveaway is open to the US & Canada only.

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291 Comments on “Mizuno Wave Rider 17 giveaway

  1. Mizuno is my favorite brand hands down! I love the Wave Rider 16s! I cannot wait to get the 17s!!

  2. I’m in a shoe rut, I like the ones I have but the sizing isn’t exactly optimal as my one toe rubs causing issues, I don’t want to spend a lot of money to try quite a few different types before I find the next shoe for me!

  3. I have recurring plantar fasciitis, and recently tried my first pair of Mizunos. I love them! They work with my orthotics and hold my heel securely in place. Love them!

  4. I’ve been on the search for a new pair of running shoes and just can’t seem to find the perfect fit. Based on what you mentioned, these seem like a great pair to test out!

  5. I too love Mizunos like nobody’s business and they were my first ever pair of real grown up fitted runners. I started out with the Wave Precision but now that they’ve been phased out, I’m finding the new slightly skinnier fit of the Sayonaras harder to fit.

    Luckily, I’ve stock piled some Wave Precisions and I’m rocking those every time I run!

  6. WOW these giveaways are getting better and better. you rock!!!!! I presently wear Mizuno Wave Riders and am running the Houston Marathon in January. WOULD LOVE a new pair for the race 🙂 Pretty please!!!!!

  7. My first pair was the Mizuno Wave Riders 15 and I love them. They have too many miles on them now and I was just looking at the 16s. I would be so grateful for a pair of the 17s. They are really cute!

  8. Ahhh how I would love these! I currently run in my 100 year old Asics and a newer pair of Nike’s I bought for the trail (not the best ‘running’ shoe). I have researched and heard so many good things about Mizuno- my plan was to hopefully save up and get a pair after the holidays. I started running in July of this year, and am totally hooked! Would love a new pair of shoes to rock a couple half marathons next year!!

  9. I am currently rocking my first pair of Mizuno’s and to say I am addicted would be an understatement. They helped me to PR in my half-marathon last month and I am hoping these 17s will help me reach my goal of completing my first marathon in 2014 =).

  10. Had had to take a mini break from running because of my bum knee but boy these would make my transition back way easier!!

  11. I’ve never tried Mizuno Wave Riders. Would love to try them and see how they work for me.

  12. I bought my first pair of Mizunos earlier this year after they were recommended to me with rave reviews by multiple runners. They carried me through a fantastic season – a few PR’s and some of the best long runs I’ve had in training for my marathon this year. I have some winter races and an early spring marathon in my sights and it’s time for a new pair of Mizunos to kick some asphalt with, which is why I’d LOVE to score these!

  13. I am a Mizuno WR devotee and would LOOOOOOOOVE to score these as I am going to need a new pair after my first half on Sunday 🙂

  14. I’m about to start training for a half relay in Dallas and am in desperate need for a new pair of running sneaks. I’ve never tried Mizuno, but keep reading great things and would love to try them out.

  15. I love the new black ones! I have been a huge fan of mizunos for years now and excited for the new 17s!

  16. I would like to score these bad boys as my runners are completely worn out, sole wise, I can feel pebbles on the ground with my big toes!

  17. Would love to score these because my old Mizunos have been through a war! Needing a new pair after my half marathon training. Love the new kicks.

  18. I love Mizunos! Once I was fitted for Mizunos, they’ve been my favorite running shoe! And have had zero knee pain since I’ve had them so I know they’re the ones for me! I’ve worn them out and time for a new pair for my 15k in February so that’s why I would love to win these!

  19. I started running last winter and have been waiting for my first pair of shoes to die so that I can justify(to myself mainly)buying some Mizunos! I would love love love to win a pair!!

  20. I LOVE my Mizunos! I have been running for several years and that is all I wear!

  21. LOVE the WR my favorite shoes EVER! I’m doing a challenge of running at least one half a month and I am going through shoes like nothing else and I would love love love to add the 17’s to my collection 🙂

  22. I would be over the moon to score these! I am in the need of new running shoes to replace my Brooks and have been checking these out for a while just waiting until they are released. Pick me, pick me 🙂

  23. Oh My Gosh!! I would soooo love to have a pair of these!! I’m a big fan of Asics, but have been dying to try Mizunos!

  24. i’ve not tried running in mizunos before, but am always eager to (a) mix up the shoe rotation and (b) test some shoes for review on my blog!

  25. I would love to try the Mizunos! I hear only great things about their running shoes.

  26. I would love to score a pair of these, as I have maxed out the number of miles on my last pair and need a new pair desperately (especially considering that I hurt my knee a bit while running in this old pair of shoes…must…keep…running…there are lots of holiday cookies to work off!)

    Thank you!

  27. These just keep getting better and better girl! I would love to win these! I am just coming back from a femoral stress fracture and am starting running again! I would love to have these for my training!

  28. Mizuno’s are my favorite shoes I have ever owned. I love the Wave Rider 16s and I cannot wait to get the 17s!! Thank you!!!

  29. My current shoes have a lot of miles on them! I am in the market for a new pair! I love the teal on the black ones!

  30. My 16s mileage is getting up there….. Would love to try out the 17s! That would make an awesome early Christmas gift!

  31. Hey! Thanks so much for hosting these giveaways!
    I would love new running shoes because I have had mine for 3 years and its time to switch it up!

  32. I would love to win these because of all the great reviews I have read & all the hype they get from my favorite blogs =)

  33. I’d like them because, uhh, free running shoes, heck yeah!

  34. I purchased my first pair of Mizuno’s this year (Wave Sayonarra) and fell in LOVE!!! My husband bought me the Wave Phrophecy 3’s and they didn’t disappoint either. I will NEVER wear another running shoe other than Mizuno. I would love to try these and they are super cute too!

  35. I’m in the midst of a two-year journey to find my perfect shoe. I’ve tried Nike, Saucony, and now Asics (and not in love with any of them), and I have my eyes set on Mizuno next. I’ve heard such great things!

  36. I have rocked the 15s and 16s since I started running a year ago. Not the biggest fan of the 16s, so I’d love to try the 17s since they seem to be closer to the 15s that I LOVED! Plus, new shoes just in time for marathon training would be awesome!

  37. I am obsessed with running shoes! I have been wearing brooks ánd lately experiencing some problems. I have been debating trying mizuno after hearing such great things.

  38. My 16’s are getting up there in mileage so need the 17s waiting in the wings…..

  39. Mizuno’s were my first loves <3 I've tried many a shoe after, and I'm dying to go back to the Wave's!!

  40. I’m a momma to 4 babies and it’s Christmas is here. I have no money left for me! Marathon training starts next month!!

  41. I’ve always wanted to try the Wave Riders! My current shoes are nice and working for me except some small blister problems, new kicks would be great!

  42. OMG OMG OMG ME ME ME !!!! I could SO totally use them for my Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon in June 😀 .

  43. I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods on black friday to see if I could score a pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire’s on sale and noticed that they had the new wave rider 17’s out so obviously I had to try them on…. and OH MY! Just having them on my feet felt glorious and I can only imagine how they feel when you’re running in them!

  44. I would totally love to score a pair of Mizunos. I am definitely due for a new pair of runners. I have never tried Mizunos but have only heard great things! 🙂

  45. I would love these! I love the black and teal colors. I’m running my first full marathon this weekend, I would love to treat myself to nice new pair of kicks once the race is over.

  46. I would love to try out sine new tubing shoes Wi-Fi woohoo. Those black and teal are totally my jam!

  47. I love my Mizuno Wave Rider 16s but I’m ready to retire them after completing my first marathon at the end of September. I trained in them and they are ready to go to running shoe heaven! I would love to replace them with the 17s. I have no doubt the 17s are going to be just as awesome to me as the 16s!

  48. I love Mizuno. I currently have the wave inspire’s but my recently PT said that I don’t need a stabilizing shoe. I have been hoping to try out the wave rider’s with a more neutral ride!

  49. I would love to try the Mizunos! I have been running in Saucony for YEARS and am scared to try a new brand.

  50. I need a new pair of running shoes and after all that you’ve said about Mizuno, I’d love to test these out!

  51. I’ve never tried Mizuno Wave Riders. Would love to try them and see how they work for me.

  52. The 16’s were my first “real” running shoes! I’m a big Mizuno fan, and I am looking for new shoes…

  53. I hope to win them so I can motivate myself to run the Pittsburgh half marathon in the spring.

  54. I would like them because it will give
    me great motivation to go out and RUN MORE!!
    I must say I am not an avid runner like you, but but I definitely would like to be!

  55. My feet need new running shoes! And these are so pretty! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  56. I have been rocking the Wave Riders since 2009– looking forward to the 17s!

  57. I would love to try a pair of Mizuno’s because even though I love running, I have never owned a pair of actual great running shoes! After joining the 30 mile challenge in November and completing it, I am even more motivated to kick up my running distance!

  58. I’ve been running in the same line of Asics for years and would love to change it up. Between you and SkinnyRunner, I’m always being told how awesomesauce Mizunos are!!

  59. Coming back from an injury and a new pair of shoes would be great for my comeback.

  60. I would love to win a pair of mizunos because I need a good pair of running shoes.

  61. I absolutely LOVE Mizuno Wave Riders! I started with Mizuno Wave Rider 9’s and haven’t worn anything since!! I would love a pair of Wave Rider 17’s!

  62. I am mentally preparing myself to sign up for my first half marathon, and these new Mizuno kicks would certainly motivate me 🙂

  63. I have only been fitted once, but it was between the Brooks and the Mizunos. I got the Brooks but I already need a new pair, and wanted to get the Mizunos next!

  64. I’d love to win the Mizunos because I am training for my first half in feb. Having proper good running shoes will only help in a lot of ways.

  65. This would be the most perfect way to begin my training for my first marathon!! New shoes brings a whole new level of motivation!

  66. I was fitted for the Wave Riders 3 years ago and running has been great ever since! I would LOVE the black ones, but I would wear any color. I need to add a new pair to my collection.

  67. Love you give away! Who doesn’t love a new pair or running shoes?! I should know I could put them to great use.

  68. I never dreamed I’d be a runner, but here I am and have just completed my first half. I’d love to win a new pair of running shoes, as it’s time to retire my old ones. This new pair would be a great blessing for me and get me through my training and next half marathon.

  69. I have wanted to try Mizunos for a long time. It is tough to justify paying for a brand change when you don’t know for sure they will be a good fit for you. I would love to win a pair though! Much love to you J! Merry Christmas to you, Mike and the Bam!

  70. I know so many people who love the wave riders and am just afraid to try a new shoe, although I’m not completely in love with the ones I currently have. I think Mizuno is an amazing company.

  71. I would love to score these, as my running budget is very tight and doesn’t allow me to try out different brands of shoes. I keep going back to my Brooks, since I know they are okay. However, how will I ever know if there is a different brand that could rock my running world if I don’t win this giveaway?!? 🙂

  72. I would love these!!!!! Since I just had my third child 3 months ago….running is the only thing that keeps my sanity!

  73. i have never tried them before. I’d love to see what all the fuzz was about.

  74. Ever since I started running I have heard the name Mizuno. I had a chance to try some on at a running store a few months ago and have been saving up money ever since. I would love to win these shoes so that I can spend my saved money on a pair of pro compression socks.

  75. I want these bad! I’ll be running again after this baby is born in 2 weeks! Mizunos would be perfect to start re-training in!

  76. I just started reading your blog and love it!
    I’ve been looking to try a new brand, I’ve been loyal to my Asics Nimbus’s for forever, but the new ones are tearing my feet up. This would be a perfect way to try a new brand!

  77. I’ve been itching to try mizunos for a while now. I’ve tried a couple of different brands but am looking to try some Mizunos!

  78. OMG! I didn’t realize these were out! I am so in love with my 16s, I’m in my second pair of the 16s right now so I’m really curious to see what the 17s are like!!!

  79. I would love to win a new pair of shoes because my shoes are just about finished with me as I’ve put on quite a few miles on them. Considering its the holiday season, I would love to use my money towards an awesome gift for my nephew rather than some new shoes for myself.

  80. Oh I’ve been wanting to try these for some time now! I am a neutral/cushioned runner and always go with the same Nike model every year but I’ve been having some lower leg/knee issues lately and think it’s time to shop around. My sister actually runs in the Wave Rider and loves it so I’d love to test them out! Thanks for hosting all these great giveaways. You are too sweet 🙂

  81. I’m a Mizuno girl through and through. Started with the Enigma Wave 2’s in May when I took up running and after 500km they are still working for me as a back up shoe. I’m in the latest Sayonara’s and if they were a boy I would ask them on a date that’s how much I LURVE them. Happy Wednesday 🙂

  82. Wow! Love the new colours!! I would love a pair of the 17’s because I am currently running myself right through the 15″s and will be in need of some new ones soon!!! Great giveaways girl!!

  83. Mizuno Wave Riders are my new love… I love the feel and (more importantly) the cute colors!

  84. I have heard great things about Mizuno shoes and would love to be able to try them out on the running paths.

  85. I am recovering from an injury and have been unable to run until recently. New shoes would be the perfect inspiration!!!!

  86. My marathon ravaged brooks shoes and my black toenail are in serious need of an upgrade!

  87. Everybody’s talking about the Waverider 17s! I’d like to try them because I love cushioning, but could stand to lose a little weight… in my shoes.

  88. I’d love to try these out! Having been less than impressed about the recent releases of the Kinvara, I’m desperately searching for a replacement

  89. I have always wanted to try the Mizunos, but they are a bit too pricey for me. Winning a pair would be awesome! I like having a minimalist feel to my running shoe- no clod hoppers for me.

  90. I usually run in Asics but have heard so many good things about Mizunos and I have been itching to get a pair and try them!!

  91. I would like to score these Mizunos as I have only EVER run in Brooks! I really want to try a new pair and brand!!! 🙂

  92. I need these because my old ’15’s’ are beat down and on the verge of collapse. Help out a fellow runner (plus I just LOVE your blog and I’ve owned 2 jack russell terriers who have since passed on)

  93. These shoes would give me the motivation to run a faster half marathon! I love the look of these and have heard nothing but good things about MIzunos!

  94. I love Waveriders and have been running in them since I started running. I love my 16s but they are almost ready for retirement!

  95. I’m maxing out the mileage on my shoes, so the timing for a new pair is perfect! And my husband LOVED his Mizunos when he was running…I’d love to try a pair!

  96. I WOULD loooooove them! My current shoes have about 100 miles too many on them and are giving me major shin problems. And they are pretttty!

  97. My first pair of real running shoes were Wave Riders and they treated me very well. I would love another pair.

  98. I would love to try them, have heard so many great reviews from my favorite bloggers!

  99. I LOVE Mizunos… they are my new favorite running shoes. I have tendinitis in both hip flexors and have been mostly pain free since switching to Mizunos!

  100. I love Mizunos! I alternate between 2 pair right now and the pair I had on this morning are definitely on their last leg. This would be perfect timing!

  101. I wouldn’t say “I would like to score a pair of these” because that would be an outright lie! I would LOVE a pair of the Wave Riders! I’m really loyal to Mizuno, only because they have been great to me. I’ve strayed one time and learned my lesson, the brand for which I will not mention only lasted about 200 miles before they began to tear out on the side. I’ve been in the Wave Creation for sometime now and have heard the Rider is an excellent training shoe and light enough for distances from a 5K to Marathon.

  102. Yeeees! I’ve been dying to try Mizunos! I always run in Brooks or Newtons, and can’t justify buying new shoes until my old ones poop out

  103. I have been a S****** girl forever, but decided to try Mizuno to work on a mid-foot strike. I have taken about 30 seconds off my pace and added miles to my runs. I will gladly pay for my next pair, but HELLOOOOOO!! Winning a pair would pretty much be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me in my sorry little life.

  104. I am always up to try new running shoes, especially Mizunos. I have lived my life in volleyball shoes since I was a young girl and I have always chosen Mizunos. Now, since I am in my early 20s and I have started running to stay fit and challenge myself, I would love to try your favorite, most recommended Mizuno Wave Rider 17s

  105. Omg!! Because wave riders rock my socks!! My 2nd pair if 16’s are getting close to retirement age!!

  106. Love Mizunos! I have the Wave Rider 16s and they are awesome, would love to test out the 17s.

  107. I trained all my short runs in my Mizuno waveriders and teared up when I had to stop wearing them. the store I went to didn’t have any in stock so I’m without Mizuno right now. would love to fix that problem 😉

  108. I would love to try the 17s, the Brooks shoes I am wearing now just aren’t doing it for me!

  109. I’ve been wanting to try Mizuno soooooo bad. And I’ve reached 400 miles on my Asics. Perfect timing 🙂

  110. I’d love to win a pair cuz I want to be cool like you, plus I’m having issues with my current running shoes. They don’t like my little fat feet!

  111. All of the running bloggies I follow are dying over the new Wave Rider 17s!! I do not own a pair of Mizunos but I would love to try these!

  112. I would love to win to add another pair of mizunos to the ones I have already!

  113. I need new running shoes. I used to wear Mizunos and loved them! Time to try them out again.

  114. I don’t have any Mizunos (Brooks) but would love to try them!
    Pick me! Pick me!

  115. I currently run with a pair of wave riders 15 and they are so sweet but I’d love to have another pair so I can alternate days/work outs and get the most out of them.

  116. I have the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 and I’ve been wanting to start training in a more neutral shoe for 2014.

  117. I love Mizuno’s it’s about time for me to get new rubbing shoes! Would live to win these:)

  118. I think those Mizuno Wave Riders just look amaze! I could surely rock those out on a run. I have bought Mizuno for my daughter who plays volleyball, but have never ran in them. I would love the opportunity to try them out!

  119. I love me some wave riders. I have the 16’s now, but I am pretty excited about those dark gray 17’s!

  120. I’ve heard so many good things about this shoe this week!! I’ve been wearing the same shoe for a while now, but I’m interested in trying something new!

  121. I would love to try mizunos!! They sound like the perfect fit for me, comfy, and stable, thanks for the chance to win some:)

  122. I would love to win so I can try out Mizuno sneakers. I have been a Brooks supporter to date but always hear great things!

  123. I have just started running again. I used to swear by another running shoe, but heard how wonderful Mizunos were. I’d love to get my new pair, which I am in need of, and have them be mizunos.

  124. I am a HUGE mizuno fan and am lusting after the black pair! I am hoping to run my first marathon in them, in 2014 🙂

  125. I love Mizuno running shoes. I went from being a die hard, only-Asics-wearing-runner, to a Mizuno lover. I switched when the wave rider 14’s came out, and I have three pairs of the 16’s! I’d love to try the 17’s out to see how they’ve updated my favorite running shoe!

  126. I’d like to win them because my feet are two different sizes and buying running shoes is super expensive! Winning a pair cuts the price in half!

  127. I’d love to win the mizuno’s! I have a pair now that are ready to be replaced. I started running a year ago & already completed my first 1/2 marathon! Woo!

    Size 9 in the black color!

  128. Love my 15s. Just tried on the dark grey 17s the other day… Felt great. Gotta have ’em

  129. I’m in desperate need of some new running shoes and I tried on Mizunos recently at a running store and loved how they felt. Would love to win these!

  130. I would love to win and finally try a pair of Mizunos! I have been wanting to try a pair for a long time but came steer away from my Asics! This would be perfect!

  131. I would love to win them so I can train in them for my upcoming marathon in February!!

  132. I’d love to win these because it would make me feel less unfaithful to New Balance, where I work haha I run in the wave riders, did my first marathon in them, so Mizuno has a special place in my heart 🙂
    So please, help me cheat on NB guiltlessly!

  133. I absolutely love Mizunos and I’ve gone through through two pairs of the inspires until they just had too many miles on them! I’d love to try a different style.

  134. Ah! I’ve been dying to get a new pair of mizunos, they are on my christmas list!!

  135. Like you, I’ve had a love affair with Mizuno and the wave riders for years now :)! I haven’t been able to run for almost two weeks now having just undergone a right breast mastectomy for Stage 2 breast cancer. I plan to get back out there as soon as the docs give me the OK and having a shiny new pair of WR would help motivate me to run through treatment and recovery!

  136. Mizunos are my favorite and I could really use a new pair! This giveaway is awesome!

  137. I would love a chance to own a pair of Mizuno running shoes. I’m trying to get back into shape and have decided to take up running. I currently own a pair of asics, but my feet still hurt after my work outs. These would really help to support my arches and give me a new pep in my running step! 🙂

  138. I was born & raised on Nikes, so i’m really itching to think outside the box & try something new!!

  139. Woooooooohooooo yessssss. Must try. I’d love to try the WR!!! I’ve only run in WP2&3. I’d love to try the shoe that all the cool Cali crew is sportin.

  140. I would LOOOOOVVVEEE to win a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders because I have been running in Asics Nimbus for years and would like to try something a bit lighter 🙂

  141. I want to learn to run so bad. I even run in my dreams. Lol. I have one old pair of Costco shoes that kill me even when I walk.I would love to try a pair of these!! Maybe having a nice”real” pair of shoes will help me get started. I’m sure they’re not just highly functional running shoes, but they are super cute to boot! I’d be starting out and styling!! Pick me, pick me!!

  142. I want to win these because I only wear Wave Riders and I LOOOOOOVE them!! Can’t wait to try these out, whether I win or not!! 🙂

  143. My sister thinks I have a problem with running shoes, but none of them are mizunos! I would love to try out a new brand!

  144. It seems like everyone who has them is very passionate in their love for them. I’d really like to see inspires such devotion.

  145. I just started running this year, and even though I’m pretty happy with my Brooks, I’ve been obsessed with Mizunos ever since I first saw them. I’ve always wanted to try a pair of Wave Rider 16’s, but a pair if 17’s would be epic! Seriously. I would absolutely love to win a pair of these! Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  146. I WOULD DIE TO WIN THESE! I am in the wave rider 15’s currently, too many miles on those! In dire need of some newly beloved mizunos!

  147. I’m a newcomer to the running world and obviously I’m a newcomer to the world of Mizuno. Please!!!!!

  148. I’ve never been truly happy with my current pair of running shoes and would like to try a different brand to see if it would make a difference. Thanks for the opportunity to do that!

  149. I have heard great things about these and would love to get them as my current nikes are falling apart!! 🙂

  150. What a great contest! I just did my 2nd walk/run since having ACL surgery! Winning a new pair of shoes would be a fun way to celebrate my return to running:)

  151. I got my first pair of mizunos this summer and trained for my first marathon in them. Easily the best running shoe I’ve ever bought! I’d love a new pair to train for my next race in! 🙂 pretty please!

  152. I bought my 1st pair of “real” running shoes earlier this year and chose Mizuno. I’ve been very happy with them. Not to mention all the cute color choices. I’m about ready for a new pair! What a great giveaway.

  153. Looks like such a great shoe! Would love them to help motivate me through my half marathon training!

  154. I have never owned a pair of mizunos. I have always been a Brooks girl. I have 4-5 half marathons coming up next year and possibly my very first marathon & sprint tri. I started all of this running after my son’s godfather was severely injured in Afghanistan. I run for him knowing that he may never be able to run again.

  155. I would love to win the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 because i am currently running in Brooks Pureflows and i think they might be giving me some IT Band issues. They have a super low heel drop. I used to run in Wave Riders and would love to switch back. I have my 3rd half marathon coming up in February and i would love a new pair of shoes to keep me injury free!

  156. I would love to score these because I have been in need of a new pair of running shoes for awhile and love the mizuno!

  157. Believe it or not… I seriously only own one pair of running shoes! I would love to be able to try another pair. I have always heard great things about Mizunos!

  158. I’d like to win them because I’ve been needing a new pair of running shoes and always wanted to try mizuno’s.

  159. I would love to win these pretty shoes! I need new running shoes pretty bad. 🙂

  160. Wow, great giveaway! I love my Wave Rider 16. I really want Wave Rider 17 because I think it will get me to BQ in March.

  161. I think I need to switch from the inspires to the wave riders because I am overcorrecting. I would love to try these!

  162. I love my Mizuno 16’s they are the only shoes that really work for my feet. I am dieing to try the 17’s but they are not in my budget right now.

  163. This girl is going to need a awesome new pair of kicks for post-baby running because I am ready to get my run back on after this kiddo comes!!!

  164. I’d love to try mizuno wave riders, because they look awesome and I love shoes with a passion! Plus I’ve been looking for a good long distance shoe and I haven’t found my perfect match yet.

  165. I have been looking for a new pair of running shoes and would love to try a pair of Mizunos!

  166. I love Mizuno Wave Riders. They have been my go to shoe since I started running after having my oldest daughter. I’ve tried others and keep going back to the Wave Rider. I’m excited to try the 17s.

  167. I just had my meniscus repaired and am so looking forward to getting back into running. These would be perfect!

  168. I would LOVE to score these new Mizunos because my pair have reached their maximum mileage. I put over 200 miles on them just this summer and ran my first half marathon last month! I am hooked on Mizunos and need a new pair 🙂

  169. I have LOVEd my WR15 and 17 and my wave sayonaras!! But I’m in need of a new pair as training season is right around the corner! Pretty please with sugar on top!

  170. I LOVE Mizunos!!! I currently have the elixirs but would love to try the riders!!!!

  171. I would loooovvveee a pair of Mizunos. Never tried these, my regular shoes are Brooks or Saucony. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  172. I’m just really getting into longer distances with my running and have recently spent some serious money (garmin, apparel, fuel, etc) to support that habit. I’d like to add an alternate pair of running shoes to my collection (without breaking the bank) and I hear a lot of people rave about mizunos!

  173. I want to be light as air while training for my post baby half!

  174. I love the wave riders! I did my first half marathon in them years ago, and ran my second this past May in the 15s..I would love to do my third half in the 17s!

  175. I’ve worn ASICS for a while, but I’ve been getting Mizuno as a recommendation lately for my stride… so I would love to score a pair!

  176. I am hoping to break 2 hours in my half marathon in 2014 and love the mizuno wave rider 17 to help!

  177. I need some new running shoes! What a great way to try a new pair, free 😉

  178. I LOVE Mizunos! I bought my first pair in January. Woukd love to try the riders.

  179. I ran in the Precisions until I couldn’t get anymore and now I would love to transition into the Rider. Plus they look so cool.

  180. I would like to win these because my current shoes are old! I’ve always wanted to try Mizunos.

  181. I’m still shopping around for the perfect shoes and have been wanting to try Mizuno!

  182. I am in need of a new pair for after baby gets here in a month! Mama has to get back into racing!!

  183. I started training for my 1st 1/2 marathon in July and I absolutely love my Mizuno Wave 16’s. I’m so excited to try out the Wave 17!! For my Winter Training!

  184. I would love to win the Wave Rider 17s because I’m on my third pair of 16s and I love them! I just finished my first full marathon in them and I will never run in anything else!

  185. I would love to have some new kicks for my first marathon! Running it in March!

  186. I’m wearing the Wave Rider now and my local running store told me a few months ago about the 17. They told me that I’m going to LOVE the new design. Well that was a while ago and I have been patiently waiting! MUST. HAVE. THEM. NOW!!

  187. I am on my second pair of Wave Riders and will be needing another pair before too long-I would love to try out the new 17’s!!

  188. I’ve wanted to try out mizuno for awhile and I need new running shoes so this would be perfect!!!!

  189. I have been a follower of your blog for quite some time now. I think I love Mizuno as much as you do!!!! I have loved the 15s and 16s, really needing to try out the 17s 😀

  190. I’m always looking for new shoes to try as I have lots of ‘foot issues’!

  191. I love me some mizunos and and so excited to try out the new shoe!! They are my go to for distance runs.

  192. I’ve always wanted to try Mizuno brand shoes. Everybody raves about how awesome the Wave Rider 16s are and I would love to test them.

  193. I love Mizuno and my 16’s have way too many miles on them. I’d love to try the 17’s out!!

  194. I have been running in Wave Riders for years and I really want the 17s!

  195. I’ve been running in Mizuno’s for a while now and absolutely can’t stray away from them. Would love to get my hands on the 17’s!

  196. It’s been forever since I’ve gotten a new pair of running shoes! And I’ve never tried Mizuno before 🙂

  197. Current wearer of the 15s….and long overdue to replace. Would love to try the beautiful 17s!

  198. Ahhh Mizunos what can I say ?!?! About a hundred great things! I got my first pair this last august & it was love at first run ! I’m running my very first half marathon in January and I would LOVE to win a new pair to run in !!!!! Wish me luck !!!

  199. Oh gosh! Waveriders are on my Christmas list this year. Being a poor college student, I can’t lay down the dough for good running shoes. And my hips are hurting! New shoes would be a Christmas miracle.

  200. I love the Wave a Rider 16s and have been dying to try the 17s!!! Sooo excited, and a free pair wouldn’t hurt the wallet either 😉

  201. I have actually never tried a pair of Mizuno’s (gasp!) but love the look of these and the more minimal approach.

  202. I’ve heard such great things about Mizuno Wave Riders and would love to try them out. I’m also due for a new pair of sneakers, so the perfect timing is just another added bonus!

  203. I got my first pair of Mizuno’s (Wave Inspire 9s) this summer and have had the best runs. I love them so much, they are so light and breathable!

  204. i am looking for a quality pair of run kicks. i have not tried mizuno yet but have been hearing so many good things about them. 🙂

  205. I usually wear Brooks running shoes but would love to try Mizunos – everyone seems to love them!

  206. I’m dying to wear these shoes! I’ve been running in mizuno wave riders since the 12s and they’re the only shoe I’ll ever wear. I just bought a pair of 16s since I desperately needed a new pair but I would love the lighter weight 17s for racing!!!

  207. I’m just starting to run. Having joined Team in Training with the Lukemia & Lymphoma Society last month I’m training hard for the Nike 1/2 Marathon in D.C. and need good running shoes. Shin splints are a killer.

  208. I have been wearing Wave Rider 16s for a year and a half. They are the only shoes that have kept me injury free and I’m on my 5th pair. I’m dying to try the 17s!!

  209. I would love to try the 17’s , have had good luck with all of the past Wave Riders!

  210. I have a pair of Mizuno’s already, but need a new pair. Love the colors.

  211. I am on my third pair of wave rider 16s and I love them! I ran my first marathon in them and I’m hooked! Mizuno for life!

  212. I am a huge mizuno fan! Neutral runner so I had these on my Christmas list. Hopefully they will be on my feet for my very first half February 22nd the day before I turn 25! Thank you!

  213. I’d love to give mizuno shoes a try! I’ve been fitted for running shoes twice and I always walk home with asics. Hope to try soon! Thanks for the chance! Brooke

  214. I would love to receive these Mizunos! Mizunos are one of my favorite running shoes (and I’m in desperate need for a new pair!) 🙂

  215. I read your blog all the time but have never posted! Would love a pair of Mizunos, since my kicks are about ready to expire…. I have a half marathon planned for May of 2014 that I will start training for soon, and these babies could really help kill my previous PR!!!!!

  216. I absolutely love the Mizuno Wave Riders. I currently run in the 16’s and need to replace them due to mileage. I just started training for a half marathon in February so a new pair of shoes would be awesome.

  217. My shoes are starting to hurt my feet, I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair.

  218. I would love to win these for one reason only: right now I have more boots than I have running shoes, I definitely would love to even out that equation!


  219. My old running shoes(asics) have gone thru training for and completing two half marathons! Its time!

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