Random thoughts & a trip to the ER

Hi guys!  I hope you are enjoying the 12 days of giveaways.  It’s been a blast putting it together for ya!

I knew I loved blogging, but since the giveaways started I realized how much I really, really love it.  I miss hanging out with you guys.  So here’s a random post about a few things going on this week. 

Um, yah I don’t even know what’s going on here.  Just thought I’d share this hilarious pic of Bam putting himself in timeout with his elf.


I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the course this week.  Not hating it. 


Don’t let the beautiful clear blue skies and sunshine fool you, it’s been chilly along the coast.  It was 32 degrees on my way to work.  There was even a frost delay.


I still don’t want to work inside.  This is my jam.

Wednesday is burger & fries day at work and I am a little embarrassed to tell you how excited I was about it.  I clocked out and helped myself to a big juicy cheese burger with extra pickles & ketchup.  I sat down took a bite and was in heaven.  Took another bite & thought either this is really good or I’m really hungry.  Then my phone rang, it was Mike telling me he was involved in a car accident while at work and was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital.

I jumped up, threw my beautiful plate of food away, radioed the boss man and was on my way to meet him in the ER.

Not Disneyland.


Mike works outside & drives for his job was going through an intersection, someone ran a stop sign and he had nowhere else to go but into them & then a parked car.

I am so thankful he’s okay-no broken bones or cracked skulls – just in a lot of pain.  Especially his right hip.

I often think about the semi-dangerous job he does.  We never know what the day will bring every time he walks out the front door, but I’m at peace knowing that man loves what he does & stuff like this comes with the nature of his job and life.  He’s happy, so I’m happy.

Not a day goes by I don’t tell him how much I love him.  Even if he is a pain in the buttocks & cries about his eyelashes hurting.  Winking smile

So now the ongoing joke is Mike owes me a burger & fries.  Ha!

As you can imagine after that long day, all we wanted to do was take a shower, put on our pj’s and snuggle with Bam.  This is the good life folks.


I took it easy yesterday and finally got around to decorating our Christmas tree.  This is my current view.  I am loving it!


Sour Patch Kids candy canes are the best ever.  You are not allowed to argue with me on this.


I also set up all of my Starbucks tree, with Ralphy & Peanuts – all of my favorites!


Tell me something positive.

If you could decorate your Christmas tree, what theme would it be?

Christmas lights: white, multi or solid color?

We are a family divided.  Mike likes plain white & I like multi.  So I used both on the tree because I am nice and like to compromise.  **Note to Mike – you are not allowed to comment on this.   

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27 Comments on “Random thoughts & a trip to the ER

  1. Once again, So glad to hear Mike was OK. I know the feeling of getting “that” call while the men are on the job. I love the little tree you put up. I wanted to do two trees one for my dogs & of course one for the family but well we just do not have the space for it. We tend to change our theme’s every other year or every 3 years…. The last 3 years was Pink/Breast cancer theme… We are huge supporters. This year we decided to do a flocked tree with red /green & white/silver. We bought it last night but can’t pick it up until Saturday and I am eager to get it decorated already!

    Oh and my pugs will be taking pictures with Santa this weekend .. don’t judge me LOL It’s for charity!

    Anyway hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I’m glad to hear Mike is alright!! My sister saw that Starbies is making ornaments like the various city coffee cups they have! I haven’t seen them in our stores; have you? I’m no help in the light department because I like both! Tell Mike a little color never killed anybody. 🙂

  3. Sorry about Mike’s accident. I’m glad he wasn’t seriously injured. Hope that he heals up quickly!

    I prefer plain white lights, but my husband likes multi-colored. Apparently, I’m not nice because I don’t like to compromise on this. 🙂 I do like seeing some of the colored lights on houses though.

    Love your Starbucks tree and Peanuts TV!

  4. I’m glad he’s okay! I hope the pain subsides soon and he heals quickly. Wishing you and him warm healing thoughts.

    Haven’t gotten our tree yet, but it’s the usual ornaments and multicolored lights. I love multicolored. Especially those that twinkle. There’s something about it…. I remember my godmother would decorate her entire indoors and we were surrounded by twinkling colorful lights, the lights above very dim and Christmas music playing, the fire roaring and the ocean waves crashing nearby. It was beautiful. Magical.

    • Ah ha just rescued your comments from spam jail. I have no idea what’s up with it? Anyway thanks for the heads up & well wishes. Mike’s feeling better every day. Merry Christmas!

  5. I’ve missed your blogs (although the give aways are fun too!)

    Glad Mike is safe and sound!

  6. Sour patch candy canes!? Where can I find these?! I am a white lights girl now but growing up I loved colored ones and we always had a colored light christmas tree!

  7. dang it. I dunno if my previous comment went through so I aplogogize for the double post or you can delete it 🙂

    Glad to hear that Mike is okay, I hope the pain subsides quickly and he heals soon. Sending you both warmth and healing thoughts.

    Multi colored lights for the win! (I typed wine for second there) I find them far more festive and lovely. I love when they twinkle.

  8. I’m a white lights kinda gal…but for our new Disney tree – I felt it was only appropriate that we go with red lights – so we did! (I know – I get crazy sometimes…lol)

  9. My something positive is having the weekend off from work! (I work every other weekend). I think I am with you on the multi-colored lights. They seem more traditional to me I guess and I like that. Favorite decoration theme is homemade ornaments from a billion years ago. When we were younger we always decorated the tree with ornaments we made in daycare or at school or home. It was the best!

  10. I love white lights! We use a complete mish-mash or ornaments to decorate our tree, some of mine from when I was a kid and some that my husband’s grandma bought for him each year. One of these years I want to get really fancy with our tree and do it all with gold or white ornaments.

  11. White lights are my favorite!! We have white on all but 2 – my Longhorn tree has orange lights and our retro tree has multi colored lights.

  12. I would decorate my tree with all sorts of craziness if I had lots of money! I have Target decorations from last year, but we have yet to pull out our tree. Yeah, we have a fake tree because we have crazy dogs. And glad that Mike was okay! -Jess L

  13. Glad your hubby was ok! Love your xmas tree! I think I like plain lights best but multi are pretty too. I’m torn. 🙂

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