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Congrats Runs For Chocolate!!  Ha how fitting!! 

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Earlier this year Yogi Clothing sent me a super cute outfit to rock.  You may read my review on it here

This adorable outfit is a couple steps up from my normal homeless look, so I was stoked to rock some new threads. 

Dear Ford Models, you know you want me.  I can’t turn this off.


Okay back to reality – the place where I practically live in these crops. 

They are really comfy and I wear them with anything – running, walking the dog, out & about, the coffee shop.  Which pretty much enables my I despise wearing jeans philosophy.  But hey, to each their own.


Major bonus points for holding up really well wash after wash even when {cough Mike cough} accidently put them in the dryer a couple times.  Yah, that didn’t even phase these bad boys.

Yogi Clothing generously offered to giveaway one pair of Side Shirred crops so you can be cool like me.  Or not.


To enter: leave a comment telling me how you would rock these.  Running, shopping, lounging, living the beach bum life…

You have until 8:00am PST tomorrow to enter.  One winner will be chosen at random and announced in tomorrow’s post.  One entry per person please.

This giveaway is open to the US only.

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162 Comments on “Yogi Clothing giveaway

  1. I’m a personal trainer. My uniform is black bottoms & company shirt. I get tired of wearing plain old black bottoms. Would love to rock these as I kick my clients butts!

  2. More and more I don’t like jeans either, so would wear these as I would jeans! running errands, shopping, with a sparkly top and shoes to a party, laying on the couch reading a book etc.

  3. I would wear these like a uniform! Totally relate to the jeans hate = yoga pants for life!

  4. OMG how adorable are those crops! I love love LOVE them! I would totally rock them on the treadmill, walking my dog around the neighborhood, and cleaning the house. They look so comfortable and versitile, plus I need a break from my shorts that seems to constantly ride up.

  5. I am a stay at home mom so I practically live in crops/yoga pants. I would wear these everywhere….grocery shopping, work out in, heck sometimes I even try and dress them up to go out in 🙂

  6. These are super cute, and I’d rock them anywhere!! I always love to take a pair to Disneyland for days when I just don’t feel like wearing jeans!!

  7. Well they will be treated like all the rest of my workout clothes….PRECIOUS!!!! ( in a very Gollum way) so they will be only for running or doing my Insanity or P90X2 workouts :p

  8. What a great way to dress when around the house and then at the exercise class.

  9. As a short girl, I love to run in capris… They don’t drag the ground like pants do. But I’m not above lounging in them either!

  10. Love love love these pants. Would wear them to my Bootcamp class. And everywhere else:)

  11. I adore yoga pants that aren’t your typical black bell bottom’s of a few year ago – I would rock these all over…also I live too far away from any nice out door stores to find good yoga pants!

  12. I live in my capris so I would wear them everywhere..working out and running errands!!

  13. I love capris for running! I have a bunch of races coming up and a cute new pair of capris would be a great motivator. 🙂

  14. I would rock them for running and going out in public, for sure 🙂

  15. I love capris for running! Of course, I would also wear them other times because I love comfy clothes!!

  16. Definitely go for a run! Of course I would have to wait until the snow and frigid temperatures are gone though!

  17. Also live in yoga pants! They are really one of this century’s greatest inventions! I wear them running, working out at the gym, shopping and even going out in in the evening! HA is this why I’m still single?!

  18. Ooh these are so cute! I go to the gym after work and don’t like putting jeans on after I shower but am not quite ready for my pjs so I wear yoga pants like these!

  19. I would rock those all day everyday! I pretty much live in my workout gear and I love that these have a little flare. Thanks for all of these awesome giveaways!

  20. I would literally live in these!! Wear them to school where I am a PE teacher, at home when I am lounging around and to the gym/on a run! Loveeeee them!!

  21. I would love to try a new pair of black workout pants. I live in comfy clothes and my daughters wonder why I don’t sport bling? I LOVE workout wear and it’s great for a run, the gym, coffee dates and so much more!:)

  22. These would be great to run in, or to wear about while shopping or doing errands 🙂

  23. Never owned a pair of crops, but probably rock them on a casual run or walk, and especially for lounging and relaxing at home.

  24. I think that you have the perfect style. I would wear them for running, lounging, walking the doggies, etc. Thanks again for all the giveaways.

  25. Those are so cute! I would wear them for running and spinning, and probably lounging, running errands, maybe even to a casual dinner! I live in workout clothes too.

  26. Those are really cute. Right now, I would wear them to my interval class; in the spring, definitely would use them for running.

  27. i love me some comfy clothes. i would use the for liftingspinningrunningyogainglounging!

  28. Love the look of these! I would wear them running; and probably the rest of the day until I decide showering is the right thing to do.

  29. These would definitely be my anywhere-but-work pants(Running-walking the dogs-yoga-shopping-anywhere pants). Definitely going to check out their products!

  30. I would rock these leggings Monday thru Sunday, that way I’m always ready for whatever – running, lounging, eating too much (jeans are NOT good for that). Would definitely cut down on laundry, too.

  31. I change into crops immediately upon getting home from work. They make me feel sportier and more energetic…so they would get used for lounging, housework, making dinner, and being a taxi driver for me teens.

  32. I love to wear capris when I run! I would also wear them for yoga and lounging. They’re SO comfy!

  33. I would wear them running and just about everywhere else since I practically live in workout clothes!

  34. They are so cute!!! I would wear them to hot yoga or running! Or just running errands!

  35. I would totally rock those for a run! But if you are a step up from homeless I must live under a bridge as a homeless troll!

  36. I’m still trying to figure out how to get away with wearing yoga pants to work, so until I do that these would definitley be my comfy clothes I change into 5 seconds after I walk in the door 🙂

  37. I would totally rock out to these running at the gym or doing a workout video. Sadly I too would probably wear them to the store, gas station, or anywhere else that would embarrass anyone with me. Lol

  38. I would love to try the Yogi brand of cropped pants for running and lounging around 😉

  39. I would wear them running for sure. Prob also sleeping, shopping, doing anything…

  40. I love to run in capris!!! And to shop, lounge, & practically live in them!!

  41. Running! Spin class! Yoga! And if it ever gets above 20 degrees again here I’d probably stay in them all day!!

  42. I would most likely waer these bad boys shopping! Styling and profiling 🙂

  43. When would I not wear them? I also lounge in yoga pants all the time!!!

  44. I Love these!!! I would wear them running, biking, to the gym, doing errands or just lounging around!!

  45. Living in North Dakota capris are a must. .. They are about as close to shorts as I get!

  46. I would wear them to class! I think university should have a strict no-jeans rule…

  47. I would rock these all around the house, on my runs, at the pool, and anywhere else I could get away with wearing them!

  48. I would rock these on an early morning run followed by a cup of coffee and brunch with friends!

  49. I would totally rock those everywhere! I’d wear them to the coffee shop, the Grocery store, the couch!

  50. I’ve slowly watched yoga pants take over my wardrobe… I wear them everywhere. They are def my go to pants.

  51. I wish I could say I would rock them as a ‘beach bum’ but I’ll probably rock them on my trail runs! And lounging around the house…and grocery shopping…and going to kids basketball and soccer games…and…

  52. These are so cute. I love yoga pants. I would wear them everywhere. I too never wear jeans if I can help it.

  53. I’d wear these running and lounging around the house. My husband would be so happy to see a new pair to replace my raggedy old sweatpants!

  54. Anyday I can nont wear jeans is a good day. I’d wear these for running, crossfit, and just life in general probably.

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  55. Oh man, how I would love to rock in these all day long AND make a special trip toTarget just because that’s how I do! 😉

  56. I wear capris for everything. Especially cute ones. Love the details on the sides.

  57. Would love to rock these in some yoga classes (how appropriate). Or maybe just bumming around, like usual.

  58. Lounging, lounging and more lounging! When I Start running again I would wear them for that, then lounging after!

  59. These capris look so comfy! I’d definately wear these running, and everyday activities!

  60. love them! I would rock them dragging the kids to school and running on the treadmill!!!!

  61. I would LOVE to run in these, then of course lounge around in them also 🙂

  62. I love capris! I’d run in them and then most likely keep them on the rest of the day cuddling my new baby:)

  63. I don’t wear real people clothes when I don’t have to, so these babies would be rockin’ all over town. Is that not appropriate? Oh well. 😉

  64. Um, where wouldn’t I wear these?? One can never have enough black crops!! 🙂

  65. running errands, doing yoga… i’d probably end up living in them like my other yoga pants 🙂

  66. working out, laying around, going to class. I would rock it anyway I could!

  67. Those crops would look super cute with my grey hoodie on an early morning run.

  68. Yoga pants are the best! They’re comfy and suck everything and life real nice.

    I wear them mostly for biking, running, and hot yoga!

  69. def lounging, I’m pretty good at lounging 🙂 possibly some running too 🙂

  70. I WISH I could rock these to work! haha But probably running and running errands around town!

  71. These babies would be seen at yoga, trader joe’s, long runs, tempo runs, at the movie theater, and on my couch while I bum around. Fashion meets fitness meets comfort? Game on girlfriend!

  72. I live in yoga pants anytime I’m not in the office for work. They make awesome travel wear!!

  73. Me likey capris! They are the only thing I work out / run in, so I always need a new pair! Thank you for the giveaways!!!

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