I have issues

I know most of you guys really know what cold is, but dang it’s been cold for this Cali girl lately.  Our overnight low last night was 28.  Twenty eight!  At the beach.  No wonder I feel like snuggling on the couch with Bam & our favorite blanket all day. 

But after seeing your pictures of running in the snow – hello rock.stars, I peeled myself off the couch and went for a run.


New running threads from the uber cool folks at Mizuno totally helped.  I was nerdy excited to take the new Wave Rider 17’s for their first spin.  I’ll be sure to do a full review after I put them through the SCB test.  Whatever that is. 

Ford Models, I’m still available. 


My biggest challenge was choosing between the gray & white Wave Riders.  I went with the darker ones since it just rained.  #firstworldproblems

I had a great time jumping over puddles, getting accosted by a bum who was threatening to stab me with an umbrella and running through sand slides.  Did I just make up a new word?

Even made time to stop & smell the freshly cut Christmas trees locked up in tree jail. 


Apparently Mike thinks I have issues.  You see, when I come home all hopped up on endorphins I tell him every single thought that popped into my head while running.  And noooo I don’t sensor or prioritize or stay on the same topic very long.  He calls it “speaking Jacqueline.”


After a long, hot shower we went to lunch and out for a hot cup of coffee.  All I heard when I walked into Starbucks is blah blah blah Christmas Blend is 30% off.


We played the what do you want to do, I don’t know what do you want to do game until I came up with doing a little Christmas shopping on Cannery Row.  I mean, it’s the non-touristy season and I figured Christmas shoppers would be at the mall or Target.


Turns out it was a pretty good idea.

Do you talk a lot when hopped up on endorphins?

What do you usually think about while running?  Or do you tend to zone out?

Since I’m a nerd, what’s todays high where you are?  Any brave friends who run in the snow?

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15 Comments on “I have issues

  1. I think about all sorts of eclectic stuff while running…. I love to run on the busy street and see all the cars passing by and some of the stares I get and in my head when they look at me I say yup I’m a real bad a** running out here right now… I even get some honks and I throw my hands up and shake them together like i just won the championship of running… HAHAHAA I enjoy it, it is fun… when I am on a quiet route I think of my to do lists, or want to do’s .. I think about calls I need ot make, texts I need to send, then after a while it all goes away and I listen to the music pumping loudly in my ears , at this point I am finding my pace and I get lost in the run…….. It’s approx 48 degrees here not too bad. I ran saturday morning and it was much colder but by mile 2 I was warmed up!

  2. I absolutely love Monterey! Pacific Grove was my family vacation spot growing up. Cannery Row brings back so many memories 🙂

  3. It was 6 degrees this morning (with an icy snow on the ground) – I ran on my treadmill because I’m a wimp!!!

  4. I run the snow! And I definitely talk a lot when hyped up on endorphins. Of course, its quite possible I talk a lot all the time…

  5. I definitely zone out while I am running. I am sure I think of stuff, but I couldn’t tell ya what my thoughts were. It is 29 degrees in western PA with a feels like temp of 19 degrees. Brrr! I do sometimes run in the snow, but only after I am sure sidewalks have been cleared and I have no fear of falling on my bum!

  6. High = 0 degrees with wind chill of MINUS 28. First day we got out of the negative… Does 0 count as not negative? 28 above I would probably be at the beach sunbathing!

  7. It was 4 degrees here this morning when I got up. I don’t run in the snow because I’d break an ankle or two! Plus, when it’s too cold it burns my lungs and I hate that, so it’s the treadmill from about Nov to April 🙁

  8. We had an ice storm in Texas this past weekend and finally melting off now that we’re above freezing! I didn’t run when it was icy out for 3 days while we’re locked away in our homes, not into falling and breaking a bone. But today the ice was melting off the roads and it was 34 degrees, it was a nice run even though I still had to avoid some roads. I just zone out and mentally recharge during my runs!

  9. I usually think about random things when I run, or if I get bored I count to 100 then start over again a bunch of times. If I get bored with that, then I say my times tables. Clearly, I am a deep thinker 🙂

    I don’t know what today’s high was, but I do know that it has rained all day every day since Thursday. And I hate snow and refuse to run in it. Thankfully it only snows here in Alabama once in a blue moon.

  10. I don’t get to run alone very often. it’s usually group runs and running with my 2 1/2 year old, who talks a lot! So, when I do get to run alone I focus on form, and foot strike, and I get lost in all the things that are bothering me/are on my mind. I find peace in the things that are bothering me while running.

    BTW – I’m LOVING the Philz coffee!!! The Tesora blend is super smooth and has a really nice flavor.

  11. It was 25° when I got up this morning, and it’s 32° with 30% chance of snow right now (near Seattle). I want snow but my husband doesn’t – he’s a party pooper when it’s cold. My daughter and I ran a 5k Sat in 26° (17° wind chill), and they put de-icer on the route (yay volunteers!!) – and warmed up in Starbucks afterward. I wimped out yesterday and did 8 miles on the elliptical because the treadmill is brutal on my ankles. I might have been laughing loudly at the podcast I was listening to yesterday at the gym – or it could have been the guy next to me. I will never tell.

  12. It actually wasn’t too cold yesterday…our high was 32°, although it did get down to 21°. The wind always makes it feel a lot colder. And of course I run in the snow…I wouldn’t run at all in the winter if I didn’t!

    I kinda zone out and think about running things…form, pace, etc. I also tend to do lots of math calculations…kilometres to miles, figuring paces and distances. I also think about stuff to post on the blog, but usually never remember that stuff when I’m actually writing up my posts 🙂

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