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Todays giveaway is for 3 of my absolute favorite things; a $25 Starbucks gift card & a 3 pack of Christmas movies.

One lucky winner will score Elf, A Christmas Story {aka Ralphy} & Christmas Vacation.  I am convinced that whoever designed this pulled it directly out of my brain.


This giveaway is sponsored by Bam because he’s feeling jolly & merry. Oh and well, this is his blog, I just write it.  Winking smile


May I suggest Christmas Blend and a Starbucks double shot?  Yum!


To enter: leave a comment telling me your Christmas tradition{s}.  If you don’t have one, tell me one you would love to start.

We don’t have many traditions, though I love them but I buy an ornament that describes a major event of the year.  This year I’m on the hunt for a new home ornament.

You have until 8:00am PST tomorrow to enter.  One winner will be chosen at random and announced in tomorrow’s post.  One entry per person please.

This giveaway is open to my worldwide friends.

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126 Comments on “Starbucks gift card & my 3 favorite Christmas movies giveaway

  1. Christmas is my favorite time of the year! One tradition that has stuck with my family even now is eating a homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream for breakfast on Christmas morning.

  2. My family is German, so each Christmas Eve we have a glass of gluhwein (a mulled wine) with a cinnamon stick garnish during appetizers! My grandpa usually makes it and doesn’t skimp on the liquor as his recipe includes red wine, brandy, rum and spices!

  3. Life without coffee is no life at all !!!! At least in my house that’s the case!! Lol i can’t tell you how many times I debated getting a part time job at Starbucks lol #addicted

  4. We drive around and look at the Christmas lights every year, watch Christas Vacation/ It’s a Wonderful Life on Christmad Eve, and always decorate the tree with hallmark ornaments. A tradition I want to begin once we have kids is to drive around and look for Santa Claus. A student told me about it and I thought it was the cutest idea ever!

  5. We always watch Sound of Music every year as a family!

    It’s an odd one 😛

  6. One of my favorite traditions is going out to pick a Christmas tree. Decorating it while we sip hot cocoa/coffee, as Christmas music plays. We’re also enjoying the naughtiness of Randolph Ninnymuggins, our elf on the shelf.

  7. We open christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve and then make hot chocolate and drive around to look at the lights. Love it!!

  8. Decorating the tree, sipping hot chocolate and then going to the beach! I’m in FL so no snow for us 🙂

  9. We watch Christmas Vacation every year, so this would be perfect! 🙂

  10. My brother and I always watch the Christmas Story marathon on TNT. One year, I bought him a leg lamp – best gift ever!

  11. Now that Popeye and I are both far away from our families and are beginning to think about starting our own we are starting to figure out what works for US. This year, we’ve chosen to go skiing… we’ve always wanted to go and thought it would be a perfect Christmas getaway to do every year and something that is active [and fun] for our kids [someday] as well!

  12. This is the first Christmas with my hubby and step-son so I’m interested in starting a few traditions of our own…looking forward to reading everyone’s response so I can get some ideas!

  13. My husband and I do not live close to family and usually have to work around the holidays since we are in the medical and social works fields, so when we do visit family, we often eat numerous turkey/ham dinners. So, our tradition is to spend Christmas Eve eating at a thai restaurant (You’d be surprised how many people do this-when we started it, we just went there because it was the only restaurant opened late.). Then we watch Love Actually, which is probably my favorite holiday movie, and do all of the other traditional holiday events and meals on Christmas day. Hope your Christmas is great!

  14. We pick out an ornament every year that has the date on it. The idea is that, when we have been married a gazillion years, we will have a tree dedicated just to those ornaments.

  15. Eeek, I need Christmas Vacation! I have lots of Christmas traditions, but one of my favorites is getting my dogs, Mr. Gatsby and Hattie Mae, a new pair of jammies each year 🙂

  16. Christmas Blend season is my favorite! I love watching Home Alone and A Christmas Story and baking cookies, peppermint bark, and other festive treats!

  17. Every year we say we are each going to open one gift on Christmas Eve…we end up opening, it never fails

  18. We are Italian so every year we either make home made macaroni or lasagna. It is lots of work but i love it and all the knowledge I gain from it to one day pass down to my children when i have them! I would like to one day start an ornament a year tradition but so far that hasn’t happened!

  19. A Christmas tradition we have is the kids and I always make chocolate covered pretzels.

  20. I watch Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Like the old school 1960’s version. It’s always been my fav!

  21. Christmas Traditions…..Since moving away from my homestate of Texas and not having a family of my own, I have spent many of the holidays celebrating with other peoples families and their traditions. One I would love to incorporate into my own home is reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 and enjoying some treats from a stocking on Christmas eve night, sleeping in Christmas Day and then play board games and relax, making memories with those I love.

  22. One Christmas Tradition that I love is driving around the city (with starbucks of course) looking at all the lights on the different houses.

  23. so many traditions but one of my favorites is unwrapping all of the ornaments while we decorate the tree – my kids love looking through them and choosing where to hang them on the tree!

  24. We always have tomato gravy & homemade biscuits on Christmas morning with my family. It’s the best Southern food to me and all the better since we only have it once a year!

  25. Your tradition sounds pretty fun! My husband’s grandma always puts something random on the tree and we all have to search for it. One year it was a sting of peas, another a key…a brussel sprout. Its fun and whoever finds it wins candy!

  26. I love baking day! Spending a whole afternoon/day baking with my girls, mom and grandma. We bake a gazillion cookies 🙂

  27. This will be my second Christmas with my husband, but we always have gone to the same church (sort of how we met), so going to the candle light service has been a continued tradition. I’m hoping my husband and I will start something new just the 2 of us!

  28. I love Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday! Our Christmas tradition is to take a trip together and call that our gift to each other although we usually still end up buying each other things on the trip as gifts. I guess it’s just the spirit and the happiness of being together that makes us want to keep giving tokens of our love for each other. I personally have also started the tradition several years ago of buying an ornament for each person in my family. Love the holidays.

  29. My friends and I get together every year to decorate sugar cookies and we also do an ornament exchange. I look forward to it so much every year!

  30. Decorating the tree as a family and driving around looking at all the lights with hot chocolate!

  31. My family gets Christmas crackers (has prizes, jokes, and a paper crown inside). We wear the funny crowns and read the jokes during coffee at the end of Christmas dinner.

  32. We read “Twas the Night before Christmas” on Christmas eve every year! The little ones love it!

  33. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to wake up on Christmas morning with my husband sip coffee by the tree and watch The Christmas Story on tv!

  34. Love this idea! Our tradition is a bit different than normal i think.

    We always start out the morning with Monkey Bread — delish — and opening presents.

    Then later in the afternoon we go to a movie and go out for Chinese food. Small family, different type of Christmas! But it works for us and I have come to love it.

  35. We have many Christmas traditions. Every year I make homemade cinnamon rolls that rise in the fridge overnight and then bake in the morning for a delicious and not so healthy Christmas morning feast. We also always have the children open one present on Christmas eve; it is usually pajamas or a special book. This year we started something new, The children both got new pets this fall one is a huge dog and one is a kitten. So this year we put our Christmas tree on the ceiling. The looks we get from visitors is priceless. Christmas eve we always enjoy a special church service and drive around to look at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate. There are many more but hopefully these give you some ideas. Merry Christmas to Bam from our furry children.

  36. We watch A Christmas Story ever Christmas day after having a big brunch with my family! 🙂

  37. I always decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I love looking at my holiday decorations for a whole month!

  38. I would like to start a stay in our pjs all Christmas Day tradition… Well, I pretty much already do that but I’d like for the rest of my family to get on board:)

  39. Christmas traditions galore to remember family no longer with us: advent calendar with hershey kisses for the kids to count the days till Christmas, cookie baking (one kind for each of our family no longer with us), and many others for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (homemade Christmas danishes on Christmas Day)! I love this time of year so much!

  40. We always do a secret santa exchange with my husband’s family, and half of the gift is a donation in the persons name to a local charity. Love that!

  41. We have many Christmas traditions. Every Christmas eve we have a big Italian feast open a few gifts from family and then drive around to look at the lights.

  42. My dad’s birthday is on Christmas so we started celebrating on another day so he doesn’t have to share!!!

  43. My sisters and I partook in one of our Christmas traditions this past weekend. We drank marshmallow hot chocolate while watching Christmas Vacation. Loved it!

  44. for my family tradition, we have a huge party every christmas!
    I come from a big family. My mom has 4 brothers and 5 sisters. So during christmas time, we usually have a big Christmas party every year at my parents house. My aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents come and we all celebrate, eat really good food, and we have a talent show at the end so all the little kids can show their talents.

  45. Holiday music and holiday movies are a must have for Christmas. We’re also trying to start some new traditions. 🙂

  46. We just started a new one this year…a sock exchange party with friends! Who doesn’t love a fun, new, crazy pair of socks??? That’s the only thing that makes running in the winter fun!

  47. We don’t really have one, other than going to my parents for the entire Christmas Day! We have done that since all of my siblings and I moved out though.

  48. Leading up to we make gingerbread houses & have a day of baking. Our traditions the day of include opening stockings, then eating orange rolls for breakfast followed by presents.

  49. We always go look at Christmas lights. There is a great place here is Greenville, SC we always go to.

  50. Starbucks !!! i love Starbucks :D.
    Anyways, i’m from Mexico City and in Mexico we don’t have Thanksgiving SO during Christmas we would always cook a big turkey and a big ham and then a few days later we would all take a holiday vacation down to Acapulco and spend New Year’s there ….those were my awesome traditions 🙂 .
    Now that I have moved here and have kids and a hubby, the only tradition we got is making ginger bread cookies, the kids get to make their own ornaments every year and wake us up at 6 a.m. to see what Santa brought but then on January 6th (In Mexico we don’t believe in Santa we believe in the 3 wise men hehe ) we eat a bread called Pan de Reyes which is a fruity cake with hot mexican chocolate and look for a baby toy inside the bread hehe, the kids LOVE that stuff 😀

  51. I’ve only ever seen elf! I get shunned every holiday season for never having seen a Christmas Story.

  52. Elf is the best Christmas movie. I am still trying to find from my childhood this plastercine type of Christmas movie that had the californian raisins in it and walrus’ that would go a waffle-ing…

  53. my friends and i have a 6 year tradition of watching love actually together, cooking dinner, and having a secret santa gift exchange. you’d think it would have gotten old by now but every year it gets better and it’s something we look forward to all year round!

  54. We always make Swedish coffee bread (family recipe from my great grandmother) to enjoy in the morning, so delicious & we only ever make it for Christmas!

  55. Every Christmas I watch Elf about five times or more times and I always make whom ever I am around on Christmas Eve watch it with me that night. This Christmas I even found Elf wrapping paper so I am taking the obsession to whole new level!

  56. My favorite (and most important) tradition… making gingerbread houses.

    And I’m not talking about the store bought pre-packed box. I’m talkin- a box of graham crackers, candy of any and all kinds, homemade frosting using egg whites and powdered sugar and one major mess!


  57. We always do stockings Christmas morning and homemade cinnamon rolls!! We are changing some traditions as my fiancé and I lost his mom and my dad over the last year and know it’s time to change things up a little. Love Christmas blend and Elf is my all
    Time fave!!! Love jolly Bam!!

  58. We always read the Night Before Christmas and drive around looking at lights!

  59. My favorite is polar express…..and driving around to see the lights and running in freshly fallen snow

  60. My husband’s extended family is big, both of my in-laws are one of five. My father-in-law’s side gets together every Christmas eve, with cousins and cousin’s kids the expanding just keeps happening. There is something so incredibly nice about being in a home FULL of family.

  61. You had me at Starbucks. Lol!

    My husband and I always watch certain shows like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty, It’s a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, and Shop Around the Corner. We watch A Christmas Story every year on Christmas Day. We also like to grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate (Starbucks, of course!) and drive around looking at Christmas lights every year.

  62. We love to go to downtown Salt Lake and look at all the lights and fun Christmas decorations. We did it for the 2nd time this year with our kids (they’re only 2) and it is always so fun,

  63. My favourite tradition is taking a drive around town with my family to see all the houses lit up!

  64. We always open presents on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day we go to the movies!

  65. We always have a big breakfast together as a family before opening presents and then go for a hike afterward (:

  66. Every year on Christmas Morning we head out to the lake in Evergreen, CO. We walk around the lake, watch people doing ice-fishing, and also watch the people playing hockey on the lake or are just skating. We bring some snacks and hot chocolate or get a hot coffee to stay warm.

  67. Every year, we keep our pajamas on the entire day. We even go to dinner at our aunt’s house with them on!

  68. My favorite tradition is watching the Christmas Story Marathon on TBS every year while hanging out in front of the fireplace at my parents house! Family time is the best!

  69. We light all of our decorations and tree Thanksgiving night after dinner. Then every weekend we watch a different Christmas movie together as a family. The weekend before Christmas we go to my moms house and decorate a Gingerbread house together. This year I’m starting a new tradition of making an ornament together as a family with my 18 month old daughter!

  70. We each pick out a new ornament for that year! My kids are always so excited to pick out their new Christmas ornament each year! LOVE Elf! All of them actually! And of course, love, love, love lStarbucks!!!

  71. Our Christmas tradition is to open presents with my family on Christmas Eve and with my husband’s family on Christmas Day and on our own whenever we have time. I like celebrating three times!

  72. Well, my husband is a police officer…so with his changing schedule our Christmas schedule changes with family every year. But I always try and do cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, Christmas mass usually on Christmas Eve and of course opening Christmas presents with Grammy and Poppy on Christmas day. Oh and we decorate the tree usually on Christmas Eve!

  73. One of our traditions is to go to candlelight service on Christmas Eve. Also, no one allowed downstairs until my husband has built a roaring fire 🙂

  74. I always go to mass on Christmas Eve, and we visit with our families on Christmas Day, ending at my mother-in-laws where she and I indulge in blender drinks.

  75. Each year, my mom buys my brother and me a new ornament for the tree. We then battle it out for who gets the first ornament on the tree. This year, he brought his to the tree lot, the little cheater! My birthday is also the 23rd, so my favorite holiday tradition is the sushi party I throw every year.

  76. My favorite Christmas tradition is watching Home Alone as much as humanly possible 🙂

  77. Each year we get a Christmas ornament to signify the year. With this being our little ones first Christmas I am trying to think of other traditions to continue and enjoy together year after year

  78. Each year my momma buys each of us an ornament… Something that relates to an event that happened to us during the year. We walls watch A Christ,as Story! Fa ra ra ra raaaaa!

  79. One of our Christmas traditions is grabbing hot chocolate from Starbucks and driving around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights/decorations.

  80. Our Christmas tradition is going to Christmas Eve mass & then having oyster stew & chili with our family afterwards. It’s a wonderful time of year!

  81. My sister lives in Maryland and I live in TN, so I want to start flying up to be with her. I am starting this year. 🙂

  82. My favorite Chirstmas tradition is blasting Christmas music while putting up the tree. What could be better?

  83. These movies are my favorite as well!! 🙂 My fav Christmas tradition is watching ‘A Christmas Story’ every year on Christmas Day. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win! Love me some Starbucks coffee!

    purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

  84. The last couple years my husband and I have cut down our Christmas tree. We love being out hiking, snowshoeing, and x country skiing so this tradition definitely fits us.

  85. Chopping down the Christmas tree and getting burgers afterwards; getting a new christmas ornament each year that symbolizes something new you did that year; christmas eve church service followed by dad’s heavenly baked ziti and new jammies and a christmas movie!

  86. We have Happy Birthday Jesus cake on Christmas Eve and leave carrots on the roof for the reindeer after we get home from church. Christmas morning is just our family and then the rest of the day is running around like crazy!

  87. One tradition I have slacked on the last two years is baking, it is a great time to spend as a family and last two years I over scheduled myself and ran out of time… this year I am making the time! 🙂

  88. Our Christmas tradition is making cut out sugar cookies from great grandma’s recipe and while listening to holiday music.

  89. We always turn on Christmas music and decorate the tree(s) together while drinking hot chocolate.

  90. Every year my mom, sister and I have a “Christmas Outing” complete with dinner, a Christmas play and dessert!

  91. We go to see santa in a tiny town of 900. Open gifts with the kids on Xmas day. Always leave unopened presents from santa.

  92. Every year my husband and I make a night to make cups of hot chocolate and coffee, some fun snacks, and pack up the dog children, and drive around looking at Christmas lights with Christmas music playing 🙂

  93. I buy my son an ornament every year and it always symbolizes our year; karate, the beach, new puppy!

  94. Every year, my mom, aunt, female cousins and I get together and bake all sorts of goodies the week before Christmas!

  95. We always play our Dean Martin “winter romance” cd while decorating our tree. He’s got such a smooth voice. And my son always picks the “ornament of the year” and lives putting them on the tree even though he’s 13 and too cool for anything else. Love Starbucks & especially live those movies. Way fun giveaways!!

  96. My family has always had the tradition of new pajamas on Christmas Eve, so I plan to continue this tradition for as many years to come [and with kids too!]. I think my puppy may get a new pair this year!

  97. I join my boyfriend’s family on a trip to Big Bear! It’s going to be so nice to hang out together in a cabin with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins 🙂

  98. We go look at Christmas lights in the car and bring along popcorn and hot chocolate.

  99. We all hang out in our PJs all day christmas watching movies and eating yummy treats my mom made!

  100. Love the movie choices!

    A Christmas tradition we have is something called Mummering. 🙂

  101. Every year after Christmas Eve mass, we come home & open our new jammies! Then it’s time to bake Santa’s cookies, drink hot chocolate and watch A Christmas Story!

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