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Congrats Sonia!!

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We’re wrapping up the 12 days of giveaways with one of my all time favorite pieces of running gear-prescription sunglasses from SportRX.

I am in love with these tricked out specs.  You may read my full review on them here.


Along with my trusty kicks & GPS watch, I can not run without these sunglasses.  You know you wanna be hawt like me.  Winking smile


SportRX offered to giveaway one pair of prescription sunglasses to one lucky reader up to a $500 value.  Woo!!

To enter:  Hop on over to SportRX and tell me which pair you would choose if you win and where you would rock these sunnies!  Feel free to link to it.

Winner will be picked and announced in tomorrow morning’s post.  Good luck!

Open to US only.

Full disclosure: Name & email address for this giveaway will be released to SportRX for marketing purposes. 

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81 Comments on “SportRX giveaway

  1. I love the Oakley Pulse. They are cute, but still work for running. I always wear sunglasses if there’s a hint of sun, trying to stave off the pesky wrinkles 🙂

  2. Oh my word, I think I just had a field day looking at all of the amazing options! I was like a kid in a running/triathlon candy shop!

    I fell in love with the Rudy Project Rydon glasses with the “win-win” lenses.I have read amazing things about these glasses for running but more importantly triathlons! Next year is a big year for my tri’s (2nd half iron and first full!) so obviously these would be a huge asset!

  3. Bolle cervin I think is the style !! I too can not ru without glasses well because I am blind ! Lol but my prescription sunglasses are soooo heavy a lightweight pair would be awesome !

  4. I love the Oakley Twenty. I need a new pair a sunglasses to wear on my runs. Currently I wear my husband old pair.

  5. So so so many to choose from! I do like the Oakley Twenty, but the more I browse the website the more I change my mind!!!

  6. Nike Show X2 Pro in Black/Turbo Green. I like half frames and the shaped lenses.

    I love these Oakley, Pulse!!! Our beast of friend runner Skinny Runner has a pair very similiar to these and I have wanted some ever since!!! I like the more full frame glasses and I think these are bad!!! I like the chocolate sin color frames!!! They would be rocked on every run I take!

  8. I really like the 7Eye Mistral glasses! I should wear sunglasses more on my runs.

  9. I would pick the Nike Emergents in black and I will rock them at my next half marathon! Also for all of my other outdoor runs, but you should see the shades I have been doing 13.1 in…shame.

  10. I love these!:

    I love that they are stylish and would be super nice for my runs in summer. Or I would try to look for something I could wear when snowmobiling or snowboarding because I don’t wear contacts but desperately need to because I have a hard time seeing in winter!

  11. I would get the Oakley Twenty and give them to my husband, as I don’t have to wear glasses/contacts any more and don’t need prescription glasses (yet)!

  12. Would love to have a pair of prescriptions sunglasses for running! I like the Oakley Obsessed. I’d wear these all over the sunny Central Coast of California!

  13. I tried to find the pair I’m in love with, but you have to call to order Maui Jim’s! I would definitely choose (if they offer it) the Maui Jim Pearl City in black w/ blue. I can’t function outdoors without my sunglasses, and the prescription lenses I have now are way too heavy.

  14. I really like the Oakley Racing Jacket or the Bolle Rainier. Really a tough decision, so many cute glasses. I do not have sunglasses specifically for running and prescription even better! Definitely wear them for my sunny running!

  15. LOVING the Oakley StraightJackets in black. This girl would look like a total bada$$ who knows exactly what she is doing at her first duathlon in May that she has not yet had the nerve to register for.

  16. Sunglasses are almost just as important as running shoes are to me! I’d love to try the Bolle Ouray. There are so many nice ones, that it’s hard to choose!

  17. Love these. Especially because I’m so blind when I run!! Ah and the Oakley Pulse are b-e-a-utiful!

  18. I would try the smith facet and smith fourm. Both look super classy and I would rock them while im going for a walk or jog.

  19. Too many options, I am horrible at picking glasses for myself! But I liked the 7eye Marin. They would come in very handy when we are hiking in the snow since we haven’t seen the ground for a while around here.

  20. I would choose Rudy Project Ketyum But I would like to try them on before deciding. I would rock mine at football games, running around the neighborhood, and around town.

  21. Too many choices! Either Bolle or Sun Cloud! I’d wear them for running or just day to day running around . I wear glasses with a high RX and I hate squinting while driving, or running!!

  22. Anything Oakley or Bolle would rock!!! Would make a great Christmas present to me 🙂

  23. I really like the Adidas TourPro line. They look like my kind of glasses. I need running sunglasses something fierce!

  24. Wiley x, yo!! I will rock them this spring while we work in the field!!

  25. I think I’d choose the SMITH PIVLOCK V2 + INSERT in clear. They look like they would help with the wind that makes my eyes water. I would wear them running.

  26. These all look amazing but I’m pretty sure I would go with the 7eye Mistral or Oasis. Both look great and it would be so nice to not have to run in contacts AND sunglasses!!

  27. Tifosi Vogel! I have a non-prescription pair that I wear running, but I have been having such bad contact problems lately that I NEED a prescription pair of sunglasses for running. I would LOVE to win, so thank you for the giveaway!!!

  28. I like the Nike Tour and Oakley Pulse sunglasses. I just wear regular sunglasses while running and I’m constantly pushing them up on my nose because they slip. It would be awesome to have some specifically for running.

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