Bam & I are in a fight


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Whew, that was a crazy but fun 12 days of giveaways!  I hope you enjoyed it! 

As much as I enjoyed it {I did!}, I really missed regular blogging.  Like missed the heck out of it.  I am so happy to back in the swing of things around here. 

Bam & I always fight over the brown blanket, so when I saw a huge, luxurious blanket on this girls blog, I immediately drove to Costco to get one.  Don’t you worry, it’s a queen size so we won’t fight over it.  You might think I’m lying about this whole story, but I am not. 


So while I was there I did a little Christmas shopping for others & myself.  I scored the softest, most heavenly pj set.  I never want to take it off so I’ve been wearing it every single day.  Yah, I should probably go wash it now.  Good job J.

I’ve also been spending some time out on the golf course.  This place is magical.  I am constantly finding myself in awe every single time I’m out there.  I am blessed beyond what I deserve.


It’s been super nice – sunny & 60’s I even came home with a shiny new sunburn on my face.  While wearing sunscreen.  In December.

It seems we’ve reached an impasse <- {said in the Sheldon voice} on the way to my car.


Coastal deer are everywhere.  It blows me away that they aren’t afraid of anyone.  So I waited it out as the 3 of them crossed the path then booked it to the car.  Mike is going to laugh when he sees this, because I’m kinda escared of them even when he assures me they are herbivores. 

Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all.  

I took the new white Mizunos for their first spin yesterday.  I can already tell we are going to go on a lot of adventures together.  Kinda like the North Face, but Mizuno style. 


I was really in the mood for a longish run, so I ran to Fisherman’s Wharf.  Here’s the halfway point.


Fisherman’s Wharf is a ghost town during the week on the off season.  It was so fun to run through.  I would definitely not even think about dodging people during the summer.


It was exactly what I needed.  I got a chance to clear my head, fill it with more crap and major bonus points – I didn’t get accosted by a bum.  I am really winning at this thing called life.


In other news…fresh strands!


Awh naw, you guys know I didn’t actually do it myself.  That would be a complete waste of my time.  Totally. 

Tell me about your last awesome, I love you running, I want to marry you run!

Be honest, have you ever ran out & bought something as soon as you saw it on a blog or social media?  If so, what was it?

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9 Comments on “Bam & I are in a fight

  1. I cant think of the most recent epic run but this morning was a really, really good one that had me thinking “wow, that was a really, really good one.”

  2. My most awesome I want to marry you run, completing my marathon. Yes, I am bragging and patting myself on the back. Nothing made me happier than accomplishing a goal that I thought I would even try to attempt 🙂

    That Costcoblanket love makes me want to go get one. haha. I know I have bought something…. oh, I ordered ProCompression socks. Best. Choice. EVER.

  3. Please tell me more about the costco pj’s!! I bought some from target and am returning them TODAY! Not heavenly or even close to it. What brand are the costco ones so I can see if mine carries them. Having a baby in a week or so, so I’m in a time crunch to get comfy ASAP 🙂

  4. No epic runs yet but hopefully they are coming here soon! I do remember sometimes during the summer on my easy Sunday runs I would go run out in the country and it was so nice! I could let my mind go and just relax!

  5. I’m afraid of deer too, those buggers can get mean during rutting season if you get between the ladies and the boys looking to hook up.

    My most awesome-gonna marry you- run was last Sunday when I finally broke through the less than 7min/km pace I had been chasing for 2 months. I felt like a rockstar!

  6. I am about to run out and buy those kicks! They’re super cute and I really want a pair of Mizunos. I’m glad you had a great run and I hope your fight is over soon! 😉

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