Jingle Bell 5K race recap

Yesterday I ran my first of many races in our new community, the Jingle Bell 5K.

The race was a the incredibly beautiful Lovers Point in Pacific Grove, CA. 

It’s a popular hang out & it was my fist time there.  I’ve driven by several times, but never stopped in.  I can totally see why, the views are mind blowing amazing! 


Earlier this month I really wanted to race and realized it had been so long since my last one plus it’s so close to my favorite holiday.  After a quick Google search, I found the perfect one.  I normally don’t really care for the 5K distance because I am not fast nor do I like to run fast – guess I’m too lazy for all of that.  Ha!  I like the slow & steady turtle pace.  But I am no where near trained to even attempt anything longer, or even close to it so this distance was perfect for my current ability.  Score!

Grandma’s not going to like this, but we’re not moving back home – it’s too perfect here.  Now let’s hope she somehow misses reading this post.  Winking smile


While stretching out, I had to stare at this disgusting, horrible view.  It was so hard, but don’t you worry, I managed to make it through.   


After the National Anthem, we were off.  The entire course was along the coast.  I definitely felt the Christmas cheer as it seemed like everyone & their dog {literally} was dressed to the nines in Christmas attire.  I could hear bells everywhere as runners decked out their kicks & costumes with them.  I even saw a dog with bells around it’s collar and all 4 paws.  It was obnoxiously cute. 


My only goal for this race was to finish & feel great during & after.  I wanted a fun, pressure free race.

I forgot my Garmin in the car so I used the Map My Run app which turned out to even better than expected.  The music on my JayBird bluetooth headphones lowered and said mile one, pace 8:54.  I was feeling great, enjoying the mind blowing views and zoning out to country music-it’s my favorite, it’s calming and I feel like I always have a piece of home with me. 


Who knew, I’d have a million inspiring thoughts running through my head during a 5K, but that’s a whole other post.  I know how lucky we are to be able to live & play here and we are beyond thankful for it.  Mile 2, 9:00.

I saw a Pebble Beach Golf team and high fived one of them!  I should meet up with them and run sometime.  How cool would that be!?


Before I knew it, I could see the finish line, mile 3 pace 8:56.  I was still feeling fantastic and gave it an extra little kick the last .10 and my mission was accomplished. 


I am stoked about throwing down solid splits especially not knowing my average pace until the mile was complete.


I walked it out for a bit, then sat on the edge of a cliff and stared at the ocean again.  I can’t even imagine this will never get old.


I was stoked to see finishers walking around with medals.  I was so focused on the cool down.  I went back and got one and saw a little boy who was probably around 5 wearing his medal.  His mom was smiling and telling him how proud she was.  He was just SO happy, his smile was adorable!  I walked over gave him knuckles and said congrats dude, you are cool!  Made my day!


I grabbed a cup of water & a banana from the Whole Foods tent and snapped a couple pictures of my new race bling.


The bling kept moving in the breeze so my shots were coming out blurry, so I patiently took several.  <-the life of a blogger!  I overheard a spectator next to me say “how many pictures does she need really need to take of her race medal?”  I looked over at him, gave him the WTH look and he shut right up. Punk.

This was a fantastic race with chip timing, lots of booths I never visited, major bonus points for medals.  It was organized, well other than my chip timing – I don’t see it in the race results and the course can’t be beat.  I’d totally do it again and hopefully I’ll make some running friends before next year and dress up!

What’s your 5K PR?

What’s your favorite distance to run?

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14 Comments on “Jingle Bell 5K race recap

  1. I don’t even remember the last 5k I did. I think that means that once I am healthy again I need to get back on the train and schedule another one to set my PR! I think my favorite distance is the half, but I will always love the marathon. It’s hard to choose!

  2. Such a beautiful race location. I am cutting back on my 5k races for 2014 and hitting longer distances. That being said, I would still run one for bling. haha. I can totally appreciate the strange looks from people when I take a million pictures trying to get the ‘right one’ for a blog post. Thank God my friends are always clicking away.

  3. I LOVE the 5K, its short, sweet and you don’t have as much time to mentally psych yourself out like in a marathon! My PR is 16:50 – but that was a few years ago. After I run the Boston Marathon in April I’m looking forward to taking up serious 5K training again and hopefully beating my PR!

    Great job on your race – that medal is adorable with the little jingle bell. There were dogs in costumes at my 5K race yesterday too – the cutest thing ever!

  4. Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone and running a new race in a new place! My fave is probably the 5k or 10k, but that might be because those are the only distances I have raced so far haha. p.s. I feel the same way about country music…makes me feel like I have a piece of home with me 🙂

  5. Thumbs up friend for a great race…my 5km PR is 28:and change…but I’m much more likely to run in the barely sub 30. You’re right your view and weather sucks…you should really consider moving

  6. That’s awesome 😀 !
    My last 5k was 2 years ago, so i don’t remember my timing it was called the Tulip run BUT there was no tulips lol !!! here in Washington we have a park during Spring that gets decorated with tulips and it’s very pretty but sadly this run didn’t do any part of the park boo ! .
    My favorite distance right now is 10 miles …that’s it ! 1 mile more and i start feeling like i gotta go poop lol !!

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