Things I’m loving lately

I woke up grumpy this morning.  There’s really no reason for it.  Guess I’m just feeling overwhelmed with all of the little things that need to get done like laundry, booking a hotel room, dishes, blah blah blah. 

Then I realized I need to snap out of it and be thankful for the simple things.  Our jobs, health, home – everything we are fortunate to have. 

Anyway here are some really simple things I’m loving lately.  Some you can buy, some you can’t.   

I’ve had a couple requests for the heavenly blanket & pj’s I raved about last week, so here they are.

The Calvin Klein blanket is like one giant fluffy warm cloud Bam & I never want to get out of.  I still can’t believe it was under $16 – total score!


The pajama’s are Aria Collection brand & I think the set was $16.99.  Both items are from Costco.  I’m thinking about getting a set in every color and pretending it’s totally normal to rock pj’s in public.  Or not.  We all know that’s only acceptable at Wal Mart. 


Mike insisted I post this pic modeling my new favorite pj’s ever.  Please accept my most sincere apology.   


Every year I have a tradition to pick out one ornament that represents an event that happened throughout the year.  This years was easy, I found a new home ornament from Hallmark and it’s just perfect!


I am in love with this bag.  It’s simple, goes with everything and absolutely stunning.

The Vintage Tote Bag from Whipping Post   Whipping Post

Ladies, back off Willie’s mine.  All mine. 


Even though “Willie” wouldn’t let me eat this little slice of heaven Oreo cheesecake before dinner last night.  Who does that?  It’s one of those life rules as a grown up, you can always eat dessert first. Whateva.


And these American flag cowboy boots!!  Oh my gosh I adore them!


Last week this sweetheart surprised me with a gift card to Starbucks for no reason at all.  Her random act of kindness made my week!  Then my week got even better when both Mike & I had Saturday off and spent it wandering around Monterey.  I even shared my gift card with him.  Just in case you were wondering, that’s love is right there.  Winking smile


Tell me 3 things you are thankful for.

What was the last random act of kindness someone did for you?

Do you prefer gifts or experiences?

I prefer experiences, memories last a lot longer.  But I’m not adverse to gifts, especially handmade ones.

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22 Comments on “Things I’m loving lately

  1. I’m thankful that we found out we don’t have to replace the furnace! That was a huge chunk of $$ saved! I’m thankful to be a stay at home mom, it’s not what I thought I wanted, but am so glad I got laid off and given the opportunity to feel this deep contentment and joy that is my life. Lastly I’m thankful to have a place to call home with more love than I knew was possible.

    Two weeks in a row the car in front of me paid for my coffee at Starbucks! Such a nice treat, and fun to pass on to the next car in line!

    I prefer experiences, but am thankful for the gifts as well.

    P.S. totally getting some of those PJ’s!

  2. I am thankful that it finally quit raining here after a week of straight down pours, 3 days off of work, and fresh legs to rack some running miles up on.

  3. I am thankful that my husband is taking his test today so I FINALLY get my husband back!

    I am thankful that Christmas is always here and that I will get to see my family soon – hopefully! *Keeping my fingers crossed*

    I am thankful that I have a warm house to stay in because we have about 20 inches of snow and it is FREEZING outside!

  4. I prefer experiences! Since our anniversary, Gary’s birthday and my birthday are in May-June, we forget presents {mostly} and try to go somewhere instead. 🙂
    I also think an adult rule is that it’s 100% okay to eat dessert in place of dinner. 😉

  5. I am thankful for:
    1. Popeye. Without him, I wouldn’t be Olive and that would be boring.
    2. Family and friends, especially those that are far away from me (even West Coast far;)).
    3. Cinnamon tea by Tazo that I discovered during our Target trip this past weekend.
    4. My students.
    5. Running.

  6. I love the cowboy boots they are gorgeous. Who doesn’t love amazing pjs!

    The last bit of kindness someone did for me was one of the girls in the office sent me an email this morning with a waving penguin on it saying I miss you! I left the team to join another team starting today and she missed me, it made me feel like someone cared.


  7. To me life is about about sharing and creating memories with those you love. I place way more value on experiences than gifts

    PS. I am thankful for the friendship we have been able to share together this year!

  8. I can’t even concentrate on anything else because now I feel like I NEED those flag boots (maybe with just a bit of bling!).
    Truthfully, I prefer experiences but I would take those boots!!!

  9. Let’s see…
    I’m thankful for being here in this country because it was hard for me to get here and be able to live here. I’m thankful for my kids because even though sometimes they drive me nuts, they are the only family I have in this country aside from my husband and I’m glad I’m able to give them a better life than what I had and last I’m thankful for coffee…I cannot live without coffee.
    Last act of kindess, my son’s friend’s parents gave me their beautiful treadmill!!! I was almost in tears because my treadmill broke a year before and so I was stuck running outside( not a big deal to me but ..).
    I prefer experiences, things can break ….memories cannot :).

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