The $100 store

After talking about those heavenly pj’s from Costco in yesterdays post, I decided I needed another set.  Yah, it was a total need. 


The purple polka dot’s are super cute, but they didn’t have my size.  But I scored these snowflake blue set.  Okay I think I’m done pj shopping for awhile now.


I did a little more Christmas shopping while I was there and saw these drums of EVOO for $129.99.  I’m pretty sure it’s a seasonal item – does anyone know why someone would need that much olive oil?  My first thought was to deep fry a turkey, but Mike said they used peanut oil.  Then he said you’re my boy blue and went to work.  Hah that man is always making me laugh!


Another score were these fresh raspberries.  I don’t know where they are in season, but they were delicious & so fresh.  Costco produce can be iffy sometimes, but these were an exception.


Who knew it’s bikini season in mid-December along the coast?  Add that to my list of reasons we are not moving away anytime soon. 

PS I have no idea why it says smoke, we had clear blue skies all day.


A perfect day to sit outside and flip through The Pioneer Woman’s new book with Bam sunning.  He said something about being too white.  A Facebook friend said at first glance, Bam looks like a turkey.  Then Mike commented that’s funny, my wife trying to brown a turkey in the sun.  That boy, I tell ya!  Winking smile


I’ve been wanting to juice, but have been too lazy to bust the juicer out.  Actually it’s also cleaning the gazillion parts.  Anyway Naked juice to the rescue!  The green machine is the best.  I know it looks gross, but it is so delicious. 


Fellow Mizuno lovers: a couple weeks ago Mizuno asked their fans to post questions for their running shoe experts.  Well, they have answers!  Along with quite a few secrets for 2014.  Word on the street is they’ve revamped their trail running shoe line up.  If you’re a fan of the Wave Rider, you might want to check out their 2014 trail running shoe collection.  Eeeekkk.  Maybe 2014 is the year I actually give trail running a shot.

What store to you almost always leave spending at least $100?

Costco, which is so easy to do and sometimes Target.  Oh how I love Target.

Kinda random, but does anyone have a Birthday close to Christmas?  I’ve always been curious on how you celebrate.   

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  1. Oh yes, I can easily drop $100 at Target – however, we are going to Costco this weekend, so look out! My sister and my brother-in-law both have birthdays close to Christmas (one on Christmas eve). We try to make their birthdays, less Christmassy for them, but it can be tough!

  2. Haha aww turkey Bam is the cutest! My birthday is Dec 6th- which I think is the right distance away from Christmas. I get to celebrate early in the month, wait a few weeks, and then more celebrating. #winning

  3. Love that green juice! You know where I just scored some totally awesome pj’s?!?…you’re fav clothing store – Holister – they are super cute and will be worn for family breakfast on Christmas morning!

  4. If I could reach through and grab a raspberry I would! They look so good! And the pj’s!
    I usually like my turkey a little less furry than the one in your pic 😉
    So I was up all night with contractions and I think this baby might come soon so I’d love to know how people with Christmas birthdays make it special. My other kids are summer birthdays and that’s so easy!

  5. My birthday is on December 28th, which kinda sucks. It is smack dab in the middle of Christmas and New Year’s. So most people are kind of ‘partied out’ and don’t want to do anything or they are away on vacation. But my parents have always tried to make it special and not let my b-day get lost in the shuffle.

  6. My mom has a birthday on January 1st. Poor thing, everyone is always so tuckered out by the time her birthday gets here that we only have the energy to give her a phone call from whatever bar we’re at. Phew! She definitely got the short end of the birthday stick 🙁

  7. Bam is the cutest. Baking in the sun:-)
    Those PJ’s look so cozy.
    Yes, I will agree that it is easy to spend $100 at Costco.
    Whole foods is another $100 store. I buy a lot of my face creams, cleansers, lotion and hair care products there. They actually have great deals most of the time.
    Another store is sur la table. Especially when they have a sale. I find dishes for food styling, knives, magazines, space saving items and appliances.
    I hear you about the juicer. I agree that green machine is the best! Last year, I bought a hand blender and make my own kale smoothies. It takes just a few minutes and super easy to clean. Sometimes I just make the smoothies the night before in order to save time in the morning.
    One of my cousins has her birthday close to Christmas. She would end up having two birthdays. One in December with just family and another in June ( for her half birthday) with her friends.

  8. I wish we had a Costco up here 🙁 I am super jealous of your PJ’s!! Can you send me a pair!? Haha JK! Maybe I will have to go check them out if we go home for Christmas! I am pretty sure my parents are members! 🙂

    I always spend way too much money at Target and the grocery store!

    My birthday is in April….so no luck here!

  9. I thought Bam was a pig in that picture. I had to do a double take!
    Target & Costco are always three-digit adventures. Always.
    My daughter’s birthday is December 23. We usually have her friends party a couple weeks before that. Then on her actual birthday she gets to pick where we go to dinner and we do another special dessert. And she gets most of her birthday presents from family then..

  10. I always go to Target intending to pick up just a couple items and leave having spent at least 100$. It’s a a love/hate relationship. I try to justify spending lots of money with the fact that I save by using my redcard.

  11. I was out and about today and snagged the blue snowflake PJs for my aunt and the purple polka dots for myself! Thanks for the great tip! I also went to Target and picked up their Champion brand running pullover! I live that they have the thumb holes in the sleeves!

  12. For us, that store would have to be Whole Foods. We walk out of there with hardly anything, but having spent close to $100?! Every time. They don’t call it “Whole Paycheck” for no reason!

    In your comment above, I saw that you said your birthday was on April 20th. Our wedding anniversary is April 20th!

  13. The “spend over $100 at Target phenomenon” just happened to me last Friday! I went in looking to buy a jar of Nutella and some pretzels and walked out with a new outfit for Christmas and presents for the pups. How does that happen so easily??

  14. I feel like I could go into any store and drop $100. Which is why I have a shopping problem, and my husband cringes whenever he hears that I am going into any kind of store.

  15. Costco shoppers make me stabby but I still spend a ridiculous amount of money when I go there.

    My friend gave birth to her oldest son on Christmas Day and worried he would miss out on cool parties and fun stuff. When he was older and in school she would have a 1/2 Birthday Party for him on June 25th. He loved it and never missed out on a super-fun day with his friends.

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