I might regret this…

Over the weekend Mike mentioned casually over lunch that maybe next year we should think about hiring a house cleaner.  I’ve been thinking about it since.

Feeling a little offended as I’m doing the best I can to stay on top of it, I stopped and thought about it for a bit before responding emotionally. 

“You know, our deal was that I did all of the working and you take care of everything else”, he said.  “But things have changed and you’re being pulled in a lot of different directions so I think we need to evolve with the changes.” (He has been working 14+ hour days, so I don’t ask him to clean)

Me: Ummmm, am I taking this the wrong way?

Mike: Yes.  Things have changed and I think it would be nice for us to focus on other things & let someone else take care of the cleaning.  The last thing I want is for you to be buzzing around the house on our days off.  I’d rather hang out with you.

Okay I totally get where he’s coming from.  I know he genuinely means what he says – his word is his word.  I am pulled in several directions.  I absolutely love everything I do and he works so much it does make sense.  The house isn’t a disaster or filthy, just messy and the floors could be cleaned more regularly. 

Buuuuut I just can’t let someone else come take care of our house.  Looks like Bam needs to grow some thumbs and help out around here.


I pour so much passion into everything I do, small & big.  I can not stand things being done half-ass.  I would rather it not get done at all, and lately I’ve been feeling like I can’t stay on top of the house & other life stuff as well as I used to.

Maybe I was feeling like I had to redeem myself or something, but I spent an entire afternoon & evening scrubbing the house. 

And yes, the floors are all swept & scrubbed.  Winking smile


The stove is sparkling.


All of the laundry is clean & put away.  Even I’m surprised there’s not a load of clean clothes left in the dryer to develop permanent wrinkles.  Heck, an iron, what’s that??

I LOVE cleaning and having a sparkling clean home.  The feeling of coming home to everything organized, cleaned and put away is right up there with a giant mug of your favorite extra bold hot coffee.  Yah, it’s that good!


Feeling accomplished and SO much better I sent Mike these text messages:


Of course I got a phone call about my threat only to laugh and tell me he’s really happy to come home to a clean house.  And question who I am when the bed is actually made long before I get in it.  

I don’t see anything wrong with others hiring a house cleaner at all.  I have a friend with 3 young kiddos who has a crew come in and clean hers and I think it’s perfect for her & the family.  I just think the Type A in my can not handle someone putting things away in the wrong spot.  And honestly maybe there’s a smidge of pride thrown in there too.  I know, first world problems. 

Do you have a house cleaner?  If not, would you consider hiring one?

How do you divide up household chores?

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24 Comments on “I might regret this…

  1. My parents started hiring a house cleaner when I was in elementary school. Both work full time, and like Mike, they think spending quality time with family is more important. I definitely agree with Mike, but I also definitely see your side. I’m a total type-A, OCD, vacuum-loving, control freak. I don’t like the idea of someone cleaning for me, when I could do it and do it MY way 😉 Go with the flow? What’s that?

  2. Oh what I would give for a steady housekeeper!!! working full time, full time mom plus all the other stuff I am involved in, plus making time for my de-stressing running plan …. It is VERY hard to keep a clean house…. It took me 4 hours on Sunday to clean and I didnt even GET to MY room! I have asked for a housekeeper but the husband is old fashioned and tigth with money ( trust me not a bad thing we balance each other out) however. he does see my frustration when my house is messy and will pitch in to help but even then it doesn’t last very long…. I keep pressing him in hopes he will just give in….. =) I would NEVER take offense to having some help around the house!

  3. I think Id like one to handle things like the floors and the bathroom because I hate doing that but I have no problem staying on top of laundry and dishes and stuff. My roommates and I rotate weekly trash/floors/dusting and it works out pretty well.

  4. My former room mate and I had a house cleaner to clean kitchen and common areas. She was a god send.
    If there were random papers and what not, she would just create a neat pile, stack magazines etc.
    There was never an issue of her misplacing anything.
    My fiance’ and I are getting one as soon as we can afford the extra expense.
    In the mean time, My fiance bought a rumba so it’s nice that the house is vacuumed frequently.
    As for the other cleaning, it takes up a few hours a week. I wish I had that extra time to dedicate to my business.

  5. You could always hire someone to come once or twice a month to do deep cleaning stuff. That way you do the regular maintenance stuff weekly and let someone else come and do the stuff that is more time consuming

  6. We have a nanny that comes in during the day look after the kiddo – she does the cleaning as well which I do love. At the start it was a little upsetting as she would make my bed, do this and that, and I wasn’t too keen on it, but I had to see the bigger picture, less time for me to do daily duties made me way happier!

  7. I am SO jealous! If I could hire a housekeeper, I would do it in a heartbeat. I was born with many gifts, and not ONE of them was the gift to be able to keep up a nice house. I have been so proud of my home and my room being what I consider spotless, and then my fiance will come over and be like….what the hell happened here. I don’t know, I was just not born with that gift. I’m gonna echo everyone else and say as SOON as we can afford that expense, we will be springing for someone to come in like every other week.

  8. my mom comes over once a month and cleans my man cave. i pay her cell phone bill, she cleans my house…it’s a perfect mother-son relationship 🙂

  9. I have hired people I know that clean houses on the side to occasionally come in and clean, but I don’t have somebody on the regular. However, I am the first person to admit that I am a horrible housekeeper and would love to have the option. Maybe one day…

  10. Hmm… this one’s tough. Hubby is the clean one in our relationship, but like you said, I don’t want to ask him to clean. He usually ends up doing it, though, because I’m really bad about it and it just needs done. However, I’ve noticed I’m getting better – slowly but surely. But I understand about you responding emotionally – even though it’s not my “thing,” I still wish I was clean and tidy, just for his sake. So it sucks to be reminded that I”m not.

    Also, your house looks like you could lick the floors… nice job!

  11. My parents have one, Both of them work and have a lot going on. For starters my dad can’t clean worth a damn, and my mom travels a lot for work. She pays someone to come once a week. And note= my mother is serious control freak with cleaning and stuff- she took the time to be there the first time the cleaner was there and showed her EXACTLY how she likes thiings done and where things belong. That really helped her stress level.

    My fiance and I have considered one, as we are both so busy all the time. It hasn’t happened yet but it also hasn’t been ruled out.

  12. HA my husband thankfully doesn’t care too much because I am bad about staying on top of it. We don’t have one and probably wouldn’t even consider it anytime soon – we are still renting and we realize our house isn’t the best. Maybe one day when we own our home!

  13. I would LOVE, I mean love x 10, someone to clean my house. I grew up in a super clean house so it’s hard for me to deal with messes; dishes do not belong sitting in the sink, bathrooms should always be clean! I did really great at cleaning until I had kids. Have you seen this going around: I do more cleaning in the 10 minutes before someone comes over than in a whole month. Haha now that’s me!

  14. My husband was against hiring a cleaner for years, didn’t want a stranger coming into the house and going through his underpants drawer or something like that. Last year I was still working outside the home my husband was away 5 days a week and we found ourselves spending our weekends together cleaning our massive house, seriously it was three stories high and had 3 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms! It wasn’t something we could do in an afternoon. Mike finally gave in to hiring someone to help out and for us it was the best money we had ever spent! Our cleaner took care of the floors and bathrooms, we took care of the rest. We sold our giant house this past summer and now live in something smaller. I thought it would be easier to stay on top of things but it isn’t.

    Now that I am home full time with no plans to go back to work I take care of the house but I could be better at it. Maybe the list-maker in me should put together a Monday-Friday schedule with what needs to be done.

  15. Since I don’t currently work outside the home, I definitely feel like it’s my job to take care of all the housework because my husband is the one working full time. Even when I worked a full time job with a ton of over time hours, there is no way that I could’ve let someone else come in and take care of housework. If I do let the house get a little dirty, my husband will mention it sometimes. Not fun to hear, so I do exactly what you did. Clean until the house sparkles!

  16. I’ve thought about it…but like you…my type A personality just won’t allow it. I do like the satisfaction of doing the good cleaning…problem is that 10 minutes later Indy has run over the sparkling floors with snowy feet.

  17. We don’t have a house cleaner – I’m too anal and would probably end up redoing everything anyway!

  18. I can see myself hiring someone in the distant future (if we have the monies, of course)… especially when there are a bunch of little kiddos running around.

  19. It’s kind of funny because we had a housekeeper when we were kid free, and both working full time. Now that I’m a stay at home mom and we are one a single income we can’t afford it, but need it more now than ever. I have such a hard time getting all the cleaning done and taking care of the munchkin.

    I was totally like you when we first talked about hiring a cleaner. But, it was the best thing ever! We limited it to floors, toilets, sinks, bathtubs and windows, and dusting. No laundry or dishes, or putting things away. The time intensive cleaning was done, and everything was in it’s place. She came every two weeks and it was pretty amazing! Try it for the deep cleaning/time intensive stuff. If you don’t like it then cancel it. The time together is worth it!

  20. I would love to have a house cleaner but I would have to clean before I even let her in the house LOL! Pride I guess. There are four humans and three four legged family members in our home and everyone helps out except the four legged ones and they think it is their job to make the messes we clean.

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