Oops sorry about that, apparently I have a little sugar hangover this morning.  Did you know that yesterday was National Bake Cookies Day?  Me either until I was scrolling through IG and saw this girls post about it while waiting for my cookies to cool. 

I used this Sugar Cookie baking kit from TJ’s and may have went a little overboard with butter.  Let’s just say that sometimes my inability to agree with math actually turns out quite tasty. 


Even though 99% of our worldly belongings are unpacked, I still could not find the Christmas cookie cutters.  I did find tons of sprinkles so that makes them a little more festive.


I’m feeling good about keeping up with my goals for taking it easy and enjoying the season.  I even wrapped most of the gifts that were piled up next to the tree.  I still need to work on finishing our shopping, but for now I’ll just enjoy my mini accomplishments. 


Speaking of treats, Arctic Zero sent me a ton of their frozen desserts to try.  Because I am mature I made a Christmas tree in front of my Christmas tree.  Just roll with this one mmmkay, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. 


Let’s see, from top to bottom we have chocolate peanut butter, mint chocolate, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla maple, cookies and cream, a box of chocolate dipped strawberry & orange bars and a box of chocolate dipped chocolate & vanilla bars.

Cool facts about Arctic Zero:

  • Every pint is 150 calories & fat free
  • 8 grams of fiber per pint
  • Made with Whey Protein
  • Lactose Intolerant friends can dig in
  • Simple ingredients even I can read and understand.

Naturally I cracked open the coffee flavor and was greeted with this.  Thanks honey.  That’s probably the last time I’ll ask you to pick up a shipment of ice cream.  Winking smile


At lease he left me enough to try.  And it was so worth it!  It definitely had a punch of coffee flavor and the texture is light with a touch of creamy.  It’s not heavy & rich like ice cream.

So I did what any girl with 7 pints of deliciousness would do, I grabbed a giant spoon the size of my face and lined ‘em up.  What, you know you would do the same thing. 


My overall thoughts: I dig them!  Well, with the exception of mint chocolate & peanut butter which I don’t care for in general so I guess that doesn’t count. 

If you’re looking for real ice cream at 150 calories a pint, this probably isn’t for you.  But if you’re looking for a “healthier” alternative with lot’s of flavor, and not overly sweet, consider giving it a shot.  And for what it’s worth, Mike is a huge fan.  And that boy loves his ice cream.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor in the whole world?

Cake batter.  Mmmmmmm

Have you done any holiday baking?  Any recipes I have to try?

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10 Comments on “SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Oh man, I would eat those so quickly if I could justify it but saying they’re only 150 calories…I eat normal pints like it’s my job anyway so give me “healthy” ice cream and it’s over.

    Favorite ice cream: most anything from Jeni’s (blackberry corn!) and daiquiri ice from baskin robbins 🙂

  2. My teammates and I discovered that ice cream during cross country of my junior year. So good – I love the chocolate! My favorite ice cream flavor in the world (besides chocolate) is Ben & Jetty’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. It is depressingly hard to find but when I can get my hands on it it doesn’t last long!

    I baked up a storm yesterday too! I’ll be posting one of my cookie recipes tomorrow! I’ll make sure to share the link once its up – they are definitely one you have to try!

  3. There are tons of cookie recipes on my post today from readers and on my OLIVETORUN facebook page… they look freaking delicious- can we do a cookie date please? 😉

  4. Cookies ‘n cream! I put some crunchy chocolate Nuttzo in cookies ‘n cream Arctic Zero the other night, and it tasted like cookies and browniessss om nom nom

  5. I’ve wanted to try Arctic Zero for a while now! I almost bought it on my birthday, but then I was like, hey it’s my birthday. I can be fat if I want to. I still got low fat ice cream though…whomp whomp. I definitely will try it now! Not a huge ice cream person, more of a frozen yogurt and sorbet lover. But my favorite ice cream is probably toasted almond!

  6. It’s hard for me to say, I love cookies and cream but I also love Starbucks coffee ice cream and then Strawberry pound cake from Ben & Jerry’s :p.
    I’m more of a cupcake person but I made some Hershey’s blossom cookies, the recipe is in the back of the Hershey’s chocolate bag, I always make some 😀

  7. I love ice cream. I love Ben and Jerry’s Everything But The and Half Baked. I also really like plain vanilla. And I make a mean homemade heath bar ice cream. Can you tell I love it just a little?

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