Martha Stewart I am not

My mission in life this week was to transform this into a guest room.


Martha freaking Stewart I am not.

Mike had a brilliant idea to rent a huge dumpster and go through all of our crap stuff.  We tag teamed this room like a boss and tossed all of the junk, then donated an SUV full of other stuff.  The OCD in me can’t even handle the excitement.

The bed was delivered yesterday and our little beach house guest room is officially open for business!!  Lu will be staying with us for awhile over Christmas break, so she’ll be the bed tester outer.  We are stoked to have her hang with us and to have my little sidekick to roam around the beach with.

Anyway here’s what we have right now.  It’s a work in progress, but this will do for now.


A little up close pic of the bedding.


Then I rewarded myself with a pedi.  Not because of the bedroom thing, but because I survived the craft store parking lot.  I had to dodge 41 cars on my way in & out of that place.  Plus the store itself.  I’d still rather run in the mud.


On a random note, have you ever asked yourself if 3:42pm is too early for your evening bubble bath?  If not, the answer is no.


Both Mike & I have a 3 day weekend.  I have been counting down the seconds all week.  I have big plans to harass and poke and bug the crap outta that man – you know the usual times 74.6 hours.  As you can imagine, he is really looking forward to it.  Or Monday.

We have a Christmas party to attend and Mike wants to go shopping for some Wranglers & cowboy boots.

Yah, we may never make it to that party…bow chicka wow wow.

Decor genuineness, what would go well in the guest room?

What is something your significant other wears that you LOVE?

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15 Comments on “Martha Stewart I am not

  1. Maybe something for on top of the fireplace? Like a cool vase? <–this is why it is good that my aunt is an interior decorator. she will be decorating my future home, she just doesn't know it yet.

    I like my guy in a basic v-neck (no deep v please) and jeans. No idea why. I just think he looks good in them I guess.

  2. Love the sheet set you picked up … Costco?

    Not a decor suggestion but a guest suggestion. I keep a basket with items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wipes, tissues, girly products etc in the guest room just in case our visitors forget something and don’t want to ask. I also put towels and face clothes in there too along with hangers in the closet.

  3. I know you didn’t ask for an opinion on furniture placement, but the wannabe decorator in me just has to ask. 🙂 Would the bed work on the other wall underneath the windows? Can’t really tell from the pics if it would be too close to the doorway. If so, I’d put the bed there and put a chair in the corner on the wall with the fireplace and put either a table or a small dresser (or similar piece of furniture) on the wall underneath those windows. A mirror or framed picture would be great over the fireplace with some candles.

  4. What an incredible transformation!!! Looks awesome!
    Sounds like you are going to have a super weekend!! Enjoy!

  5. I love when my husband sports the 5 o’clock shadow. And kudos to you for tackling that bedroom. We moved in May and still have a bedroom full of boxes that need to be sorted through.

  6. OK, you’ve officially inspired me! My goal this past week was to get my office clean, because it looks way worse than the before picture you showed…right down to the NASCAR wallpaper (it was the bedroom of a 14-year-old boy before we bought the house). I am officially gonna get my butt in gear and get to work…right after I’ve finished my coffee!

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