A night out with my cowboy

Last night we got all spiffy, put on our Sunday best to attend a Christmas party.  A couple that wears cowboy boots together….uh well, I guess has a great time.  Or however that goes.


I kind of love this cowboy.  <3


It was buffet style so we grabbed a plate and loaded up.  Those green beans & potatoes were by far my favorite dish of the evening.  The green beans were crisp & crunchy and had an ever so slight vinegar & crushed red pepper bite.  Perfection!


Dessert was a full on ice cream bar complete with hot fudge, caramel, crushed Oreo’s and a bunch of other toppings. 

It was Mike’s first time at Spanish Bay so we wandered around admiring the beauty of the property. 


That boy’s eyes lit up when he saw the Rolex clock wall with times from all over the world.  It’s quite a sight. 


We were greeted with Christmas carolers in the lobby, then enjoyed sitting by the gigantic fireplace, staring at the real Christmas tree while soaking in the season.  Is this real life??



Oh we can’t forget the giant gingerbread village!!


Excuse me while I go all Templeton style here.  I’m a sucker for the tiny details so this did not disappoint.  There was even a pool on the top of one of these buildings.  So cool!


After the party, we drove down Candy Cane Lane Cali style-top down.  It was 44, not windy and clear plus we had the heater on our feet.  Perfection!

Here are a few of my favorite’s:




I had a fantastic evening with my man.  We really need to get dressed up and go out more often. 

How often do you get dressed up for a date night?  What do you do?

Clearly not often enough.  That needs to change.

Did you attend a Christmas party?  Tell me all about it!

Do you build gingerbread houses?

No, but I would LOVE to.  It’s one of those things you build with others and Bam doesn’t have thumbs. 

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12 Comments on “A night out with my cowboy

  1. I love getting all dressed up but my hubs is completed opposite so we don’t do it very much. I have never made a gingerbread house (crafting and I do not go together) but I do love to admire them.

  2. I did get all gussied up last night…and headed out…but not with Mike – so he asked who I was trying to impress…hehe.
    Hope you and Mike enjoy your next 2 days off together!!!

  3. Before going out to a rare nice dinner (Seattle Space Needle) I had to get my husband to a) change out of jeans and then b) explain white socks with loafers and dark pants were not okay – so no, we don’t get dressed up to go out often! He came toy work Christmas party which was pot luck in our office lunchroom, which was totally okay because it looks out onto Lake Union an the boats all have Christmas lights. I’ve never made a gingerbread house, but I LOVE gingerbread – maybe even as much as you love cupcakes!

  4. Glad you managed to make it out to Candy Cane Lane. It’s an oldie but goodie. We got there each year when visiting Eric’s family. Love the giant toy soldier too. Though it kinda scares me. One year it had red eyes. haha. Did you see the blue Christmas house with the Elvis in the window?

    That gingerbread city is amazing. I love the little details too. I spy a snow man in that pic 🙂 I haven’t built a gingerbread house in years. I honestly can’t recall when.

  5. I don’t think my husband and I have ever gotten dressed up for date night – BUT I live most of the week in hoodies and workout clothes so anything besides that I guess you could consider getting dressed up!

  6. We just recently got dressed up and went to the Christmas Symphony then dinner. It was such a fun night. You are right we MUST do it more often. No Christmas parties for us this year. I’m ok with that though. YES, we do build a gingerbread house. I posted a pic of mine on IG (KMLRUNNER) but it’s not quite the village you posted 🙂 You guys look great all dressed up. Glad you enjoyed your date night 🙂

  7. Nah, I don’t get dressed up for date nights very often (only the special ones like anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s day).
    Love the Christmas decorations. Great photos!

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