That’s a big piece of meat

I sure hope you don’t get tired of ocean/beach pictures.  I can’t stop exploring and showing Lu around.  Or stay inside.

Yesterday Mike had the day off, so we ran errands *cough returned the Windows 8 laptop cough.*  Yuck.  Then went to lunch + Costco for Sunday’s dinner.  That boy is dying to smoke ribs using his new KC rub grandma Jo made.


Yah, his big piece of meat with her Cooking Light mag.  Totally normal, right?

Then Mike had a great idea to hit up Cannery Row.  Uh, let’s just say he had the best intentions but was quickly vetoed when we drove by huge mobs of people.  No thank you. 

So we wandered around Pacific Grove { a.k.a PG} & hit up the coastline.  Much more our speed.


We climbed over rocks to catch a closer view + check out the tide pools + sea life.


I think Lu & I are going back at low tide next week to explore some more.  Seriously, we could spend all day tromping through the rocks & sand.


A cowboy.  At the beach.  Be still my heart.


Then we stood there admiring the rugged Northern Cali coast in awe for a long time until the cowboy rounded up the girls to head home.



We ended the day at home on the couch with a crock pot roast and margaritas.  Then this girl went to bed extra early for no reason at all.


A couple things:

I am getting really excited about 2014!!  I don’t do resolution’s but I love having a vision/inspiration board to keep track of goals I’d like to achieve in 2014.  Anyone want to join me?

I’m on the hunt for a new planner.  If you have one you love, please let me know.  I’ve heard Erin Condren has some really good ones.  Any recommendations?


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  1. I bought a new planner, the kind with appointment slots (my dream!) accidentally for 2014 in July…so I’m just really excited to finally be able to use it!

  2. Ok, that’s it. As soon as my 3-year-old is over this fever, we are heading over to Monterey for the day. It is just too gorgeous there right now and we’ll need to excursion after being stuck inside for these few days in the beautiful weather.

  3. I too am excited about 2014! We had a really bad 2013 and have lots of hopeful plans for the upcoming year. I’ve never made resolutions either; I’m much more of a goal oriented person so I’m totally with you on the vision/inspiration board for 2014!

  4. I love all of your beach/water pics and hope you keep showing them!!! Since I live in Kansas, I enjoy the beach through your pictures!
    I’m trying something new with my planner this year – going all techie and using a google app on my iPad that since with both my phones (personal and business) and my husband’s phone – I prefer a written planner but this might actually make my life a bit easier!!

  5. As a family, we use Cozi which is online and does appts, grocery lists etc (everyone can add to the same list – when I go grocery hunting, if it’s not on Cozi, I don’t get it!). For me though, I really love a paper planner, but Franklin Covey ones just rock my world any more. I hope you get good suggestions here! (Liked the one you linked to a lot, but I’m a bit too cheap for that snazzy one!)

  6. I am looking for a new planner too but Erin Condren just seems to expensive for me!

    I am with you on being ready for 2014! I Need a new year – it has been a tough one and I need a start over 🙂 A new year is a perfect time for that!

  7. I actually got this deluxe planner from Barnes and Noble that I really love. It’s huge, and it has all the room that you need to scribble all your appointments down. Plus, they’re really affordable!

  8. I’ve been looking into Erin’s planners as well…they look amazballs (but just seem a little pricey – so it’s hard to bite the bullet – and you wouldn’t get it until almost the end of January…)

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