Tips for a more organized new year

Happy New Year’s Eve!! 

If I were a normal person I’d tell you that Mike & I are going out to dinner, holding hands under the stars, sipping champagne while ringing in the New Year with a long kiss.

Let’s be real, I have big plans of doing…nothing.  The fireworks will probably wake this grandma up.  

But I do have some redeeming quality’s.  I’m sort of an organization nerd.  Clutter drives me crazy, whether it be in the house, my inbox or cabinets.  I can’t even think straight if there’s a pile of mail that needs to be sorted staring at me.  Which is the current state of my desk in the office – er storage room.  Gah.

Anyway here are some of my tips to start the new year a little less cluttered and a little more organized so you have more time to get your run on.

  • Go through your inbox{s} and delete old emails you no longer need.  Then create folders + sub folders to file important emails.
  • While going through your inbox, unsubscribe to email lists you don’t care for. 
  • If you’re like me with a pile of paperwork staring you down, go through it, shred, file or throw it away.  Everything needs a home.  Smile
  • While you’re going through paperwork, start gathering tax information.  Yah, that one is not fun, but SO therapeutic when it’s done.
  • If you plan to take the Christmas decorations down, go through the storage boxes and donate or throw away stuff you haven’t used in years.  We did this last week + it felt so good.  Plus we have more room for those after Christmas clearance purchases.   
  • Clean something you keep putting off & absolutely despise doing but it feels so good when it’s done.  For me it’s dusting furniture.  I got off easy, Lu did that for me the other day.  I’m starting to like this whole kid thing.  Winking smile

If you’re feeling really adventitious, go through your closet & dresser, donate stuff you don’t wear.  Same with the kitchen + bathroom cabinets.  

Okay I’ll stop now.

What are your plans for NYE?

Add your cleaning + organizing tips!


7 Comments on “Tips for a more organized new year

  1. Great post! I also hate clutter – can’t stand it in fact. The hubs and I are moving in early 2014 so for the next few months I’ll be on a hunt to declutter, throw-out, and donate. You know you’re type A when you look forward to that! 😉

  2. I’m weirdly obsessive about deleting emails, I have maybe 30 total old messages that I save in my inbox and everything else gets deleted the second I don’t need it anymore. I have a MUCH tougher time with clothes but I try once a year to go through and if I haven’t worn it all year, I donate the item. Well, 90% of the time…we all know there are some things you’ll keep telling yourself that you’ll wear eventually 😉

  3. Oh man I really need to do that clean up the email thing. I have so many emails just sitting in my inbox that I don’t even look at but want to keep.

  4. Hey! I love this blog! I actually had this week off of work and did just that, organized everything. I deep cleaned the closet, organized files on the computer, and the inbox, and created folders. It helps SO much to do that… I feel like I can think clearer & have less to worry about. Anyway – cheers to keeping it organized! Have a great new year! – Monica

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