Rio Grill’s Resolution run 2014

I planned to have my 2014 inspiration board done, but hanging with the family > finishing the inspiration board.  Ah well, it was worth it.  I’ll have it up soon.


I already knew I was going to love the Rio Grill Resolution race when I rolled up and parked right next to the green + white circle of liquid gold.  Major bonus points for a running store close by too.

2014-01-01 09.58.04

I think every race should start at 9:00am +  next to the ‘bucks.  In the book of Jacqueline it’s perfect.

I left my house at 8:20, parked, picked up my bib + shirt and still had time to hit up the bat room, stretch and take dumb pics of myself.

2014-01-01 08.48.55

2014-01-01 08.49.57-2

You are welcome.

2014-01-01 08.55.20

2013 was incredible and there’s no better way to kick off 2014 than to torture myself with a race.  #dowhatilove

It started late due to runners signing up last minute, so I stretched out and tried to stay warm.  I mean 50 in Cali is totally near freezing to death.

The course is on/off road through gorgeous mansion lined streets in Carmel.  We ran on a trail which seemed to be uphill for miles.  Okay I might be a little dramatic, it was probably less than a mile.  We haven’t had much rain lately so it was really dusty.  I had dirt in my eyeballs & snot the rest of the day.  #firstworldproblems

2014-01-01 09.19.47-1

Gosh, it was beautiful.  I can’t wait to hike it with Mike soon.

2014-01-01 09.33.53

The last mile had a slight decline which I kept thinking this is awesome!  I love running.  And racing.  And everything. 

It was a hilly point to point course that ended at the Carmel Mission which of course was really beautiful. 

Then we walked back to the Crossroads & Highway 1 {start} which was a really nice way to cool down and enjoy the California sunshine.

2014-01-01 09.56.41

Major thanks to Mizuno for enabling my addiction for running + hooking me with the coolest gear & kicks this girl could imagine.  I’ll talk a little more about it later, but I’m stoked to be a Mizuno Ambassador for 2014!

2014-01-01 09.44.45

Overall the race was awesome!  I can’t wait to run it again next year, maybe the 10K.  We had plans for the rest of the day so I didn’t stay for the after party, but it looked pretty schweet.

2014-01-01 09.56.41

I am a huge fan of smaller races.  If I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to catch a shuttle, just to wait for hours in the cold for the start, chances are I won’t even sign up.  It’s just not my thing.  So this race rocked!  The only downfall was the later start time.  I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to races, but delays due to last minute sign ups is one of my pet peeves.  Oh and running out of water.  Not cool.

What are your race pet peeves?

When is your next race?  What distance are you running?

Small or huge races, pick one.


19 Comments on “Rio Grill’s Resolution run 2014

  1. I wanted to do thenew years race here in Fresno but Ilagged and well kind of broke! Getting ready for my first half in 17 days! It is a butt crack of dawn race definitely out of MY norm…. 5am start time… and having major mixed feelings about the race! from excited to scared and everything inbetween! Either way I will give it all I got…. anddd OMG Mizuno ambassador! That has got to be the best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I got my mizunos I am IN LOVE! Want & need a new pair but again back to the broke thing…. HAHAHA IDK if I have ran enough reace to say which is my favorite yet…. I think any race that I can finish at and have hat sense of accomplishment is my favorite! Happy New Year friend!

  2. Late starts and running out of water are some of my pet peeves, too. And false advertising- as in, advertising a flat course so I start off at a fast pace then die because of all the hills I wasn’t expecting.

    My first race in 2014 will be the Red Shoe Run here in Birmingham, Al later this month. It is a 10 miler that is always the weekend before the circus comes to town. I like big races for long distance and small races for short distance. Big races and big crowds helps motivate me for the longer miles, but I like small races for short distances because I win my age group sometimes (and I love winning) 🙂

  3. Cool about being an ambassador! I’ve been running for almost 18 years and I’ve never worn Mizunos. Crazy, huh? I’d like to though.
    That race looks gorgeous! I love doing both big and small races but I’d probably pick small if I had to.
    Pet peeve: route not clearly marked! It happened to me once in a small race and I seriously was praying I was going the right way! I probably ran a full 2 miles wondering if I was going the right way…I was, thank goodness. Also, it was a relay so there weren’t other runners all around me.

    • Thank goodness you were going the right way. What a bummer if you had to backtrack and add on unplanned mileage. Not cool. How’s you sweet baby girl?

  4. Awesome! Mizuno Ambassador!? That’s amazing congrats girl!

    Great race too! Your weather makes me so jealous! It’s so beautiful there but we have a blizzard here..ugh!!

  5. Next race is on my birthday! (Early March) it’s totally normal to torture yourself with a half marathon on your birthday, right?

    Congrats on being a Mizuno ambassador, that’s amazing!

  6. Yay!! Congrats on an awesome start to 2014! One of my biggest race pet peeves- people who decide to walk in the center of the lane…drives me crazy! Move over to the side people, it’s like driving. I wonder if they’re horrible drivers too?

    • Ha that’s so funny you mention the driving part. Mike says the same thing in stores when people have no idea how to push a shopping cart. Drives us nuts!

  7. Congrats on being a mizuno ambassador! My biggest pet peeve is when a course is short. There is almost nothing more disappointing than thinking you set a PR and realizing you definitely didn’t. My next race isn’t until Feb 23 but I might try to find a 5 or 10k before then.

    • Yes, that too. Then I get confused on weather or not I should count it as a PR. What if we run through tunnels, etc. #firstworldproblems

  8. Great race, I totally agree on the race start near SBUX thing.

    I like small and big races, depends on what my goals are for said race and the distance (so much for an easy answer for ya). Pet peeves–> RUnning out of race shirts..for people who PRE-REGISTERED!…Running out of water, disorganized races… I could go on.

  9. Way to go on an awesome race, girl! And WOOOHOOOO for Mizuno!! I love them!

    Pet peeve: when I have to weave through a million people at the beginning of a race. I hate hate HATE congestion.
    Next race: Phoenix Marathon on March 1st!
    Hmmm I like big races for the energy, small races for the convenience.

    Happy new year!

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