Hiking in Carmel

We have a tradition of going on a New Years Day hike.  Apparently we broke our own tradition by going to the aquarium. Oh well Lu & I made up for it by going for a hike in Carmel on the 2nd.  

2014-01-02 13.22.06

Snowed in friends close your eyes, because it has been sunny & 72 for weeks now.  Every day I admire the beauty and tell Mike I am never moving.  Ever.

2014-01-02 13.21.22

As much as I enjoyed living in the Bay Area, the Google runs, the Bay Trail, Ikea {!} the never ending list of things to see + explore, and Philz Coffee! I never ‘loved’ living there.  The traffic, dense population, the outrageous cost of living.  We rented a 800 square foot condo for $2050 a month.  When we moved a little over a year later, it was rented for $2300.  But we got free water and harassed by Nature Girl on the reg. Winking smile Plus the left leaning political ideology just didn’t sit well with this country girl. 

We are in LOVE with Monterey!  We plan on living here until Mike retires.  Of course there’s always some negatives but I no longer feel like there’s a new rule or law shoved down my throat every 4 seconds just so some control freak can have their way.   

This trail is another reason why I love it here.  Major bonus points for it welcoming off leash dogs.  Bam is going to loose his little mind here.

2014-01-02 13.45.56

I have this inability to act my age.  In my defense Lu provoked me.

2014-01-02 13.33.11

Lu was rewarded an iPod 5 for her kick butt grades so we did a little mini photo shoot.  Maybe 2014 is the year I stop wishing and finally take up trail running?

2014-01-02 13.44.54

I can just imagine running here!  Anyone wanna be my buddy? 

2014-01-02 13.50.00

After the hike, we did what any normal human would do – went to the most beautiful Starbucks I’ve ever seen.  I would know since I’ve been to 99.9999% of them.  I may be exaggerating here, just roll with it.

2014-01-02 14.07.38

Starbucks, if you’re looking for a model, I’m your chick.  Just sayin’

2014-01-02 14.15.50

The rest of the afternoon was spent with this guy.  Clearly he has no concept of personal space.

2014-01-02 16.34.58

What are some pros + cons about where you live?

Any trail runners out there?

Be honest, do you act your age?

Obviously I do not.  #imokaywiththis


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  1. You know it’s too bad. I read running blogs to hear about running and maybe some light personal information about the blogger. I personally do NOT consider political ideology light personal information. You might want to consider how you are alienating people who previously really enjoyed reading your blog by insulting their beliefs just because they differ from yours.

  2. I’ve only done one 10k trail run. I almost died and loved it at the sane time. I did just hear about a half marathon trail run here in the foothills in March— I’ve heard it’s a tough trail- seeing as his you get 5 hours to finish it!!!

      • I am tempted to try the 1/2 trail run but kind of terrified. Also contemplating the heavenly half in Feb- all downhill!
        Yes- running the classic- glad they moved it up to March! Are you??

        • I’m so excited for you!!! I won’t be doing the Classic, working on building my mileage back up. Keep me posted on the trail running!

  3. I really dislike when people are LOOKING to be offended. I love ya!
    I love where I live. It’s a great neighborhood with good people and lots of friends for my kids. I would love if we were a little closer to the mountains…but there’s really very little I’d change.
    The rent in the Bay Area blows my mind! In Utah you can get 3,000-4,000 square ft for around $300,000. But then, you will be living in Utah 😉 haha it love it here!

    • Thank you SO much for the love! I hear Utah is absolutely beautiful! Mikes been there several times. He used to drive truck back in the day. Give that sweet little baby a hug for me. 🙂

  4. Beautiful locale! My brother is going to come out of running “retirement” (wtf he’s 7 years younger than me, but his youngest is 5 months, mine is 16) so we can run (with my said 16 yr old, too, and maybe my baby sister) the Dirty Half trail run in Bend, Or in June. I’m nervous, my FIRST half is in 3 weeks, flat, and at about an elev of 200′ (guess that’s the pro for where I live, con is it’s called The Rain Run for a reason,). The DH starts at around 3600 with about 500+ gain.

    I only act my age when needing to buy wine/whiskey, or after a long run when my feet hurt. The rest of the time I prefer to act my shoe size – 9.5!

    BTW, love your shared relationship with Lu. Having been a step, and having/causing steps from (a shocking but now settled-happily-for-a-gazillion-years-into-my-3rd marriage – don’t judge ;), the way you are all approaching it is awesome. My aforementioned bro & sis are technically my halfs, but we never got into labels. I get along with my dos exes and their wives, who love my kids as much (well…) as I do.

    • Hah the rain run sounds awesome – I’d totally run it with you if I lived near Bend! I love mud runs & running in the rain.
      I love stories like yours with mixed families. It shows that things don’t always have to end with bitter + resentment. It’s possible to live a normal – adjusted life and it’s totally doable. I’m so happy for you & your family. Thanks for sharing.

  5. awwww, Bam, what a cutie! My dog likes to sit right up close to us too. Silly pups! I run on trails a few times a week and I think that its really good for my knees and ankles and keeps my legs from getting too beat up. You should definitely start trail running! 🙂

    • I was wondering if it’s easier on the knees & ankles since the terrain is generally uneven. Did it take some time to adjust?

  6. I would love to do some trail running but we have NO good trails around here! Seriously I think I am going to tell my husband we just need to up and move to CA!!

    Got a great workout in this morning and it is time for date night! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  7. I’ve been really wanting to move after I get my teaching credential simply because I have lived here for so long and the boyfriend’s professional goals wouldn’t work out super well in our tiny little town. The Bay Area is definitely one of the places I’ve been thinking of applying for jobs, but holy cow! I can’t even fathom paying that much!! That’s obscene. Maybe I’ll move to Monterey too. I love it there. 😉

  8. Pros of Minnesota – the awesome summers and unbelievable beauty of the North Shore.
    Cons of Minnesota – the winters…it’s going to be -26 on Monday (with a windchill of -60)…enough said.
    I love trail running, though I’ve never completed a trail race. But that will soon change when I run my first this summer 🙂
    Age is overrated. I love Disney.

    • I’m in Fargo Nd I second your pro and con list! Pro = summer! CON = WINTER

      • Okay I just asked Siri what the weather is like in Fargo, ND & she said “it looks pretty bad out there, -27.” Holy smokes girl you’re on your own. 😉

  9. Living in the Bay Area myself, I know exactly what you are saying! Unfortunately, we are stuck here for the long haul since we just spent $$$ on a tiny house. Our family is all here too, which is great for watching the kids, so it would be hard to move anyway. I LOVE Monterey and Carmel, but not in the summer! It is unbelievably gorgeous there and I so think I could live there…until it’s 50 and foggy in August. Can’t handle that!

    • I can so relate to you! I’m not a fan of a foggy summer either, but I can’t complain too much as it’s sunny & 72 in January. What part of the Bay do you live in? We had lived in San Mateo & Mountain View.

  10. Hey J, posting for the first time. I love reading your blog!
    I might be moving to Monterey with my husband for grad school in the Fall. Based on your blog, I think I am going to absolutely love it there!
    We are also huge, huge trail runners– so you might get your wish after all 🙂
    Are there any running or hiking clubs in the area?

    • Oh gosh you guys will love it here!! I don’t know of any running groups though I haven’t looked, but we could start our own. 😉 If you move to my neck of the woods, we’ll def have to meet up!

  11. HAWAII
    pros: weather, sunshine, quality of life, the beach, friends, being far from family
    cons: BUGS, being far from family, $$$
    i’m loving this adventure

    • I really like being far from family is both a pro & con. ;). Mike remembers the giant bugs. He’s not a fan either.

  12. I have only run on paved “trails” here in my area, but I’d become your trail running buddy if I could run on a trail like that! 🙂
    We have some nice Starbuck”s locations here in the Dallas area, but none that look that pretty.

    As much as I loved visiting the Bay area, I don’t think that I could ever live there because of the exact reasons you named.

  13. Pros of Alabama- Rarely snows, country living is the best, cost of living is super low, and our accents rock 🙂
    Cons- tornadoes, humidity, and stereotypes

    I never act my age. I act like a maw maw most of the time.

    PS- I love that you mix it up with running and everyday living posts, and am never offended by your personal beliefs or statements, even when they differ from mine.

  14. Right now, I can think of more cons about where I live than pros: the sub-zero temps, the snow, the short days (even though I live in Mass., not Alaska!). But one of the major pros is that I literally have MILES of running trails right in my backyard (it abuts against a state forest), so I could literally run an ultra right in my own backyard. Unfortunately, I’m not ready for that…yet. I’ve gotta tackle the marathon first. 🙂

  15. I’m one of the snowed in friends from Wisco. Despite the record low wind chills we have going right now (-50) and the snow, I love seeing your pictures and hearing about your perfect running weather. It gives me hope that we won’t be froze out forever. I’ve also wanted to become a trail runner and decided to go for it this year. After hitting the trails more this fall, I decided it was the perfect way to change up runs, and I fell in love with all that nature. Go for it! You’ve got the beautiful trails AND the weather ;).

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