Roaming around Fisherman’s Wharf

We took the Lu back home yesterday.  She had such a great time, she didn’t want to leave.  I don’t blame the kid.

We also stopped by grandmas house to visit for awhile.  Gosh she’s so funny without even trying.  It’s always so nice to see her.  <3

One of Lu’s other Christmas experiences was going to Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey.  She’ll be back for spring break & summer vacation and we will probably stay clear of this hot touristy spot, so it was the perfect time to go. 

2013-12-30 16.15.19

I’ve never seen it at low tide which was kinda cool.

The wharf is filled with restaurants, cute little gift & candy shops. 

2013-12-30 16.15.57

These candy apples look amazeballz.  Plain caramel apple for me please.

2013-12-30 16.19.38

2013-12-30 16.19.58

Lu picked up a lollipop the size of her face for her BFF since kindergarten, which I think is SO cool. 

There’s a restaurant at the end of the wharf you can climb up a flight of stairs and check out some gorgeous views of the bay.

2013-12-30 16.25.20

Well, I don’t think that’s supposed to happen…

2013-12-30 16.25.17

We got there right as the sun was setting.  A perfect way to wrap up our time there.

2013-12-30 16.27.27

Since I am cheap and didn’t want to pay for parking, we walked the scenic route along the trail.  It turned out to be a brilliant idea since we both love to walk.  Plus we caught a cotton candy sunset over the ocean.  This my friends, never get’s old. 

2013-12-30 16.51.00

What’s your favorite candy?

Anything sour & gummy, especially watermelon flavored. 

Watch the sun set or rise?  Choose one.

Rise.  I’m a morning person plus there’s something about a fresh start to a brand new day.  Major bonus points if you’re on a run.

How long have you been friends with your BFF?

Since I consider Mike my BFF, so over 10 years.  Ronda is my next BFF & we’ve been friends over 4 years, I think. 


7 Comments on “Roaming around Fisherman’s Wharf

  1. I am sour and gummy person myself! Candy is just amazing – all of it!

    I’d say both on the rise and set – they are both so beautiful and signify important parts of the day 🙂

  2. Favorite Candy is probably reeces and swedish fish. OMG those m&m apples look awesome though, I have never seen those!

    Although I am still working on being a morning person, I would totally go for a sunrise anyday over a sunset. Fresh start and a new day.

  3. sour candy is the greatest kind. I may or may not have eaten a whole bag of soury candy at the movies last night 😉 And Monterey is such a lovely place, sometimes I regret not going to school at CSUMB and running along such beautiful coastline.

  4. I love sunsets – especially since in California the sun sets over the ocean! When I was at Pepperdine the sunsets were ridiculously beautiful – its hard not to fall in love with sunsets there!

  5. Great pics! Candy – NOTHING chewy, gummy or gooey – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or the round See’s Candy with sprinkles on it (mocha inside maybe? It’s the only one I eat in the whole box). Sunsets for me, wish I was a morning person. My guy and I DID see both sunrise (Atlantic) and sunset (Gulf of Mexico) on a trip to Florida a couple years ago though and that was freaking awesome. BFF… Mine for 30 yrs passed away a few years ago, but I have super GF’s of 8, 25 & 38 years. My guy is in a class of his own!

  6. I like all candy- sweet and sour. I have been on a sour patch kid kick for over a year now- the best of both worlds.

    My husband is my BFF and we have been together for 11 years. My other oldest BFF has been around for about 10 years.

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