Mizuno Wave Rider 17 review

I am stoked to finally write this Mizuno Wave Rider 17 review, now that I’ve had awhile to put some miles & races on them.  Wahoo for racing season!


As soon as I opened the box, the nerd in me had to grab my old 16’s to compare.


Although they are pretty comparable, there were a couple differences I noticed:

  • A little extra cushioning around my whole foot.  In a very good way.  I’d also like to note my 16’s were way past their prime so that could have played a factor.
  • They are 7.8 ounces.  16’s were 8.8 ounces.
  • Still very supportive.  I don’t know how they make a lighter shoe with awesome support!
  • When wearing both of models at the same time, the 17’s really do feel slightly lighter.
  • The tongue is bigger & higher.  Not sure why, but I don’t even notice it while running.
  • The forefoot area {purple edge} is slightly wider which I feel provides a little more stability.
  • I can tell these were designed for long distance runners in mind.  They are definitely made to last.
  • They kept the lower ankle!  This is a big thing for me.


I ran 2 races, the Jingle Bell 5KResolution Run in them.  The Resolution was an on/off road course.  The off road portion was on a trail.  {The pic was a reenactment, but the terrain is accurate}

2014-01-02 13.44.54

Of course they are not a trail shoe, but for a short run, I think they held up well.  In true WR style, hey rocked on the road portions.

On a side note, Mizuno has a fully redesigned trail running shoe coming out later this year.  I can’t even handle my excitement over this as we all know I’ve been toying with taking up trail running for some time now.  Or years.  Whavev.

Anyway here’s the line up.  Yellow 15’s, blue 16’s & dark slate 17’s.


Overall, they live up to their “brilliant run” standards!  If you dig the 16’s then I think you will love the new Wave Rider 17’s.

As apart of my brand ambassadorship for Mizuno, they sent me these kicks.  In true SCB fashion, you get my honest 2 cents fo free.

If you’re interested, here are my other WR reviews:

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Any other Mizuno fans out there?  Which model do you run in?

Any change/update ideas you would like Mizuno to consider?

Non Mizuno friends, what is your favorite running shoe brand?


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  1. Thanks you you miss Jackie…. I bought Mizunos and hands down one of the best shoes I’ve ran in.. Tried Nike, saucony, Asics, while I liked my saucony & Asics I noticed the mizunos held up for longer runs /more mileage than the other 2. I am a supinator so I wear through my shoes pretty quickly. So I have to have multiple shoes to alternate in as I can not afford a new $100 pair every 2-3 months…. However I will be purchasing the Mizuno Wave rider 17’s early February as a reward to myself….. I will buy the slate grey! Happy running!

  2. I LOVE Mizuno as well!! I run in the Wave Inspire 9 and 10 at the moment. The new 10s are fantastic as well! I do wish the Inspires were as pretty as the Wave Riders. Y’all got the best colors!

    • I just checked out the Wave Inspire 10’s & I think the aurora/black/aquarius ones rock!! The cool design on the toe box is huge selling point in my decision on these. Let’s face it, cool designs make us faster runners, right!? 😉

  3. I love Mizunos!! There’s just something about the way they fit that makes my feet happy. My first pair of real running shoes were the Elixir 8s which I loved. I recently purchased the Wave Precision 13s which feel amazing on my feet. I’m so sad they replaced the elixir and precision with the sayonara. I’m not a fan of the way the sayonara felt on my feet (too constricting, not as stretchy in the toe box). I’m hoping I can continue to buy the discontinued pairs online!

  4. Currently wearing the slate WR 17s. I agree, they have more stability than the 16s. No complaints here, I love Mizuno.

  5. I love Mizunos! Lately I’ve been running in the Wave Creations (I alternate between several different ones) but I would love to try the Wave Riders!

  6. I’m in the Wave Inspires right now, but I switch to the 17s in March. I already bought them when I was home in Texas and I CANNOT wait to use them 🙂 They’re amazing on my feet.

  7. I love Mizuno shoes, but I wear their volleyball shoes. I’ve never tried their running shoes, but it was recently suggested to me that I give them a try. Thanks for your review! It gives me more insight into the shoes!

  8. I love my Mizunos! I’m on my second (technically 3rd) pair of WR 16’s and was wearing a different model of Mizuno’s before these. I say third because I had some stitching come loose on one of my shoes after wearing them for about 2-3 months. I called Mizuno up and they exchanged them no problem!

  9. I bought a pair of Mizuno Inspire 8s in 2012 but they just didn’t click. I picked them back up in 2013 and loved them; ran 6+ months in them. I just got two new shoes – the Inspire 10s and Wave Rider 16s. I love the massive reduction in seams from the Inspire 8s to the 10s, I think it’ll reduce my to blisters a lot. I’ve run in both new shoes a few times and so far so good. My local running shop recommended the WR 16s as a more gradual stability step down from the Inspires; said once I get used to the 16s, then move down to the 17s. Any thoughts or comments? Do the 16s have much more stability than the 17s? Great review; thanks!

  10. I love love love this shoes! It’s so awesome that YOU are the one who allowed me to try them out! I run in them at least 3 times a week – and will definitely be reinvesting in these!

  11. Mizunos are my jam. I am currently rocking the 16s because it isn’t quiet time for a new pair of running kicks, but I cannot wait until I get to buy some 17s. I have worn Wave Riders for a while and have never loved a shoe any more than this one.

  12. Thank you so much for the review!
    I’m just wondering, have you used them for any long runs? And how did you incorporate them into your long runs? Because of your review on the 16s my hubby got me a pair for Christmas, so far they are awesome 😀 and I like the cushion and how light they are hehe, I am used to Boys Reebok Ziggs and I ran a half marathon in them, love them but there’s a huge difference. The only thing about the 17s is the colors, they need to make them in blue with orange.. those are my colors!! Lol !!!

    • The longest run I’ve done in the 17’s is 5 miles. I’m building back up to a half mary, which is the longest I want to run. Hehe! I’ve always worn Mizuno Wave Riders for every run & race with the exception of Brooks Ghost 4 when I didn’t care for the 14’s. I don’t typically switch shoes, but I might this year just to see if there’s a difference for me. So happy you are loving the 17’s!!

  13. I have the grey-purple ones (but I wanted all three colors) and I LOVE them! I was surprised by the exra cushioning too! -Jess L

  14. Which of the color combos is your favorite? I am totally digging the slate ones but the white ones look great too. Just wondering if one of them is more appealing in person and if the white ones get dirty looking easily. LOVE reading your blog…thanks for all you do 🙂

    • Awh shucks, thanks for the love!
      I dig the white ones! As far as keeping them clean, I think it depends on where you run. If you’re a road runner, they would probably be fine. But if you do any off road running, I’d probably go with the slate. They also come in red/yellow.
      Let me know if you have any more questions, I kinda dig talking about shoes & running. 🙂

      • Thanks for the quick reply! Actually I might have to get both LOL 😀 I found a killer deal on sale for $75 a pair. You are the best

          • Shoemall.com has them with coupon for $84.95 (with free shipping and no tax). Then if you have a shop at home account, you get 12% back from shoemall. I am excited!!! Was thinking I was going to have to pay $100. Hope I love them as much as the 15s and 16s. Thanks for motivating me to get out there and run, now I am addicted.

  15. My favorite Mizuno shoe is Wave Nirvana, although I think they may have discontinued them. I did find a pair of Wave Nirvana 9’s on Amazon about a month ago and scooped them up right away. I am an overpronator and go through shoes fast so I alternate between my Nirvanas and Wave Insprire 9-wearing the Nirvanas on longer running days. They have great support, feel light, but sturdy. Are the Wave Riders good for overpronators? I’ve had injuries due to this and am afraid to try something not recommended for the type of runner I am.

    • I honestly don’t know if the WR are made for overpronators. It’s a neutral running shoe and I personally don’t overpronate so unfortunately I can’t advise.
      I think your best bet would be to head to your local running store and get fitted for the correct shoe.
      Happy running!!

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