Never a dull moment

Since I currently have the attention span of a gnat, this post is like a brain dump.  Keeping it classy ‘round here.

There’s never a dull moment, so I hope to at the very least provide you a little free entertainment.

Yesterday I bought Bam a new toy.  The dude needed a bath, so as soon as he got out, he ran around the house like a crazy man like he always does.  Then I gave him a toy & poured food into his bowl.  It was a definite case of overstimulation for the Jack Russell.  Due to his excitement, he started coughing + couldn’t catch his breath.  I had to calm him down for a bit then he started trying to kill his fox, so all was right in the world.  I love this little guy!

Old pic, but he looked pumped up + excited just like this.

2012-11-13 18.27.16

I am in love with the Krieg.  And doughnut shop.  That is all.

2014-01-08 06.17.59

These super cute crops almost ended up in my red cart last night.  Almost.

2014-01-09 17.16.38

The other night Mike got called to an emergency as I was going to bed.  He set the house alarm on his way out.  I woke up to the sound of his truck running in the driveway after he got back home.  I got up + headed to the bat room and as soon as I walked into the hall, the alarm went off.

I just stood there as it was blasting right above my head, still half asleep thinking he accidently tripped it as I waited for him to shut it off.  Quite a bit of time passed when I realized he was still in his truck when I got up.  I started to wonder who the heck was in our house.  Mike finally came busting in asking me what was going on.  Then we figured out he set the alarm for away, not stay.  Good job cowboy.  Winking smile

My addiction to BIC Bands is still going strong.  This one is my current favorite and I am thinking I need this one and this one in my life.

2014-01-08 11.13.26

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is my jam.  I mean how could you not like Bueller…Bueller…

2014-01-09 17.24.56

I found out my prescription went from $60 for a 90 day supply to $628.15.  With the same insurance company + plan we’ve had for years.  That was a lovely surprise.  NOT.

But I do love this!!

2014-01-08 10.29.40

Tell me something random!


31 Comments on “Never a dull moment

    • Thanks for making me not feel so alone in this whole BIC Band’s anonymous club. 😉 PS I got a Duck Dynasty shirt & totally thought of you!

  1. I love Friday! I also love my bed, which I will see a lot of this weekend while I’m still fighting this damn cold!

    • It’s a brand new drug – Linzess. Unfortunately I don’t think there are alternatives out quite yet. Let’s just hope I don’t have to call 1-800-baddrug in like 5 years. 😉

  2. Love it! Ferris Bueller was actually partly filmed in my hometown and I went to the school where they shot the scene where he picked sloan up from school and she waited on the steps with rooney.

  3. I really want to try bic bands but the last type I used (under armour) caused so much breakage over time. Has anyone had this experience with bic bands or are they safe?

  4. WHAT IN THE FU** $628?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! What on earth are you taking – OMG!

    And the WORST WORST noise EVER is an ALARM when you’re sleeping! A month or two ago the fire alarm went off through my apartment complex and I started crying – LOL! I didn’t want to get up!

    • Yah, it’s pretty insane.
      That same thing happened to us when we lived in an apartment in the middle of the night. It took forever for the fire department to clear the building, and of course trying to go back to sleep was fun. Ha!

  5. I really like your Bic Bands specially a colorful sort of zigzagish I saw in one if your runs and the sparkly one, every time you talk about coffee I feel like drinking coffee even if I already had 5 cups hehe and today while I was doing my long run I saw a lady dancing while walking so I ran by her and started dancing with her but then I stop and kept going with the run :p, oh and your hubby is funny and I think it’s kewl he posted that :D.

  6. Random – our alarm has gone off 3 times since Sky was born (she’s 2 1/2) and it has yet to wake her up. How the heck does she sleep through it?! BTW – all due to malfunction or opening the back door in the am before remembering to turn the alarm off…not due to break in’s thank goodness!

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