I can’t believe I’m saying this

Okay so I just might be under-caffeinated or maybe someone smacked me upside the head for saying this, but I really like running hills.

I thought it was a fluke when I blogged about it a couple weeks ago, but turns out it’s not.

Typically when I go for a run, I don’t really decide on a distance or route until I start running.  {Unless I’m training for a race}  It depends on how I’m feeling, how much time I have & which beach I want to run to.  Yah, I am totally aware that I am spoiled and probably now ruined for the rest of my life. 

{old pic}


Lately I’ve been gravitating towards the hilly route. Yesterday I came up with a brilliant idea to run it, turn around and head to another one.  I guess the technical term for this would be hill repeats, but what do I know?     

2014-01-10 10.23.25

My reward for conquering that hill was this incredible view.

2014-01-10 10.28.55

Yes, it really is this beautiful.  No filter or fancy camera needed.

2014-01-10 10.30.23

I felt like I was on top of the world here, the beauty makes it really hard to leave therefore extending my breaks between hills.  I guess stamina training is going to take a little longer here.  #iamtotallyokaywiththat

2014-01-10 10.27.52

PS that’s another one of my BIC Band favorites.  I should show you my collection, but then y’all would probably think I’m a hoarder. 

Anyway I turned the corner, saw this + got a little too excited.  What the heck is happening to me?  I used to avoid hills like they were snakes or something scary like that.  Now, it’s like bring it on!

2014-01-10 10.32.05

The only thing I get a little nervous about is running downhill.  Back in the day I was running downhill pretty fast and that was when I got my first visit from the injury punks.  While running downhill, I felt something in the arch of my foot pop and then it was painful.  I went through tons of PT, custom orthotics + strength training to rehab it.  It’s completely healed but will always kind of be my weak spot so I pay extra close attention to it.    

I guess it’s time to learn proper hill running technique.

Anyway that workout left me feeling accomplished, sore and I definitely had some tired legs which I LOVE!

A great workout calls for a watermelon Nuun.  I stocked up on my favorite flavor when I heard they were discontinuing it until spring and I’m a weirdo that waits for special occasions to drink it.

2014-01-10 10.47.12

Then I took my buddy to the dog park.  He always finds the biggest dog there and is like “hi my name’s Bam, I’m your new friend.”

2014-01-10 16.53.31

Just the simple fact that Bam is laying down in the car is quite the accomplishment.  He usually acts like Tigger and bounces around.  Boing boing boing…

2014-01-10 13.34.23

Please share your hill running tips if you have any!

Do you hoard anything?

Random question: Do you plan out races?  How far in advance?

I plan about 3ish months out, but usually wait to sign up until right before the last price increase.  I figure I’d rather pay a little more & know for sure I’ll be up to running it over the lower registration fee not knowing what might come up.


25 Comments on “I can’t believe I’m saying this

  1. Best part of hills is the downhill something to look forward to ? Silver lining in running hills? Call it what you want lol this is the first year I’m planning my runs! I have listed every run I know about each month and will decide which to run as the months get closer. My 2014 goal is to run 1 race per month and I’m booked first 3 months so far…

  2. I don’t have any tips on hill running but would love to learn more on how not to run out of air!!:p I can definitely run downhill fast but up I just turn into a turtle.
    I really don’t hoard things but hair ties and when it comes to races yes, I do like planning them at least 6 months before just because I’m afraid I’m not gonna make it to the finish line.

    • Mike is laughing over the hair tie thing, I totally do that too. I have gotten a lot better, I no longer put them around every door knob.

  3. I don’t really have any hill tips except the more you do them the more you’ll like them. (Or is that just me?) I have 2 pretty good hills by my house and I would actually crave running them! They burn so good.
    My race planning is the exact same as yours..for the same reason, too. Well, there’s a couple of races that I’ve done every year for over 10 years that I just plan on no matter what. But any others I register around the last price increase just to be safe that I’m actually doing it.

    • You are amazing! Will you please send me your skills?? I would love to plan that far ahead, but for some crazy reason I have a tough time keeping my momentum.

  4. My running is like yours – I usually just start running and decide how far and what kind of pace I feel like that day – some days it ends up being 15 other just 5!!!
    I might hoard shoes (all types), purses and cook books!!!

  5. If you like hills, there is a wonderful Half Marathon in Lexington, KY on March 29th. It’s called Run the Bluegrass (www.runthebluegrass.org). The course is quite challenging, but a beautiful run through horse country. The director puts on a really nice race and it is very well organized.

  6. I LOVE hills. Then again, I live on one. Or, more like, a series of them. 🙂

    This article was very helpful to me – it tells you how to run downhill.

    Basically, short, small steps; land on the forefoot; lean forward from the hips, and GO! It does hurt if you try to brake too much.

    I love having hills on a run, it breaks things up mentally. I struggle with straightaways, or out and back -type runs. I let my mind wander and then I lose my pace and focus.

  7. I learned to LOVE hills as I trained hard for the Nike Women’s half marathon last year, and I was surprised too. I really have to seek them out where I live, but it’s amazing how much stronger running them often will make you! I’ve read they are speed work in disguise!

    I have a random question for you…how do you run with your long hair in a bun? Doesn’t it bounce?? Mine drives me crazy like that, so I always end up with a low pony tail or braids. Is there a trick I’m unaware of, or am I just weird that it bothers me? 🙂

    • Speed work in disguise – I love it!
      I pull my hair into a pony & secure it with a hair tie. In this pic I twisted it & wrapped it around the pony & secured it again. It’s pretty tight so it doesn’t move. I too, can’t stand it moving around.
      Maybe I’ll do a hair post since I have a tough time explaining how to tame this fur. 😉

  8. I like hills too even though I am cussing in mind all the way up lol I feel so accomplished once I make it up there! My neighborhood is full of long hills so I always have a nice challenge waiting for me.

  9. I love running hills! I plan races months in advance but never register until last minute (unless I can snag a free registration) because I refuse to pay money to run in bad weather. So I wait until I think it is close enough to rely on the weather report and them pay for it.

  10. When I come to visit….I’ll suffer through the hills if we get to see that view at the end!

    I hoard wallets. I want to see your Bic band collection…post pics!!!!!

  11. I’ve learned to love hills, too(on foot, not on bike) My current route starts out with the first half mile up hill. Makes for a great last half mile, that’s for sure. I have found doing hills helped me hone my mid-foot strike and stop stomping on my heels. I hoard jeans, black dresses and Pyrex bakeware from the 50s and 60s.

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