Unexpected long run

Yesterday morning I got up, had my coffee, breakfast and blogged.  I planned to go for a run, but somewhere between a coffee refill & snuggling with Bam in our blanket, I lost my motivation.  I mean pizza & football sounded kinda nice. 

Then I scrolled through my Instagram feed and saw friend after friend post about running in the snow, completing the Disney Goofy Challenge + posing with race bling, it was just the motivation I needed to hit up the trail for an easy 3 miles.

I love to explore and this stair case has been on my list of things to check out for awhile, so I climbed it to see what’s up there.

2014-01-12 11.37.11

It was a horrible view.  I don’t even know why I ran up those stairs to see this.

2014-01-12 11.38.03 HDR

I could tell it was high tide – the waves were huge and I felt the salt water spray on my face as I watched them come crashing down.  It took awhile, but I finally talked myself into heading back to the trail.

2014-01-12 11.38.58 HDR

As the miles ticked by 3 miles became 4 and well, you probably see where this is going.  There was so much to see, the weather was incredible, the trail was packed with runners, walkers & cyclists – I really didn’t want to stop, but knew I wasn’t trained to go much further so sadly, I finally turned around.  Then snapped this classy picture.  I’m pretty sure y’all want my awesome photography secrets  No?

2014-01-12 11.58.57

How about this?

2014-01-12 11.59.17

On my way back I was hot & thirsty so I popped into a cute little market where one of the workers was happily offered me a cup of water.  I was so thankful!!  I’ll have to hit up that market soon for lunch or some fresh produce, because us runners don’t take sweet gestures like that for granted.  

2014-01-12 12.09.33

It was a fantastic, unplanned 10K!!  I can tell the new Mizuno’s are made for long distance running and I can not wait so spend a lot of time with them on the trail & racing this year!

2014-01-12 13.49.47

Plus, I was so proud of myself for foam rolling post run.  My hamstrings tend to be tight and this sucker hurts so good. 

2014-01-12 12.46.43

A little tip: To maximize the hamstring torture, I kick my leg over the knee.  Try it sometime, you’ll probably curse my name at first, but then you’ll thank me for giving you such awesome life advise. 

2014-01-12 12.47.45

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the boys.  Let it be known that I am only happy the 49ers won so I wouldn’t have to deal with a mopey, grumpy husband.

Bam was not impressed with Mike photo bombing his pic.

2014-01-12 14.29.55

But we made up for it by taking him to the d-o-g p-a-r-k.  Yes, we have to spell it because Bam knows what we’re saying and get’s crazy annoying excited.

2014-01-12 15.39.21

After Bam’s adventure, Mike fired up the grill and we spent the evening watching Duck Dynasty.  I freaking LOVE DD!  I kinda wish I could have grown up with those guys.  Uncle Si totally cracks me up!

2014-01-12 16.23.29

Do you foam roll?  What are your tips?

Did you run or race over the weekend?  Please tell me all about it!

Any other Duck Dynasty fans?


22 Comments on “Unexpected long run

  1. LOL!!! That’s awesome 😀 you are lucky to have such a beautiful view.
    So far i don’t have any runs until June, I like your foam roll it’s cute !! I do foam roll after a long run or I do one of the Beachbody stretch videos and YES !!! i love Duck Dynasty :D, uncle Si is the best guy ever lol !!! he makes me laugh so hard with all the funny things he says, the same with Willie hehe

  2. Ahhh I love to hate my foam roller! It really does make for some great recovery though. Also, a duck dynasty fan here… guilty pleasure for me and my husband 🙂

  3. That view is absolutely droolworthy! Geez, I don’t know I’d be able to work if I had a view like that one!

  4. I am always really happy when my husband’s teams win too! He’ll wake up at 4:45 am to watch his soccer team in England play and if they lose he’s not only tired but super grumpy the rest of the day! haha

    Crossing legs while the foam rolling really does make it hurt/help so much more. I try to do that on my calves because that’s what’s usually the most sore but its almost too much!

  5. You have the worst view for all of your runs….on Opposite Day! I did a 2 mile walk over the weekend to see if I could go further than 20 feet without stopping to hack out a lung. Since that went well, I am going to try and run a short mile after work today. This cold seriously threw me for a loop!

  6. Ugh you’re neighborhood is so icky oceans are ugly. This is how I cope with jealousy (just kidding I live in socal so its not that bad but if I still lived in chicago and saw these pics Id be dying).

  7. I tend to only foam roll after really long runs but I recommend it to people a lot (oops!!).
    We love Duck Dynasty – even got the board game to test our knowledge!

  8. I love when runs feel so good and you just keep going longer than planned! Nice work lady!!

    I raced a 5 miler this past weekend, it went pretty well despite the craptastic weather.

    I like to use the heating pad on low setting before foam rolling, it helps make sure my muscles are loose and ready to be beaten up by the roller.

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