Washi tape blows my mind

Oh my gosh you guys!!  Thank you SO much for your support on yesterdays post.  It really, really means a lot to me.  I’m looking forward to sharing more about myself as well as getting to know you guys as well.


So, I just discovered washi tape.  My mind is blown.  #sonotmarthafreakingstewart

10 Rolls of Washi Tape GRAB BAG  7.99 » Paxton Cove

My very first Erin Condren planner came in the mail yesterday & I may have squealed with excitement.  I will not confirm nor deny that happened.

2014-01-15 14.01.07

So far it has exceeded my expectations.  It’s seriously a Type A, organizing fanatics dream.  Plus it’s so colorful + pretty.  Geeezz since when did I become so girly? 

I typed in #erincondren on IG to see how others organize their planners and was blown away.  I had no idea so many people use washi tape to separate it into columns.  So genius. 

Whatever you do, do not type “washi tape ideas” into Pinterest.  Don’t. Do it.

Oh snap, you just did, didn’t you?

You crafty people are sick.  Where do you guys come up with all if these crazy cute, simple, why didn’t I think of that ideas??  How does this stuff happen?

Y’all must think us runners are weird.  I mean, who would want to run 13.1 miles.  And actually pay a premium to do it?
Yah it must work something like that uh.

If you’re crafty and a runner…whoa.  Ama-zing!

In other news…

I know we really need some rain, but if that means I have to live with record breaking 80 degrees & sunny, I shall have no problems doing so. 

I was definitely looking for the shady spots on the trail yesterday, but somehow made it through. 

2014-01-15 11.45.49

I have no affiliation with Erin Condren, but if you’re interested in a planner, email me at skinnychickblog @ gmail dot com & I’ll send you a coupon for $10 off.  I will also get a coupon for the same amount when you use it.  Just wanted to be transparent. Smile

Have you used washi tape?  If so, what for?

I used it on my inspiration board.

What are you looking forward to the most this spring?

Tell me 4 things you are thankful for this week!


8 Comments on “Washi tape blows my mind

  1. Never heard of wash tape but My daughter uses the cute printed duct tape is it the same thing?? Anyway she makes all sorts of stuff with it keeps her busy so we’re both happy! LOL I love the idea of organizing one of the items on my “to do” list … “organize” ugh such a bad word in my world LOL hhmm I am thankful for a lot this week… Thankful I made it through another day, thankful for the time my son & I got to spend last night making memories, Thankful that it is almost Friday and almost time to drive to Anaheim for my first half. Thankful that I have this blog to read to keep me from being bored at work ( LOL) lastly thankful that when my day is over I have a loving husband & children waiting for me to get home! p.s. I am with you on the rain bit…. I know we need it but I love me some dry weather…. =) Happy running!

  2. You rocked another run! Whoop whoop!
    Loving that planner. The colours, the design, the quote, that tape. Holy. Love everything. I’ve never even heard of that company before but you better bet your pretty face I’m about to go check the site PRONTO.

  3. Gah, those would have been perfect to use when I was in college to decorate the dorm/floor! Love your planner … in need of one myself too. Back in college I used to love a new year because that meant getting a new, beautiful planner. Now, I am pretty much glued to my office’s Outlook …. not as cute.

  4. I have never heard of or used washi tape but then again I am not a very crafty person. I love that planner! I really really wanted one of those, but they were a little out of my budget. I hope you will do a full review on them because they look AWESOME!

  5. I keep saying the same thing about the rain, but the weather is just too gorgeous right now! Looking forward to getting back to the beach again soon. You must feel so happy to live there right now!

  6. Why have I never heard of this Erin Condren?? Every year I spend oodles of time looking for a daily planner and I am always disappointed with it!! I need to get me one of these!!!

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